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Duty or Love

Chapter Three

Henry knew that he has to talk with someone that he absolutely trusts their judgement in this situation. Before discussing the matter with Anne herself about Katherine's offer, Henry calls for Brandon to be brought to his presence.

Within a few minutes, one of Henry's oldest friends since childhood and his brother-in-law, Brandon says patiently "Your majesty, how may be of service this evening?" knowing that he has been on thin ice with his friend since he married his wife without his blessing.

"The Queen has brought forth a interesting solution to the lack of a male heir in the royal nursery" begins to explain Henry to his friend that knew him better then anyone "Her solution would be temporarily ending our marriage for a period of eight years then we shall be remarried until our dying days"

Brandon thinks to ask "What about the temporary Queen of England and the mother of the future heir to the England throne?" knowing that the woman in his sight would be a powerful figure in the English court until its taken away from her.

Henry says questionably "Katherine thought that her temporary replacement shall be invested as a English peer in her own right, so she would be honour throughout our marriage and afterwards with the income and property to support herself" knowing in his heart this would be an excellent solution to his problem.

"I think that you should think about it in great length because you don't know how long the process would take without the Queen's support in the matter" says Brandon thoughtfully before adding the notion "You would have to get a papal dispensation in the matter and also create a legally binding contract between the three parties and the Pope himself"

Henry says happily "Thank you for your suggestion on this matter and also it should be kept out of court's gossip in the meantime until I have decided on the matter" knowing that it would be a way to keep peace in England and within their sometimes alliance with Spain.

Brandon is about to leave Henry's apartments before adding "You might want to talk with the Queen's replacement that you have in mind to have her opinion on the matter as well. Since it would effect her future as well not just yours and the Queen" knowing that if his assumption is correct that Katherine's replacement as Queen would be the young and educated Anne Boleyn.


Left alone once more, Henry decides that Brandon is correct in one aspect because he needs Anne's opinion on the matter either way.

Therefore, Henry orders one of his pages "Fetch Lady Anne Boleyn for me at once" knowing that in the matter of minutes he shall get to see the woman that he loves. At took less time then expected for Anne to arrive in his apartments.

"Your majesty" says Anne lovingly to the man that she wishes to marry before adding "How may I help you this evening?"

Henry gestures for Anne to join him beside him the couch in his chambers by the fire. Taking her hand in his, he begins to explain "The Queen sought me out this afternoon for a audience during that time she came to with an interesting solution for our problem"

Anne looks at him and asks "What is the Queen's solution for the lack of a male heir in the royal nursery?" knowing that she could hopefully bear him that desire son that is in his image.

"The Queen suggests that we temporary end our marriage for eight years, so that I could make you my wife during that specific time and for you to bear me children to secure England's succession" states Henry before adding "I shall invest you with a title that allows you to become an English peer in your own right for the rest of your life"

Anne thinks about it for moment before asking "If I decide to follow you in being the temporary Queen of England, what would my role be with our children after our marriage ends?" knowing that she would always wish to play an equal role in raising them.

Henry thinks about it for a moment before saying "My love, you and the Queen would have an equal say in the children's household because Katherine could never replace you as their mother and the mother of the future King of England" hugging her knowing that she shall be the mother of his desire son. Praying that one of their children would be in her image with her wit, intelligence, and appearance.

"My love if this is the best decision for England and yourself, I shall follow your lead" states Anne lovingly before kissing him and adding "I would not mention this to soul until you reach your decision in this matter" planning not to reveal this to her father or uncle that used her as a pawn to advance their status.

Anne spends the next few hours in Henry's embrace before returning to her family apartment for the evening. Thus, leaving Henry alone in bed with thoughts about the future with Anne and their children but also Katherine and Mary.


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