"I don't like this." Hook grumbled, leaning against the counter; he and Emma had made it back to her apartment without David killing him.

"Too bad." Emma said, stirring the sauce for the spaghetti. "Deal with it, you big baby."

"And just exactly do you expect to do on this little…family outing?"

"I don't know. I haven't even talked to Neal about the plans yet, so why are you complaining?"

"Because he's Neal." Hook watched her turn off the stove and make her way to the cabinets to get plates. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. "Love, I don't think it's wise that you and Neal spend time together."

"It's not just us. Henry will be there too."

"I don't think that's a very good idea either." He turned so she was the one trapped against the counter. "Besides, what if today turns out badly and Henry doesn't want to see Neal anymore?"

"Then it's good news for you, isn't it?" Emma crossed her arms. "Seeing as our 'family outing' would be cancelled."

"Then it is fantastic news for me." Hook dropped his head to capture her lips, taking her by surprise.

She had kissed him before, but something about this one was different. Was it because there was no one else to interrupt them? Or was it because jealousy and lust filled this kiss?

He moved his mouth with hers, struggling to control himself. Without Henry there, there was no way of telling just how far she'd let him continue. His hand ran down the back of her leg, lifting it up to hook around his waist and pushing himself closer.

Emma tangled her hands in his hair, becoming breathless and well aware of how this situation would end up. She let him grind against her, whimpering at the fact that all that was separating them were their clothes.

"A-hum…" A throat being cleared from the doorway made them jump apart.

"Oh, Henry!" Emma shoved Hook away and wiped her hand against her lips. "I didn't know you were home."

"And you've brought a guest." Hook observed Neal, who was standing behind his son.

"Can dad stay for dinner?" Henry tried to avoid eye contact, having been forever scarred by what he had just seen.

"Oh, I don't know." Emma wanted to say no, but after what just happened, she felt she owed it to Henry. "I gue-."

"No, it's fine." Neal objected, bending down to reach Henry's height. "Hey, bud, I'll see you tomorrow, all right?"

"Sure." Henry grinned, waving goodbye as Neal walked out the door. He turned to his mother and the pirate standing in the kitchen, crossed his arms, and glared. "What exactly was going on here?"

"You really need to stop hanging around your grandpa." Emma stated, ruffling his hair and taking his bag from his shoulder. "Go wash up, dinner's ready."

"Spaghetti?" He perked up.

"As promised." She laughed when he ran to the bathroom to wash his hands.

"Am I the only who caught Neal say he'd see Henry tomorrow?" Hook hissed.

"What am I supposed to do? Say, 'no, Neal, you can't see your only son whom I've lied about for the past 11 years.'?"

"You're impossible." He put his hand and hook up in defeat and walked away from her, throwing himself on the couch.

"And you're being a drama queen." She snapped, stomping in the other direction to set the table.

"You know, it's like you really are married." Henry joked, having been there the whole time to watch their exchange.

"Sit." Emma commanded, pointing to the chair as her son laughed and sat down.

"I don't understand what the big deal is." Hook stated, picking up the pasta bowl and setting it on the table. "Why does he have to spend so much time getting to know you? Technically, he already knows all about you."

"Would you just sit down and eat?" She glared at him as he threw himself in a chair like a child throwing a tantrum. "It's bad enough Neal thinks we're one big happy family. If I say 'no' every time he asks to spend time with Henry, he'll hang around and you've already made it clear that you wouldn't like that."

Henry dug his fork into his plate and shoved some spaghetti into his mouth; he looked back and forth between his mom and Captain Hook, quietly snickering at the their exchange.

Hook grumbled obscenities under his breath so as to keep Henry from hearing anything meant for adults.

"Stop it." Emma warned. "I told Neal we'd spend the day together as a family because he asked, he didn't specify that you couldn't join us, so stop being a big baby about it."

He would have slapped himself for not being smart enough to make that connection earlier, but he'd be damned if he let Emma think he was a fool, which he was pretty sure she already knew.

Emma lay in bed with Hook beside her; he had nowhere else to go and Gold had it out for him, so she felt bad. Okay that wasn't true. The truth was that she liked having his presence in her bed; she'd slept alone for so long that she forgot what it was like to snuggle up to someone and feel warm.

Hook was already sound asleep fifteen minutes after laying in bed with Emma; his arm was wrapped around her waist and his fingers were tangled in her hair. He knew she'd kill him in the morning when she found them so close, but he had to hold her. He had to know that she'd still be there when he opened his eyes and not just a dream. Yes, he put on a show for Neal just to get under his skin and yes, he loved getting on Prince Charming's nerves, but he really did have feelings for Emma and he knew that she was fighting feelings of her own.

Hook promised himself that sooner or later he will have her heart. He will be a father to Henry, despite all the denying he did when it came to caring for the boy.

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