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Ashkaari, he recited to himself. The sense of pride that had risen within him only grew. He'd hardly heard what it was that was said between the two, but, when the priest turned away to leave, his focus returned to his mate. "Ashkaari," he said under his breath; she smiled.

"Duty calls," she sighed. "I'll see you at home later." Sicilia smiled softly started to walk away. She walked quickly to refrain from touching him; she wasn't sure if she could hold herself back much longer and was almost thankful that she'd been called back to her duties. This way, she wouldn't see the Arishok until that evening…alone.

Sicilia made her way from the crowds and started towards the Hall, the main building in the center of Qunandar, the capital of Par Vollen. The Hall was were the priests lived, where the Triumvirate met, and where her duties were based for the time being. Ultimately, Ashkaari were to go wherever they deemed needed their focus. As of right now, she decided to focus on familiarizing herself with the work of the other Ashkaari before her.

Currently, however, her only reason to go to the Hall was to get her uniform, but she had made a mental note that morning of the scrolls that she still needed to take a look at. She wondered what the Arishok was doing. Sicilia imagined that he'd be organizing a meeting with the Triumvirate to go over his mission. She wasn't allowed to know what his missions were about, but she did know that he had sailed to Seheron.

When Sicilia reached the doors of the Hall, she fingered the wooden intricacies of the frame before pushing them open. The first view was of the main meeting space, a large room with many tables. This area was used as a common meeting space for the people; during storms or celebrations, the people would gather here for meals. On either side, there was a hallway leading to other areas. There was also a connecting room to the back, which was where the Arishok was likely to go later to meet with the Ariqun and the Arigena.

She headed towards the left side of the room, turning down the hallway, which opened up to another large room, which was filled with shelves upon shelves of books and scrolls, filed to perfection. Sicilia walked to the back where she saw the Ariqun at the catalog, talking to a Tamassran.

"Shanedan," she said, catching their attention. The Tamassran held a neatly folded mass of armor, leather, and red fabric. She motioned for Sicilia to follow her to the back, through a door, which led to the priest's private quarters. There was a small room at the right, which served as a changing area. Sicilia began to undress as the Tamassran laid out her uniform piece by piece.

There were six main pieces and four accessories, which she had asked for personally. Sicilia slid on the thick leather pants and laced up the front. She bent down into a squat to test her range of movement. She had to admit, Qunari were geniuses. The leather was laced together, with a stretchy sort of elastic, in pieces, which would serve to give the pants give in order to be able to fight efficiently.

Most Ashkaari didn't require these pants and wore only the leather that was worn by most of the people, but Sicilia was a skilled fighter and that asset would not be wasted. The Tamassran helped her with the top, letting her put her arms through and turning in order to tie the back. The top was a mere piece of grey fabric that had only one purpose, to cover her breasts and keep them in place.

Sicilia felt a little exposed with her entire midriff showing, but knew she would get used to it in time. A small leather pouch was tied into place around her hips; this was to hold her pen, the item that was given to her, symbolizing her position. The next pieces to be added were the armor: spaulders, very similar to the Arishok's, obviously smaller and the darker color rather than the red, and armor that was to fit over her hips, which came to a V just below her bellybutton and had thick leather hanging down to mid-calf length. Both of these were laced into place.

Next, the red fabric was wrapped over the hip armor and tied loosely in front, but reinforced with a metal pin with a red tassel dangling from it. The Tamassran helped her slide on her boots and laced them as well. Sicilia used the piece of red ribbon to tie her hair up while the leather straps were adjusted to her back to hold her weapons. Sicilia glanced into a mirror that stood in the corner; she almost wished to be painted with red, but only warriors were painted.

She nodded to the Tamassran in thanks. The woman had already gathered her old clothes when Sicilia turned to leave the room. She found that, once she was dressed, she carried a confidence she hadn't had before. Her back was straight, shoulders were back, and her head was held high when she walked back to the library.

The Ariqun was still at the catalog and she took the chance to ask him about the scrolls she needed. Once she had found them, she headed out. She knew that the Arishok wasn't likely to be home yet, but she headed there still, hoping to get some work done before dinner.

Sicilia took the long way home, taking in the scenery around her. Par Vollen was an island with the capital of Qunandar directly along the coast. The air was a crisp cool, fresh, and slightly salty from the sea. The dirt held a mixture of sand to make the streets, which crunched beneath her boots.

The other Qunari nodded with respect as she passed. Her home that she shared with the Arishok was just at the end of the street. It held the best view of the docks. She walked through the door and laid the scrolls on her desk at the corner of the room. Unlacing her armor, she set everything down, leaving herself in only her pants and top. Taking out her pen, she sat down and pulled out her journals.

Sicilia didn't know how long she had been working, but the light had started to dim through the windows and the words had begun to blur together. She rubbed her eyes and lit the lamp on her desk. Just as she was about to get up and head out to get dinner, her mate walked through the door.

His form seemed to impose upon the room, though the house itself was made for him. He quickly unlaced his armor and let it join hers. His eyes were clouded by a hunger, one that told her that she wouldn't be getting dinner tonight.

Crossing the room, he lowered his head to kiss her and she met him by leaning upwards on her toes, winding her arms around his neck. He grasped her waist and lifted her up. Sicilia wrapped her legs about his middle as he carried her through the small hall to their bed. She gasped at his nipped at her bottom lip, commanding entrance. The Arishok laid her upon the bed, careful to not break their contact.

Sicilia broke it, nevertheless, and breathed heavily, trying to calm her beating heart. She looked at the man above her, his gaze devouring her. That alone was enough to bring an animalistic groan from her throat. "Oh, I have missed you," she said before slamming her mouth once more onto his.