Veronica stands in front of the mirror and looks at the rack of wedding dresses she is supposed to try on. She is not even sure how she ended up shopping with Elizabeth. When they had lunch last week, she confided she was overwhelmed with work and still had to buy her wedding dress. Of course Veronica's thought was that if she didn't buy the dress, she wouldn't be stuck with it when the wedding was cancelled.

The petite blonde had not counted on the older woman's enthusiasm for shopping with her. Excitedly she told Veronica that she didn't have any daughters of her own and her daughters in laws did not really include her in the wedding planning. She was thrilled to help.

George when his excited wife talked about Veronica and Logan's wedding could see that his wife was really enjoying helping Veronica with the wedding details. In fact he warned Logan that once Elizabeth got going, she was difficult to stop. Logan had surprised George by smiling wistfully and explaining that Veronica had been close to her mother and he thought she missed having her around. Meeting his new partner's gaze he said, "Elizabeth might be just what Veronica needs right now."

If this shopping spree were for her real wedding, Veronica would be happy to have Elizabeth go with her but she felt out of sorts buying an expensive dress for a wedding that wouldn't happen. The truth is she really likes Elizabeth and could see her being a surrogate mother of sorts.

Elizabeth wandered around the shop with the clerk and picked out a variety of styles for Veronica to try. She confidently explained, "You will know when it is the right dress."

Sucking her breath in, Veronica smiles weakly at the attendant and allows her to help her into the first gown. Elizabeth settled back with her glass of champagne and waited for Veronica to model the dresses.

Elizabeth, in fact, has been a lot of help with the wedding details. She has a lot of contacts and was able to help Veronica and Joanna find a florist who was thrilled to design the arch for the ceremony and the center pieces for the tables. She also insisted on planning and paying for the rehearsal dinner.

She was a whirlwind once she got going and Veronica wasn't sure what she felt about the whole situation. On one hand Veronica was relieved to have her help with the decision making but on the other hand, she was horrified that she was wasting Elizabeth's time.

Logan wasn't worried stating that once he was a partner, they could decide to postpone or break off the engagement and Elizabeth would understand.

So Veronica found herself trying on rack full of wedding dresses that Elizabeth and the attendant selected for her. When she was starting to get exhausted, she tried on a dress and immediately realized that Elizabeth was right; she would know the dress when she saw it.

When Elizabeth saw her in the dress she knew as well. She put her hand to her chest and said, "Oh Veronica!"

Gazing in the mirror, Veronica felt the tears prick her eyes as she looked at her reflection. She wished her mother and Lilly were there to see her in this dress. It was perfect! She didn't know that she could look this beautiful.

Feeling badly that Veronica didn't have family or close friends to be with her, Elizabeth had waved to the sales clerk and said, "This is the one. Now we need a veil or hat and some accessories."

With Elizabeth's help, Veronica found the perfect veil and accessories. Trying to derail the purchase, Veronica asked the price of the dress only to find that Logan had set up an account for her at the store.

Oblivious to Veronica's discomfort, Elizabeth grabbed Veronica's hand and pulled her to the underwear and nightgown section stating, "Let's get an outfit for your wedding night and perhaps some for the honeymoon."

Despite being upset about the prices, Veronica had dutifully picked out a few outfits for the honeymoon. Elizabeth helped Veronica select underwear that complimented the dress and a night gown for the wedding night. It was so soft and silky and clung to her curves. It was white with a satin robe over top.

Elizabeth took Veronica's hand and said, "This is your first night as a wife and you need to make it special."

Trying to get Elizabeth's mind off the honeymoon, Veronica invited her to a late lunch stating that she wanted to thank her for all her help. During the meal, Veronica decided to plant the seed in Elizabeth's head that things were not perfect between her and Logan. She confided that she was getting the idea lately that Logan wasn't sure about getting married.

Elizabeth looked at Veronica like she was crazy to even think such a thing and commented that she had nothing to worry about. Putting her hand over Veronica's on the table she said definitively, "I have never seen a man so set on marriage before."

Puzzled Veronica frowned and then listened as Elizabeth reassured her that Logan had signed the partnership papers and then had insisted that it not be announced for three months as he wanted to get married first. She said as her phone rang, "Your man did not want to be working hard learning his new role as a partner when he had just gotten back with you and was planning on marrying you."

She answered her phone and talked for a few minutes to one of the other women on the fundraising committee she was on.

Veronica sat there in shock as she realized the extent of Logan's duplicity. He had already signed the partnership papers. He didn't need her help at all. She had moved to LA and moved in with him to help him when he had already signed the partnership papers. He had been lying to her the whole time.

Almost automatically, Veronica thanked Elizabeth for her help and got up to leave. When she got out to her car she asked the driver to take her to see Wallace. While thinking about the last few months and the extent of Logan's plan, she realized that Wallace and Mac must have known. She is not sure about her father but she is absolutely sure her BFF knew.

One look at her as she entered his office and Wallace knew that Veronica was upset about something. He suspected she found out about Logan's plan. Wallace smart in the ways to handle one Veronica Mars, waits and says nothing.

She doesn't make him wait long, "How involved are you in whatever Logan is planning with me?"

"Superfly, I am not involved in any plan." Wallace answers truthfully.

She sees he is going to be honest with her so she checks, "But you knew?"

Wallace admits, "I probably only know part."

Veronica is quiet for a few seconds obviously deep in thought. Finally she asks succinctly, "Why?"

He knows she feels he betrayed her and in reality he probably did. He waves her to the couch in his office and then sits beside her. Facing her he starts the conversation they need to have, "Tell me what you know V and I will tell you what I know."

"Now you are going to be truthful? Now that I know?" she asks angrily.

He nods calmly and tells her, "I was not involved in any of the planning but I did find out before you."

Sighing Veronica tells Wallace that she found out that Logan had already signed the partnership papers when he contacted her to move to LA and persuaded her to play the role of his fiancé. It is clear that she is hurt by what she sees as everyone's deceit and very embarrassed at the how she was fooled. A little teary she chokes out, "I am such an idiot! I can't believe I didn't really suspect." Sniffing a little she admits, "I guess I was focused on trying to help him. He deserves this promotion."

Hearing her pain bothers Wallace. He wishes he never agreed to keep Logan's secret. Worried he takes her hand and tried to explain, "V, Logan loves you. He really wants you in his life." He adds quietly, "I think you know this."

Veronica doesn't nod or shake her head and it worries Wallace. She is deeply upset with her wayward pretend fiancé. Wallace tells her what Logan told her about his plan and how he wanted her to see that he had changed and that he can be the man she needs. He also wanted a chance for her to see that his money need not be a barrier between them. He finishes, "I am Logan's friend too. I never would have agreed to keep quiet if I didn't believe that he really loves you."

Veronica clarifies, "So he manipulated me into moving, agreeing to play the part of his fiancé so that I could see he has changed?"

Wallace smiles a little at her wording and says, "Well if you word it that way, it doesn't sound good."

"How should I word it?" she asks obviously still very upset.

Earnestly he points out, "The man loves you and went all out to get you. He has spent the last few months showing you what your life would be like as a wealthy woman. He has shown you his work and how he lives now. He has given you the chance to see what you will be getting if you do decide to be with him." Wallace adds, "I guess he thought it would be easier to persuade you by showing you instead of just telling you that he has changed."

She is looking down at her hands in her lap and he wishes he knew how to make her feel better. He gently lifts her chin and looks her in the eyes as he finishes, "I have been your friend for years. I am telling you as your friend that you should look into your heart. You know Logan. You know he doesn't want to hurt you and he loves you."

When she doesn't answer he hugs her and advises, "I think you love him V. He is the guy for you. It is time to settle it between you once and for all."

She hugs him back and begs, "No more lying to me Wallace. I have to be able to trust you."

He nods and agrees solemnly, "I'm sorry V. It won't happen again."

She nods in acceptance and leaves through the back door of his office. He notices that she left her purse and keys on his desk. He knows that she is going to lose her security team.

Wallace sighs and opens his cell phone depressing the button for Logan. When Logan answers he says without preamble, "She knows."

Logan catches on and asks, "Is she there now?"

"She left." Wallace adds, "Her security team doesn't know she is gone yet."

He sucks in a breath as he thinks about what Wallace is telling him. "Do you know where she has gone?"

Wallace tells Logan he doesn't know where she went and that she is upset with him for keeping the truth from her. Wallace says, "I'm out."

Understanding that Wallace id upset that Veronica is hurt, Logan merely requests, "Please ask her to call me if she talks to you."

Logan hangs up and calls Veronica's security officer to update him on Veronica's security breach and asks him to bring her purse and credit card back to base. He sits back in his office chair and closes his eyes. She's running and he knows he won't be able to find her. He has to hope that their time together has shown Veronica what he needs her to see.

"Jees V, is there something wrong with you?" Mac asks a little angrily.

Veronica looks in shock at her best girl friend. She can see the taller brunette is genuinely upset with her. Veronica arrived ready to confront Mac about keeping secrets from her and instead has angered her normally quiet friend.

To Veronica's consternation Mac, instead of apologizing is upset with her behavior. Stunned Veronica listens as Mac tells her that she lies to everyone for her own gain and they have all been very patient with her. She cites times that Veronica has used them for her own cases and times she has misled them.

Instantly angry and indignant, Veronica tells Mac that this situation is different as Mac has chosen to side with Logan and not deceive her. Hands on her hips Veronica spits out, "You let me uproot my life and move here when you knew Logan already had the partnership."

Looking her friend in the eye, Mac firmly says, "Yes, by all means be mad at me that I helped the only man you ever really let behind the walls around your heart." Obviously upset and getting into her rant she continues putting her hands out in front of her to be cuffed, "Throw me in best friend jail for caring about your happiness." Waving her arms she calms a little before adding, "You are hung up on money and of course, Logan and I get why but you are wrong about it." She takes a breath and continues, "There are lots of people who have money who are not pretentious, self absorbed, snobs."

Veronica not used to seeing her friend rant sits silently listening. Mac winds down, her voice quieter and her anger obviously dissipated, "Look V, I don't pretend to understand your relationship with Logan. I do know that he is the only guy you ever really loved. I know you miss him."

Rushing over what Veronica is opening her mouth to say, Mac continues, "I also know Logan truly loves you and he is a good man. So yes, I helped him. Maybe his plan was a little on the overkill side but that is Logan, isn't it?"

Miraculously Veronica is stunned silent. Mac never yells at her and having a friend she truly loves and trusts angry with her is unsettling. Veronica knows that Mac would not yell at her if she wasn't truly mad. Mac sits waiting while Veronica processes what she has said. Finally Veronica says, "I feel so stupid."

Moving over to hug her friend, Mac says, "Well a handsome, rich guy wants you so much that he is willing to be all over the tabloids as 'jilted at the altar' just to try and win you."

Veronica snorts at Mac's comment. The tabloids have been speculating that either Veronica or Logan broke their engagement.

"He's an idiot!" is Veronica's only comment.

Mac smiles as she can tell that Veronica while still upset at being deceived, is at least thinking about Logan's motivations.

Mac deadpans, "V, that man is your idiot."

Veronica has to smile at her comment. Logan can be impulsive and can make her crazy but Mac is right, he is never boring and he does love her.

Veronica looks at her friend and meets her gaze. She shares, "We have so many issues."

"V, I have two sets of parents. One had money and one didn't'. They are both happy." Mac goes on to say, "Money is not the real issue with you and Logan." She looks closely at her friend and points out, "Love is not the issue either because you know Logan loves you and you love him."

Veronica is quiet as she thinks about what Mac is saying.

Mac asks, "V, have you and Logan got along the last few months?"

Surprised at the question, Veronica slowly answers, "Yes. That is not the issue either."

"Well then, what is the issue?" Mac questions.

Veronica gets up and walks over to look out the window. Mac has an apartment on the twentieth floor of a high rise. The view is spectacular! After a few minutes Veronica shares, "I guess trust is the issue." She adds sadly, "We always seem to hurt each other."

"V, that is the past." Mac points out and then adds, "Logan risked his partnership by making them wait because although his career is important, he wants and needs you in his life. He sees his relationship with you as more important than his career and we both know how hard he has worked to establish himself despite his name and reputation."

Veronica does know how hard Logan has worked and how important his career is to him. She has to admit that she is blown away that he would put his partnership on hold to marry her.

Mac pulls Veronica from her thoughts by turning her to face her. She presses, "It's time to be honest with yourself now. Can you see yourself married to Logan? Do your lives fit together now? Do you love him?"

The upset blonde looks at her friend and thinks about her questions. She is really thrown by the idea that she believes that she and Logan do fit together now."

Mac seeing that Veronica is more open than usual to discussing her feelings, pushes further, "When you were picking out your wedding dress, who did you imagine you would walk down the isle towards? Who were you imagining would see you in the lingerie you bought?"

Mac is watching her friend closely and sees her eyes soften as she thinks about the questions. Her no-nonsense friend was imagining getting married to Logan. Going for the kill Mac takes a deep breath and grills, "I think you suspected that Logan was using this promotion to get closer to you. Maybe you didn't guess he already had the promotion but you are Veronica Mars. You think of all the angles. Admit it; you moved to LA to be nearer to Logan."

She can see Veronica is thinking about what she has said. Mac steps closer and hugs her only close girl friend. She says, "I hope that if I ever meet a guy who makes me feel like Logan makes you feel, you will do what it takes to make me see that all guys aren't Cassidy or Max."

"Oh Mac, there are great guys out there." Veronica pulls away a little and assures her friend.

Smiling Mac says, "Well I know that. I have two great fathers and your dad is awesome as well. I know Wallace and Daryl will be good husbands and fathers." She finishes meaningfully, "And I know Logan will be a good husband and father as well."

Veronica hugs Mac again and complains, "I am still upset you lied to me."

Laughing Mac says, "I know." She pulls away and looks at Veronica and placates jokingly, "You can punish me by picking a fluffy bridesmaid dress for me to wear."

Her eyes gleaming, Veronica slowly agrees, "That is a great idea!"

Mac groans but throws her arm around her friend and says, "Let's see what the talented Mrs. Allen left us for diner."

Veronica sits at the island in the kitchen holding her cup of coffee. Her tension has increased as she hears the garage door opening and closing after Logan drives in. She knows that although her car is in the garage, Logan will not suspect she is in the mansion. She has not been back for her car or her things since she found out the extent of Logan's plan to marry her.

To his credit, he left only one message for her on her phone. The phone message merely said he really wanted the chance to talk to her and tell her his side, explain why he acted like he did. He also told her he really loved her.

Logan is tired from his long day at work. He could put up with the tabloid speculation and the looks of sympathy or pity from his coworkers. Coming home to an empty house knowing that he may have lost his chance with Veronica has been intolerable. He misses her. He wishes he got a chance to tell her how he really feels and to ask her to make their fake marriage official.

Logan enters the kitchen through the garage door wondering what his housekeeper left him for supper. He's not really hungry but he has to eat. Looking up he stops suddenly and the breath leaves his body. Sitting at the island holding a cup of coffee is Veronica.

She looks really good in jeans and a t shirt. She has her hair pulled back into a low pony tail and she is wearing very little make up. She is just sitting there drinking a cup of coffee. He immediately sees that they are alone.

Setting his briefcase on the counter by the door, Logan walks over to where she is sitting and he sits across from her on the other side of the island. Unsure what to say, he greets her, "Veronica."

She smiles briefly and says just as formally, "Logan."

Logan looks at her waiting for her to speak. When she doesn't he says, "Thank you for coming back. I hope you'll give me the chance to explain."

She looks at him and then finally says, "You love me and knowing that I have issues with the paparazzi, marriage, your money and our relationship in general, you came up with the plan to trick me into helping you win a partnership you already had. All with the idea that while I was stupidly believing I was helping you, you would be able to show me that living in a mansion is not as bad as I thought, having money doesn't always make you an 09er and I can tolerate the press."

He inwardly grimaces at the way she is wording his plan but has to acknowledge that when she talks about it, his plan did have major flaws. He adds, "You forgot the part about where you would see that I have matured and I can be a guy you can count on."

Not expecting him to agree with her acidic assessment of his plan, she has to smile at his humor. She sobers and says, "I actually feel like I can count on you. That was never part of our problems."

He sighs a little as he acknowledges her statement. He puts his hands in front of him on the counter and says, "I wasn't trying to hurt you." He looks at her meeting her gaze. She can see the honesty in his eyes. He continues, "Instead of just words, I wanted to prove to you that money doesn't have to be an issue between us and that I am not the insecure, jackass I was in college."

"I can see you are not insecure anymore,' she acknowledges.

Logan smiles at her insinuation that he is a jackass. He says, "Touché Veronica." For the last two weeks Logan has wanted nothing more than to be able to talk to Veronica and now that they are talking, he is unsure what to say.

He is brought back by her voice, "You understand that deceiving me was a foolish choice, don't you?

He reaches across the table and gently picks up one of her hands. He talks to her about how he really does love her and he didn't know how he could get her to see he had grown up and he believed that they could be great together now. He tells her that he has come to see that words don't mean much to her and that actions do. He pleads, "Please don't interpret my actions as trying to put one over on you. I was honestly trying to show you."

She listens to his rationale for deceiving her and then finally admits, "I see some merit in your arguments but I can't abide by deceiving."

Logan nods and apologizes, "I'm sorry. I just didn't know how else to get through to you." He squeezes her hand and says, "I hoped that knowing my motivations were pure you would forgive the method."

When she doesn't immediately answer, Logan feels the anxiety rise. He hoped that putting his feelings on the line would be enough for her to forgive him. He hoped that she loved him enough to give their marriage a try.

Veronica looks into Logan's eyes. She clears her throat and says, "I have a question I want to ask and I need you to give me an honest answer."

Logan nods and waits for the question.

Veronica holding his gaze, asks, "Why didn't you push our physical relationship farther?"

A little surprised by her question he answers, "I wanted to." He turns her hand over and gently caresses her palm. He shares as he traces the curving lines, "The physical relationship between us has always been a real bond." He meets her gaze again and admits, "I feel more with you than with any other woman."

Veronica swallows but doesn't agree or disagree. Logan continues, "No matter what has happened between us, that part of our relationship has been honest. I couldn't make love with you without the honesty between us." He pauses and looks out the window for a second and then says, "I guess I felt like that part of our relationship should be pure."

When Logan looks back at Veronica she has a look on her face that Logan can't fully interpret. He can see that his words have affected her but there is something else there.

He waits for her to speak and tell him what she is thinking.

Finally when it is apparent that she is not going to speak Logan begs, "You are killing me here. Please say something."

She pulls her hand out of his and walks slowly around the island to stand in front of him. Feeling the importance of what she is going to say, Logan stands.

Veronica looks up at him and tells him gravely, "What you say to me right now is more important than the vows we may say in two weeks."

He looks down at her listening. She says formally but he can see it is from her heart, "Only you. 100% open. Good and Bad. I am committed to us. I love you."

Logan feels her vow to his soul. His tone also formal he repeats, "Only you. 100% open. Good and Bad. I am committed to us. I love you."

She smiles up at him and seeing her happiness, he smiles back. She lifts her face for his kiss which he is more than happy to give her.

Two Weeks Later

The music changes and everyone in the room turns and looks towards the back of the room. Cindy MacKenzie dressed in a beautiful green dress steps out and walks slowly up the isle to the music. She is stunned by the amount of people attending the ceremony. The ballroom is stunning decorated with hundreds of mini lights and roses. At the front of the isle she sees Logan waiting and she smiles at him. It is hard not to smile. Logan is so obviously happy to be getting married and although they are young, it seems like this day has been a long time coming.

Next walking up the isle is Wallace Fennel who manages to look comfortable and confident. He has a rose in his buttoner. When he gets to the front he smiles and nods at Logan and stands next to Mac.

Out of sight around the corner stand Veronica and Keith Mars. Veronica looks at her father who says, "This is it honey."

Veronica touched, smiles at the man who has always been there for her. A little tearfully she says, "I love you so much Dad."

He gets a little teary and tells her, "I love you too."

When the music changes for the bride to walk up the isle, there is a commotion at the side of the hall. Looking over, the congregation and wedding party can see that the pianist is being asked to stop.

Keith, hearing the awkward silence, starts to walk over to the doorway to see what is going on. Veronica puts her hand on his arm and says, "Wait Dad."

Puzzled Keith looks down at his daughter and asks, "What is the matter? Are you having second thoughts?"

She smiles a happy smile and reassures her beloved father, "No. There is going to be a change in the music for us to walk up the isle."

Immediately suspicious, Keith asks, "Veronica, what are you up to?" She smiles serenely as she hears the gasps of the invited guests and the rustle of what she imagines is two hundred or more people whipping out their cell phone cameras.

The congregation can see that Logan does not know what is going on and neither does the rest of the wedding party. Mac, Wallace, Dick and John just smile. They knew that everything wasn't going to go according to plan and this is obviously something that Veronica has cooked up for Logan.

Logan, standing at the front of the isle, looks over at the piano as the guy he hired is asked very firmly by a man in a suit to stop playing. He briefly wonders what is going on and he sees the wedding planner talking into her mic and looking upset.

The cloth partition Veronica had requested the hotel place at the front of the ballroom opens and the crowd gasps as a famous singer is standing there with her band.

Logan recognizes the singer immediately and watches in shock as she starts to sing. It is one of her first hits about a woman who never thought she would marry but decides she will risk it for this one man. Logan is a man who is rarely surprised and well known for being able to mask his emotions. At this moment he is absolutely stunned. He stares at the band as he grasps what the song means. Veronica, who guards her emotions and feelings like a mother bear protects her cubs is openly admitting that she loves him and would only marry him.

Logan is watching the singer as his mind processes what is happening. After the first verse and chorus is over, he looks to the back of the hall when he hears some of the guests gasp. His breath catches in his chest. Veronica is standing there with her father and she looks stunningly beautiful. She walks towards him slowly and surely and Logan has to swallow a few times at the emotions rising in his chest. The fact she agreed to marry him is amazing but the idea that she chose a song to walk up the isle to him that tells everyone that he is the only guy for her is….. well the ninth wonder of the world.

Veronica and Keith arrive at the top of isle as the song is finishing. Veronica smiles at the singer who nods and smiles back at her. Logan notices the interaction but at that moment is much more interested in looking at his fiancé. As planned in the rehearsal, Keith responds to the minister and agrees to give Veronica away. He gently puts her hand in Logan's and the couple turns to face the front. The ceremony is brief and traditional despite Logan's threats to write his own vows. Logan looks down at Veronica and is deeply touched by her beauty and the tears in her eyes as the ceremony draws to a close.

As soon as the minister pronounces them husband and wife, Logan pulls her into his arms. Instead of kissing her immediately he gently reaches up and caresses her cheek. He quietly tells her, "I didn't know I could be this happy."

She smiles up at him and says, "Me either."

She then spoils the poignant moment by pursing her lips and says, "Growing old here Echolls." The bridal party laugh and watch as Logan leans in and kisses his bride.

Veronica has to admit that once the ceremony and pictures were over, Logan did ensure that the rest of the wedding was really a dinner and party. There were no speeches at the supper and it was a relaxed dinner.

When the first dance started, Logan escorted Veronica onto the dance floor. He looked happy and relaxed pulling her into his arms and expertly dancing her around the dance floor. Veronica glowed and easily followed Logan's lead.

He is so profoundly grateful that this day has happened. He has the partnership he has wanted and worked so hard for and he has the home he dreamed of when he moved away from Neptune. He has really good friends that he can trust and he knows care about him. He has a father that is a good man and loves him like a son. Now he has the wife he has dreamed of having. Most importantly he is not afraid that it is going to be taken away from him; like he doesn't really deserve it. He is just happy.

After a few turns around the dance floor he questions his new wife, "I'm curious. How did you get Andrea to sing at our wedding?" He pauses and guesses, "She owed you a favor?"

Veronica smiles a little and leans closer to her husband saying, "Actually I paid her concert fee to come for the one song." Logan looks at Veronica in total shock. She elaborates, "Unlimited Black AmEx Baby!"

His mouth drops open at her tone. His Veronica actually used wealth to get what she wanted. Finally he laughs out loud. God he loves her! She smiles at him and says when he sobers. "It was worth every penny to me to show you how much you mean to me." She reaches up and caresses his cheek, "You are so open, so easy with your words and your emotions." She pauses and adds, "I just wanted to do something big to show you what I feel." He looks down at her and sees the truth in her eyes and he finally understands; Veronica truly, utterly, and totally loves him. Unable to think of anything to say, he leans down and kisses her. Then, bursting with happiness, he picks her up and spins her around and around.

Keith Mars watches his beloved daughter dance with her new husband and he can't even describe how he feels. His new son-in-law has always been open about his feelings for Veronica. Although Keith knows that Veronica loves Logan, deep inside he has been worried that their marriage will not be one of the ones that survives. He has never seen the commitment in her he feels is necessary for a couple to make it. Today walking up the isle with Veronica to Andrea's song, reassured Keith as probably nothing else would. He is one of the few people that truly understands what a big deal it is for her to walk up the isle to that song, in front of everyone she knows and the world. Seeing the love on both their faces, he thinks that they might be ready for forever. He smiles to himself; he will keep gun polished anyways.