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Chapter 7-The Epilogue Chapter

Warning: Sexual Content Ahead

One week later...

A knock on the door at the Morgan abode caused Derek to practically fly down the stairs to answer the door. He even leaped over Clooney. He couldn't wait to let the lovely woman he knew was coming over into his home...and back into his bed.

He smiled to himself at his thinking. For the past week, Penelope would come over everyday, and they would have a nice dinner together, something quick they whipped up together or something one of them had made in advance. Immediately after dinner, they'd retire to his bedroom. Earlier and earlier, they'd make their way into his bedroom.

While in the room, Penelope laid in his arms, in his bed, watching football or some screwball comedy. She would lie in his favorite spot for her, the spot that had her name on it on his shoulder on his non-injured side. They'd watch TV, laugh, talk about their day, affirming what they had always had with each other while falling more and more in love. They'd even watched the ball drop on New Year's in bed together.

And they'd kiss. They'd kiss over and over, hot and horny, drinking from each other and groping like teenagers through their clothes until he'd started removing his shirt before he hopped into bed. These kisses grew in intensity and made him forget himself until he moved the wrong way and was reminded that yes, he had been shot.

Then he needed a shower, a hot one to loosen the muscles on his side and a cold one for his groin.

The knocking on the door became more prevalent. He almost chuckled. Penelope would've stopped him so she could answer the door if she'd already been there. Normally, he would've done it himself, but Penelope insisted on doing everything for him around the house that might cause him strain. Although he was back at work and had been back since the second day of his injury, she worried about him, and fussed over him, and babied him...and he loved it. When he'd been ill or injured in the past, he'd had to suck it up and do everything by himself. This time, he counted himself so lucky to have someone he loved caring for him.

Her touch and caring had worked magic on him. He'd rolled over this morning, and he hadn't felt a single twinge of pain. In fact, he'd worked out before he'd left work, the first time he'd worked out since he'd been injured. He was a healed man, and he had Nurse Penelope to thank for that.

This time, this evening, when they kissed, nothing was going to stop him from going where this was leading. His groin throbbed heavily, and he wondered if maybe they could skip dinner? He glanced at his watch—it was about six o'clock.

Close enough to bedtime.

Derek opened the door, the smile on his face genuine and welcoming. "Hi, Baby...Girl..."

He was literally knocked speechless.

Standing in his door way was a vision in white, from the little nurse's cap perched on the top of her head to the white patent leather stilettos grounded to the floor. She was barely dressed in a decadently tight uniform that buttoned down the front, stressing those buttons over her overflowing bosom to the tops of her curvacious plump thighs just barely visible over the white silk thigh-high stockings she wore.

The smile left his face, and he was sputtering as he took in his naughty nurse. Every inch of her made every inch of him alive and ticking.

Smiling was not an issue for her. Her ruby red-painted lips were curved in a delicious-looking grin as she asked, "Ready for your sponge bath, Mr. Morgan?"

Derek took a deep breath in for fortitude. His girl had obviously come ready to play, and he was going to need all the fortitude he could get.

That thought made him smile. He was one very, very lucky man.

Opening the door wider, he ushered her in. "Sweetheart, with you dressed like that, I'll be your best, most willing, and only patient."

Penelope was grinning more internally than she was externally. The costume had paid off! After hearing that Derek had decided to work out, she'd stopped at the costume shop and picked up the naughty nurse costume that she'd been thinking about to tease her hot, soon-to-be lover into action. She'd known after spending time with him daily that he was feeling better, but this seemed to be the sign to make her move.

It was a move she desperately needed to make.

Nightly, she'd leave his house, weak-kneed and aching for more from his kisses. Sometimes, he'd even made her come just from kissing, but it wasn't enough. She needed him, and she knew he needed her, too. There was no denying his arousal. She'd feel it, pressing against her in desperation, hard and hot and heavy and humongous.

Oh, sweet stars, she wanted him! She wanted him so desperately, she could feel the wetness of her own arousal on her upper thighs. Time to get what they both wanted.

He shut the door, and she turned slightly to face him. "Are you hungry? What should we—"

For an answer, Derek reached a hand behind her neck and pulled her into his arms. He devoured her mouth, kissing her long and hard, and then he wrapped his arms around her waist and began kisses down her throat.

Penelope looped her arms around his neck, and his mouth returned to hers, kissing from another angle, thrusting his tongue deep within. She felt his hardness against her stomach, and she rotated her hips, wiggling against him to feel the fullness of his erection.

With her movements, he growled low in his throat, and his kisses became deeper, stronger, more commanding, and more compelling. She opened her mouth, drinking him in, kissing him and being kissed. It was a wonderful give and take that she knew was not going to stop tonight.

Derek dragged his mouth off hers and began licking and sucking her neck again. Her head fell backward, and she closed her eyes, cupping his smooth head in her hands. She gasped and cried as he nibbled a particularly sensitive spot. Stars flooded her vision, and she shivered in need.

"God,'re..." he muttered against her neck before diving back to her mouth again. He gripped her ass in his hands, tugging her closer, as if he couldn't be so far apart from her. The intensity was growing, and she reached out for the bed...and reached a doorknob instead.

Normally, against a door would be fine—Oooh, baby, yes!—but for their first time, she was somewhat of a purist. She wanted it in a bed.

Perhaps the costume was working too well?

"Bedroom," she panted when he came up from air, and he met her gaze with a hot, hooded one of his own.

With mutual understanding, they stumbled down the hall, kissing the entire way.

As they reached the bed, Derek sat on the edge and pulled her forward so that this time, she was the one between his thighs. His look was smoldering as he reached his hands to her neckline and began to undo the buttons.

Penelope held her breath a little bit as he began undressing her. She knew that her body in Spanx and in costumes that were made with Lycra was different than completely naked. She also knew that seeing her nude was going to be very different than the other women he'd already seen in the past. Her breasts were much larger, her tummy had a swell, and her hips were fleshier. What if he—

"Oh, shit..." Derek hissed as a breast popped out of her costume.

The dress had come with its own naughty, built-in bra that lifted and exposed her mounds. He drew in a sharp breath and continued unbuttoning her dress to her waist in rapid succession and then peeling the dress off her body, leaving her wearing nothing but her stockings and a little white thong, which had seemed like a good idea at the time but now didn't cover nearly as much as she wanted it to!

Slowly, he reached out and drew a fingertip over her nipples, circling each one. "You are incredible...and beautiful." He looked up at her with the hottest, darkest mocha eyes she'd ever seen. "Incredibly, unbelievably beautiful. How did I get so damned lucky?"

His voice was husky and earnest, and Penelope felt her heart and any lingering insecurity melt away, but before she could think too much, he lowered his head and suckled a nipple into his mouth. Shock waves rolled over her, and she felt dizzy. She reached for his head, holding his suckling mouth to her and grounding herself before she floated away. She felt Derek's hands gripping her bottom, kneading the globes of her ass as he moved between her breasts. She could stand there for hours, letting Derek sweep her away in their lovemaking, but she wanted to see him, too.

Stepping back to take charge again, Penelope tugged at his shirt and removed it. "I'm the lucky one," she said, trailing her fingers over his chest and his sides. The bruises had faded to barely visible yellowish speckles that did nothing to hide his perfection. She reached for his jeans and unbuttoned the fastening.

Understanding must've dawned on Derek that she wanted him naked. A second later, he shucked his jeans and then his boxers, and he stretched out on his bed, his head on his pillow.

Penelope looked up the long length of his body. He was so strong and lean, with sculpted muscles that were earned from hard work. He had adorable hairy feet and calves that she knew from experience felt good against her smooth ones, thick, powerful thighs, lean hips, and an absolutely massive erection that jutted out away from his body. She didn't look any farther up than that. She couldn't. That part of his body demanded her attention, and her body responded in kind, pulsing and throbbing.

"Come on, sweetheart," he cooed, a smirk of satisfaction on his face. It was obvious he'd caught her staring and he liked that he'd done so. "Come lie down next to me..."

That wasn't part of her plan. She shook her head.

"No," she said, kicking the stilettos off and climbing on the bed and to his side. She slowly climbed over him on all fours,the tips of her breasts brushing against his hard chest. "You're the injured one. You shouldn't do the work this time."

His eyes flared hot and dark with understanding, and he began to smile even more. "Oh, fuck, yeah..."

As she sat back, she froze for a second. "Frack!"

He glanced up at her with both a wary and a horny expression that she found positively delightful. "What's wrong?"

She blushed. "In my exuberance to get here, I forgot to remove my thong."

"Oh, that," Derek said with a smirk. He reached a hand behind her where the little triangle of fabric rested at the top of the crease of her ass. In a flash, she heard a quick rip, and soon, he was holding the entire thing in his hand.

No wonder why men loved thongs!

"Pretty little thing..." he murmured and then brought it to his face. He inhaled the fragrance, giving her a dirty, dirty look that made her core clench, before flinging it to the side. "Now...back to business."

He didn't need to tell her twice. Penelope reached between their bodies and touched his hardness, lining him up with her opening. With her hands on his shoulders, she slowly began to sink back, the width and length of him seeming to plow her open. He groaned as he stretched her, her arms shaking with the effort of slow penetration. When she felt he could go no farther, he reached for her hips and angled them down, making her gasp as he bottomed out in her.

For a few minutes, they lay intimately locked, as Derek drew her down to kiss her. They exchanged kisses as she adjusted to the feel of him inside her.

Derek cupped her face, met her eyes, and said, "I love you, Baby Girl."

She smiled back. "I love you, too."

Those words started a cascade of movement. Derek helped anchor her upward, and she began to slide up and down, feeling the coax and release of pleasure with each thrust downward. Derek gripped her bottom to guide her as she rotated her hips. Slow, fast, each one causing ripples of sweet delight over her.

"Fuck, you feel good on my dick," he growled, arching his hips underneath her to reach even farther inside.

It was too much sensation, the dirty words and the strokes into the depth of her being. She began to come, riding him jerkily, her body wracked with heavenly spasms. She arched and cried, her hips halting and pushing down with her release.

Before she knew what was happening, Derek had flipped her onto her back, and he was thrusting into her, hard and fast. She clung to him, reaching for his pumping ass and holding on tight. He shuddered, stilled, and then after a few more thrusts, he joined her in ecstasy.

A long while later, he rolled to his side and pulled her sated, motionless, nearly napping body against his. "Good night, Penelope, my sleeping beauty."

She turned and kissed his lips softly. "Good night, Prince Derek. Sweet dreams."

"I don't need dreams anymore," he answered, squeezing her a little tighter. "I got all I ever dreamed about right here in my arms."

She nuzzled in more closely and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Me, too, love bug. Me, too."