Hi, for those of you that don't know me- I'm the dumbass who's writing this story. It's been a while and I've decided to redo bits and pieces of this to make it better. Whether it works or not, I will leave up to you- the readers.

Now it's my first Avengers story since I only recently got into them so be kind, please. I had a friend die suddenly a day or so ago and am just a bit distracted plus battling depression.

Not fun, but I am trying here. So without further ado here is my story.

The gathering was impressive. There were politicians from all over Washington, and other parts unknown gathered together at the gala that the Duke of Germany and his young daughter- the next soon to be named Duchess.

"Can you believe this place?" Janet, a.k.a. The Wasp asked as she looked around. Her eyes as wide as saucers as they darted back and forth from the buffet table to the wine fountain to the glittering crystal that decorated the massive white marble room. Painting it in gold and peach colored hues.

"I know. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with royal blood put out this much expensive stuff-" Tony Stark said before catching a sour look from one of his friends and quickly added, "No offense T'Challa."

"None taken." T'Challa said good-naturedly as he looked away from Tony so that he could straighten his tie. He hated events like this. Events that showed the wealth of others that could be put to good use feeding the hungry or buying medicine for the sick. He felt a hand on one of his shoulders and looked up at Steve, a.k.a Captain America, and noted that the man was giving him that look he always gave him when he wanted to say that he understood how he felt.

He narrowed his eyes slightly at the blonde as he heard him whisper, "I know that you don't like such lavish events, but try to have fun and unwind." T'Challa snorted softly as Steve took his hand from his shoulder. Try to have fun indeed- The king thought as he moved away from the rest of the group to mingle with everyone else and let himself smile a bit when he heard Tony ask in a sudden almost panicked tone.

"Where did T'Challa go?"

"Maybe he went over to the buffet table to grab something to eat." Janet said as Tony and Steve both looked towards the buffet to see if their friend was there. He was not. Damn his hide.

Tony sighed and hung his head a little bit as he replayed the last time they had brought T'Challa with them to an event like this, and shuddered at the memory. It hadn't been T'Challa's fault. Not completely anyways. He had just been speaking politics with several others when someone had started to insult the moody king in every way they could think of.

They had insulted his people, his country, T'Challa himself and to add insult to injury that person had also taken it a step further and spilled his drink on the floor then laughed as he said, "Why don't we let the lesser person clean it up. It's his job right?" Everything that had been holding the usually quiet and patient king together had snapped in that moment and he had suddenly attacked the other man- damn near causing an international incident.

But what Tony shuddered about was what had occurred after the party. When T'Challa had used his cat burglar skills to break into the guy's embassy and shread every piece of furniture there was and then left.

He'd never been caught on film or in the act, but Tony knew it was him just as surely as the other Avengers had known. His claw marks were far too distinct to belong to anyone or anything else.

Which was why they all had to keep an eye on T'Challa when they were at gatherings like this. They didn't want a repeat of the last incident. However it looked that for the moment the man had given them the slip- again, damn his hide.

T'Challa waded through the sea of people almost absently, nodding politely to some and stopping briefly to exchange pleasantries with others before he finally found what he was looking for. A terrace hidden behind an open sliding glass door. Moving quickly lest he spotted, he stepped out onto the terrace and took a deep breath.

Ah, he felt so much better now. He had been worried that if he stayed in the mansion a moment longer, among the throngs of people, that he might scream. He closed his eyes and just stood there drinking in the beauty of the night when he suddenly felt small slender fingers tap the inside of one of his wrists.

Moving faster that the blink of an eye, he twisted himself around and grabbed the person who had touched him. He heard a squeak as his hands gripped tender flesh and his mind stalled as he caught sight of pale green eyes looking up at him from under black hair, part of which hung over one slender shoulder in a thick braid. Looking beyond that he saw gold and peach with cream white tints.

A dress?

Glancing back at the face now he could see distinctly feminine features. Relaxing slightly he prepared to apologize for probably causing some poor woman distress and found that he couldn't speak the second his eyes locked with those green ones again. There was just something so breathtaking and beautiful about them.

"Um, a-are you going to let me go?" The soft voice of the woman he was holding onto asked. Her tone was curious and he found that his first instinct was to say no. A bit startled by his train of thought he loosened his fingers on the woman subconsciously. Allowing her to take a step or two back away from him.

Oh she was lovely now that he got a good look at her.

Angelic features, delicate build with a nice curvy figure wrapped in peach colored satin with gold ribbon and little cream colored pearls woven in places around the ribbon. "I-I'm sorry sir. I didn't know anyone was out here." She apologized as she turned to go back inside when he quickly reached out and snagged her wrist, not wanting her to go.

"No, please...stay." He said awkwardly as he slowly let go of her wrist and moved over to the terrace railing and rested his elbows on it and waited for her to either join him or flee. He heard the soft click of her heels on the stone and saw her come to stand a foot or so from him to the right, and let his lips curve in an appreciative smile.

Ah, she was not without her courage.

He liked that in a woman.