"Which way do you think she went?" Steve asked as he finished tugging his Captian America mask into place. T'Challa leapt up onto the top of the brick wall surrounding the garden of the embassy and dug his claws into the stone, crushing it with his fingers without thinking and tipped his head back and sniffed at the air. The new tech in his suit was amazing. Truely it was.

His senses had been enhanced already since birth, but the moment the suit was on...

Oh- The things he could do. It was like he was a machine, every sense, every nervending became so hyperaware that sometimes it was all he could do not to try and shed his own skin. He could track easier, smell when women were ovulating, outrun, out jump, and out maneuver Steve in a fight. Which was hard to do on a good day considering he was as super human as a person got.

And right now...

Right now he could smell the woman, Kylie, and knew which way she had run. Like a little mouse. He mused lazily as he finally jumped down from the wall and tapped Steve on the shoulder and pointed. "She went that way."

Steve looked at him then peered down the nearly empty street and frowned. "Okay-" He said as he thought, One of these days I'm going to figure out how he does that. "I don't see anything."

"You wouldn't," T'Challa informed him in an almost irritated tone before saying, "I can smell her."

Steve scrunched up his nose a bit and looked at him strangely before asking, "The smelling people is a freaky cat thing right? Do we need to stop at the nearest Petco and get someone some catnip?"

T'Challa gave Steve a blank, You bore me, stare and after an un-nerving minute of silence between the two men, Black Panther finally broke eye contact and slowly shook his head and sighed then said. "Buy me a bag of catnip and I'll destroy you're most prized possession." He started walking, not waiting for Steve to fall in line behind him.

"Okay, no bag of catnip... How about a truck of it? And just think, you could roll around in it until the cows come- HEY!" Steve yelped as his friend suddenly stopped walking, turned and aimed a particularly vicious uppercut towards his face. With his claws.

His claws!

Steve jumped back, alarm written all over his face as he put his fists up to defend himself from any further attempts to strike him. But none ever came. Instead T'Challa turned his back on him again and made a 'tsking' sound then started walking again. Steve waited until there was a good twenty feet between them before he finally figured out that T'Challa was more interested in finding the woman than beating him into the ground.

Something that he was somewhat thankful for. Yet confused about at the same time.

Sure having a woman catch T'Challa's interest was rare, and yeah- He often gave them no more than a once over and enough time for a few words. Which begged the question, Why was Miss Kylie so different? T'Challa had done both of those things back at the embassy. And Steve knew for certain that if he had been concerned about her fall out the window, those concerns would have been laid to rest by her running away.

Yet here the two of them were out on the streets, looking for this woman that they had barely even exchanged words with. Go figure. Steve thought with a huff before he started walking again, this time making sure to keep a careful eye on T'Challa since he was acting moodier than usual.

(************************************************* ************************************)

Kylie sat in an all night cafe with a cup of coffee sitting on the table between her hands. Her eyes staring at the small groups of people walking the side walks. This was her favorite spot to run off to when she felt troubled by something. Her favorite spot to sit and watch the people passing by and pretend that she was miles from her father and no longer under his rule.

She lifted her coffee and took a small sip of the pumpkin spice blend and smiled to herself before propping herself up with one hand as her thoughts suddenly shifted to T'Challa.

Now there was an imposing figure that she'd like to sink her teeth into. Metaphoically and literally.

He was intellegent, strong, cunning... He also had the body of a god and a wonderful personality. She sighed again and started to play with her coffee cup. He had held his country together after the death of his father, brought about treaties from several countries that enriched his own country to the point where it was no longer a little unknown kingdom.

He had done an amazing job. And still was as one of the Avengers.