Just an idea that popped into my head while watching the episode East vs West. The action takes place at the end of the episode just after Laney found out where Warty was!

In the A.V studio

"Hey there Warthogs!", said Laney, "Yep, that's right I'm doing the show all by myself today because our very owns Eric Ortiz and Victoria Jagger are broadcasting live from East Hill High, an all boy school on the other side of town behind Tallman's wall, where we found Warty!"

At East Hill High

"Yes Laney, indeed Warty wanted me to read this note, said Eric beside a masculine looking Victoria, "Warty and Wardina, East Hill's mascot, have been secretly meeting in the East Hill High gym to cheer together, which is how mascots show their affection. But they're tired of hiding and they want the world to know that they are in love."

" Eww, boys and girls cheering together, that's just icky!", said Randy.

"Yeah about that, responded Victoria wanting to get him at his own game, how would you react if a girl would win the ping-pong tournament, become the most popular kid in school and be elected student body president?"

"I won't answer that question cause that would never happen!"

"And if, somehow this would happen, would you use your power as captain of the ping-pong team to allow girls to attend East Hill?"

"Sure, why not", he said in a 'whatever' voice.

"Well then, looks like it's ladies' night here at East hill.", she said while taking off her wig.

"Victoria you're a girl!", yelled Randy with disdain " I can't believe that."

In the meantime, Laney ended the show back at the studio.

"Well believe it!", responded a proud Victoria.

"Ah you disgust me!", said Randy.

This time Victoria was really hurt...this time it was personal... she was trying to find words to yell at that jerk when...

"THAT'S ENOUGH!, yelled Eric with clinched fists. " Listen you little weirdo", he said while grabbing Randy by his collar, " you take that back and you apologize to Victoria right this instant or I'm rearranging your face, GOT IT!"

Victoria looked really surprised and pleased by Eric's sudden burst.

"Why are you defending her? Even my paddle is worth more than her!"

"Okay you seriously have a problem dude", he said while releasing his grip on Randy, "Try to do that with your paddle!"

Without thinking, Eric grabbed Victoria forcefully by the waist and crashed his mouth into hers. Victoria was shocked at first but slowly closed her eyes and started melting into the kiss but Eric stepped back.

"I'm...I'm sorry Victoria, I was just making my point!", he said flustered.

"It's okay, I ...I mean, it is for a good cause!", replied a still very shocked Victoria.

"Yeah well that's exactly my point too", replied Randy, "women are only useful for men' pleasure!", he said slapping Victoria's butt.

Eric was boiling inside. He grabbed Randy again by his collar and punched him, then punched him again and again ...he really had no intention of stopping but Victoria begged him to.

"Eric...Eric stop it, you're gonna kill him!", she tried to stop him by grabbing his arm but she received his elbow right on the nose.

"Oww!", she cried.

Eric instantly turned around and took Victoria by the shoulders.

"Victoria, I'm so so sorry! Are you okay, sweetie?" He really didn't know where the sweetie was coming from but he just let it slide.

"I'm a little dizzy", she said loosing her balance.

"Come on", he said, picking her up bridal style,"let's go, we have nothing left to do here", he said while glaring at Randy who was lying on the floor barely conscious and surrounded by all the other boys.

I was planning on doing only a one-shot but it looks like it's gonna be a two-shots instead!

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