First I Should inform you I'm a horrible speller and if you tell me how to fix it I will.

Second this is an AU story with a Harry/Suzan ship

Third Don't like just stop reading common curtosy

Harry quickly watched as his friend, Suzan, who he met on the train went to hufflepuff. He hoped he would get that house. They seemed the most accepting, and nice. The Gryffindor were to confindent. syitherns were mean and bigoted, and Ravens were to obsed with grades.

He finally heard his name get called and headed to the stool. He put on the hat and heard in his head...

ah your the one who made friends with Suzan bones.

Y-Yes sir

No need to be nervous I just am here to sort you where you belong

Really, does it matter where I go?

Not really in the long run, it just effects your friendships.

Okay, then can I be a hufflepuff?

Sure I was going to put you there anyway!



Harry heard it shout to the hall and Suzan was the first to clap. Everyone was shocked but clapped anyway.

4th year

Harry had just decided to ask Suzan to the ball.

Catch up

quirrel was defeated by Snape, and No one got the diary. Sirius was freed when given a trial by Susan's Aunt Amelia. Harry lives with Sirius and lupin was still a professor. Harry is not a champion, and Cedric is. Harry is friends with Cedric, Suzan, The twins (both Weasley and Partaly) and The hufflepuffs.

Back to 4th year

Harry just asked Suzan and she said yes!

The Ball

Harry & Suzan danced all night long and had a great time. Then they went outside and gazed up at the stars. Then they kissed

Voldemort was never resurrected and harry & Suzan lived happy and full lives nameing their 2 boys James Potter and Severus Potter (after finding out about his mom and their friendship.) James was a Sytherin, and severus was a Gryffindor House unity was finally achieved by them