*Takes place February of 1525*

Duty or Love

Chapter One

On this winter morning after the grand celebrations marking Mary's ninth birthday, Catherine had realized that she had missed her bleeding for this month and last. Catherine orders "Lad Maria fetch a mid-wife specifically Mistress Lyon if possible" to her eldest friend that came with her from Spain.

Lady Maria de Salinas did as she told and came back moments later with Mistress Lyon who was present at court caring for Lady Mary Brandon the Duchess of Suffolk who happens to be King's own sister.

Mistress Lyon politely to her Queen to ask "Your majesty, how may I be of service?" as she one of the mid-wives that Katherine used in all of her pregnancies with the King.

"I have missed my course twice" states Katherine who prays daily her another chance to bore Henry a son that he so desired before adding "I believe that I might be with child" knowing that he is seeking to end their marriage to marry someone half her age.

"Of course, your majesty" says Mistress Lyon kindly with hope that their would be another royal child in the nursery "I shall get my supplies from my chambers and return as quickly as possible"

Thus, leaving Katherine alone with her thoughts awaiting Mistress Lyon quick return. While Lady Maria tries to comfort her friend and Queen the best she knew how to by singing a Spanish lullaby that the late Queen Isabella used to sing to her as a child.

Within minutes, Mistress Lyon arrives carrying a bag with her supplies in case she needs them thus day. Katherine was position in her bed chamber laying comfortable along her pillows awaiting the news.

Mistress Lyon carefully and gently examines Katherine to have a sad and disappointing expression of her face. She sadly says "Your majesty, I have the displeasure in saying that you shall never become with child again" before adding "The missed bleeding this month and last is due to the change in your body, thus creating you barren" the chamber becomes silent for a moment before she asks "Shall I fetch Doctor Linacre to confirm the news that I told you?"

"That is not necessary" says a disappointed Katherine before ordering "Mistress Lyon you shall not inform anyone if what was found out about me being" pausing for a second before adding the word "barren. As I wish to inform the King myself of his development"

Mistress Lyon causally replies "Of course your majesty" knowing that she must obey for Queen's decision in this matter. Picking up her unused bag and leaves the bed chamber of Katherine.


At the same time within the Privy Council of the King, Henry is meeting with his lawyer Sir Thomas More.

Henry directly orders "Find I way out of this curse of a marriage with my brother's widow, so that I could have the desired male heir to secure England" knowing that he wished to marry one woman in particular who he knew was a virgin. This woman is Lady Anne Boleyn who refuses to become his mistress.

"I shall write about this matter to the Pope" states More knowing that he is angering his King more on the matter.

Henry states harshly "You have a month to solve this problem or I shall turn to someone else to solve the matter" and dismissing the once beloved tudor to do his bidding in ending his marriage to Katherine or the false Queen.


Having just hours to adjust with the news of being barren, Katherine summons Eustace Chapuys who is the Imperial Ambassador in England to her apartments.

Katherine then says to the majority of her household "You are all dismiss for the afternoon" leaving those loyal to her behind. Katherine awaits Chapuys in the sitting room, mending shirts that belong to Henry in the mean time.

Chapuys arrives to gracefully say "Your majesty" bowing before taking his seat across from Katherine.

Katherine begins to say to her trusted ally "I received devastating news this morning from Mistress Lyon" pausing for a moment before adding "About being barren" which left a bitter taste in her mouth.

"How may I help your majesty in this matter?" asking Chapuys knowing that this shall effect his master the Holy Roman Emperor interests in England as the Katherine is his aunt.

Katherine sadly says "I know that the King wishes to end our marriage by any means possible. With the confirm knowledge of myself never proving a another child for the royal nursery either a Prince or Princess, it would fuel his desire even more" with her holding back tears forming in her eyes "Thus I fear for Mary's position as a Princess of England. I have thought of a unconventional solution"

"What is this unconventional solution?" asks Chapuys if her admits a little bit scare to know.

"I shall peaceful divorce the King for a period of eight years, while he takes a another wife to provide him with his desire heirs and after those eight years are over we shall remarry" says Katherine putting this crazy idea out there before adding "Everything shall be a written contract sign by the King, his replacement, the Pope, and myself, thus making it legal"

Chapuys suddenly decides to ask after a few moments of silence "Shall I bring forth this idea to the King?" secretly pleading with God that he would not face to face the King's wrath on this matter.

"No, I shall address this matter myself after revealing the news that I received today" states Katherine knowing in heart this would be the best solution for herself and daughter.

Chapuys quickly leaves the Queen for some rest before her talk with the King later in the day. As Katherine would have to mentally and emotionally prepare for the upcoming battle that would take place.


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