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Set in the There Be Dragons, Harry Universe, this snippet does NOT fit in with the current fic canon. It is a "What If?" Scenario and by extension an excuse to write some Christmas fluff and reassure everyone who is worried about the Weasley Twins and Quinn. It is prewritten and there are 6 short chapters total. I will try to upload twice a day after I proof it, as time allows. Enjoy!


Harry Potter x Theodore Nott x Charlie Weasley x Quinn Kalzik x George Weasley x Fred Weasley


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WARNINGS: Mature themes. Contains mentions and moments of slash(m/m). Scenes are not explicit as per FF guidelines. There will be slight hints of citrus. Fangs. Blood. Biting. D/s Themes. Teensy bit of Angst. Fluff. So much FLUFF!? OC's. OOCness. Fits in the TBDH Universe. Very AU. Other warnings will be added as I see fit.

A/N: This little ficlet is a "What If?" Scenario and by extension an excuse to write some Christmas fluff and reassure everyone who is worried about the Weasley Twins and Quinn. They will eventually make it into the circle, there's just some angst, drama and ridiculousness that will happen first. This is simply what would have happened if they were all actually bonded and together for their "first" Christmas. It also includes some of the other missing Bonded, there are NO SPOILERS as to the other, future Bonded/Intended, but there is the hint of a Shadow Dragel and the mention of a Water Bonded. This fic is prewritten and by default, this means that it is complete. There are 6 short chapters total. I will try to upload twice a day after I proof it, as time allows. Enjoy and a very Merry Christmas to all of my wonderful readers!

On that note: My Aunt is doing marginally better and I've been so happy, I ended up writing fluff...Thank you for your support and understanding. Ch 70 of TBDH is about halfway done. This is my Christmas Gift in the meantime. :)


Theo was the first to stir among the slumbering circle. He'd felt when Harry's cold fingers had brushed over the mark on his bicep, silently requesting permission to be up and moving about. He'd never explained to Harry how the mark worked. As an Alpha, he was always hyper-aware of wherever Harry was at any given time, due to their specific Alpha-Sub bond.

The intent always came through their bond, making it easier for them to read each other—even when Harry didn't realize it. He likely didn't even realize that Theo was feeling more out of the simple gesture than he'd intended. Usually, his reasons for waking were simple things—needing to use the loo, feeling like finding a snack, wanting a glass of water, needing to check on Hermione, wanting to be held through the night, those sorts of things.

It was mainly the reason why this particular brush had woken Theo. The intent in Harry's simple touch was something of withdrawal, heartache and loneliness. From the feather-light touch, Theo knew that Harry hadn't even intended for that to be transmuted through the bond, if he'd known.

Harry was too good at hiding some of his inner needs at times. Sixteen years of hiding his needs, habits and personality could not be undone in a simple year, but Theo hoped that time would continue to help. He kept his eyes closed and breathing light and even, after all, even a Slytherin firstie could pretend to sleep with the best of them.

Theo listened as Harry cautiously crept out of from the warmed huddle, the middle position that was always reserved for him in the bed. He fought to keep the smile off of his face when he felt Harry lightly tug on his earthen element, using it to alter his weight so he could tip-toe over and off the large bed without disturbing the rest of their Bonded. That was a good detail. Harry was finally comfortable enough to draw on them when he needed and even when he didn't—for the simple everyday things.

For that little snippet, Theo stayed in bed. If Harry needed something, he'd know soon enough.

Harry touched down lightly on the thick, carpeted floor—Theo had seen that all the floors were covered once he'd realized that Harry had a tendency to be cooler than average. He'd also taken to having Charlie randomly smother the unsuspecting Gryffindor with tender, scorching hugs of warmth throughout the day. Not that either of them were complaining. Charlie didn't need an excuse to hug any of his bonded and Harry didn't mind being the recipient of such tokens of affection.

With a worried glance back towards the bed, Harry swallowed back his sigh of relief. Lately, he hadn't had the time to be thinking the way he liked to. No, correction, he hadn't taken the time to reflect on what kind of a year it had been. The past months had been a blur. A trying, enjoyable and sometimes utterly confusing blur, but it had rushed by all the same. There were so many things that had happened that were still pending, held back by fate's hand, he was sure, and yet, still, they'd been given a few days for the Christmas Holiday.

It was a strangely, bittersweet sort of realization when Harry figured out that only a handful of his Bonded would be present for said Holiday. He already knew once the circle had grown beyond eight, that it would be rare for all of them to gather together under the same roof for longer than an hour at most and certainly never on a holiday. Given their specific career choices as well, he knew it was next to impossible, but he still hoped. After all, it was their first year and he thought it was special.

Something to be treasured he was sure, but then there'd been an argument and Theo had finally pulled rank and put it to a vote. Harry had felt his heart sink when he realized there were more hands up for skipping Christmas, then for keeping it. He'd excused himself to make tea then—a habit he'd never really been able to break, refusing all help when the tiny trickle of emotion filtered on through the bond. He did his best to lock of those particular emotions and set them aside as he'd been thought, happy to think that if nothing else, his own gift to himself this year would be the well-honed Empath instincts that made his magic sing and purr.

The moment in the kitchen had been just what he needed and when he'd returned, he'd met each guilty expression with a warm smile and a steaming cup of tea, able to remind them that there was always next year. He'd watched the expressions hesitantly shift from guilty and remorseful to relieved and grateful. He could understand that there were some obligations that could not be set aside for something as trivial as a single holiday, but he'd hoped. Still.

But of course, his Bonded were experts in the art of distraction and not one of them had allowed him to wallow in anything vaguely resembling guilt or other associated emotions. He was grateful, because it did mean that his spirits remained high and his magic responded accordingly, which in turn fed through all the bonds and channeled back to him. Even through the ones that were currently not there.

Harry made his way through the house, heading for the kitchen. He twitched his fingers upon entrance, pleased to see that his late-owl Bonded had not made a mess during their usual jaunts. He moved across the kitchen, hiking himself up onto the counter with a single handed push. He drew his feet up one at a time, until he could fold them into a comfortable position. Bahn had been the one to jokingly show him this particular method for 'showing off'.

It was showy and unnecessary, but sometimes, that was just what the soul needed. At the time, Harry had wondered if the elfin-dragel was perhaps, a little more unscrewed than he'd originally thought. And then he'd realized just what a lovely display of power it was—and of course, the lovely part was that it was quite relaxing.

Harry pressed his hands together, palms facing and took a deep breath. He mentally ran through the usual list of things in the kitchen, careful to avoid thinking too deeply into each item. He only wanted to touch them enough to know if he could move them and manipulate them accordingly. Since Quinn's inclusion, cooking was something shared between them. Mostly because Quinn's healer instincts automatically bled over into his everyday life and he considered making balanced meals a significant responsibility for his Bonded.

Harry never contested that. It was nice to have help and it was nice to support Quinn after they'd all learned just how strict a diet and regimen healers were sworn to keep. A quick tempus showed that the hour was close at hand, Quinn would likely rise sometime in the next twenty minutes for his morning run. He'd like start breakfast before heading out on his route, and Harry quickly ran through the list of breakfast recipes in his head. He was sure there was something they hadn't eaten yet for the week, he'd make that—knowing that Quinn would be thinking along the same lines.

Of course, to show his appreciation and simply because he could, Harry added a little detail of his own. A cool glass of lemon and mint water was always the healer's preferred pick-me-up after physical exertion and Harry made sure to keep a pitcher of fresh water on hand. This particular pitcher, anyway, was said to have the freshest water. Harry wasn't about to contest that fact with his touchy Water Bonded, knowing now that to even insinuate otherwise was a grave insult. The fact that the pitcher had even appeared in the kitchen on its own was something of an indirect present.

His lips twitched faintly as he began to direct things in the kitchen to make pancakes. They hadn't eaten pancakes for a bit. There were so many little things he'd learned, some of them easily, some of them through trial and error and others in the most difficult way imaginable. But, just the same, he'd learned them.

Things like how Charlie preferred to have some sort of egg-side dish, how George loved coffee and Fred didn't. How Theo liked his bread pan-toasted and how Quinn preferred to have his fruit added to his yogurt as he ate it and not a second before.

Things like how Charlie's wild, scorching magic would never, ever harm him, even when the fire dragel raged at his best and worst, things like how George's protective fire was so deadly that a single singed hair could lead to death within mere minutes. Things like how Fred's playful, carefree attitude hid his serious, tactical mind and how Quinn's rare healing talents were merely icing on the cake for the vast knowledge contained behind those teal eyes. How Theo had changed his password and still entrusted it to him and how those golden eyes always watched over him.


Things. So many things.

And of course, those were not his only Bonded. There were more, there were others and there were countless things he'd learned from them as well. Things that saddened him as he sat there on the counter, remembering a list of firsts. He remembered to filter those sad feelings out and tuck them away, knowing it was just a hint of feeling sentimental and nothing for his Bonded to be fretting over. There were so many good things tangled up in there that it was impossible to be sad about something as natural and simple as life.

He settled back into himself, calling out the spells that mixed and cooked the pancakes, searching out the silverware and necessary dishes. He set the table with a wave of one pinky finger, and settled into his musings as the batter mixed together and the griddle sizzled to life.

Theo would certainly listen to him if he asked to celebrate anyway—just a little. He'd been hoping for a tree and cookies and a long night of simply being close and near his Bonded. Nothing fancy.

Fancy wasn't even his style.

Even gifts weren't that big a deal. Well, not for him anyway, he'd thought of marvelous things he'd like to gift to each of his Bonded. Special, unique tokens for each of them. For the first time, he had a real reason to be buying gifts beyond some chocolates or books in Hogsmeade. Things that would be useful and appreciated. Things that he could afford with his new circumstances. He could certainly order them anyway and wrap them up and keep them, even if he couldn't gift it to them for the appropriate holiday, there were birthdays and surely he didn't need a specific reason to give a gift, yes?

Yes, he'd certainly been looking forward to Christmas.

Perhaps he could ask for a tree anyway. He knew for certain, that Theo would do this, if he asked. He wanted to have a tree—even a little one—and to decorate it with pretty things the muggle way, with a bit of the wizarding world mixed in. Popcorn strings and fairy lights and lovely, beautiful things that he'd never been able to touch before, much less to call as his own.

He'd seen Bahn's efforts in the Visual Bubble message sent that showed his circle reluctantly dressed with matching hats for the holiday, posing in front of a shimmering, well-dressed tree. That had been a laugh. He wondered how Bahn had managed to coax Ilsa into it and then had quickly dismissed the idea, knowing that he didn't really want to know. Bahn had also sent over a gift of Christmas pudding, in Theo's favorite flavor, Butterscotch. Harry had been certain to hide it, appreciating the gesture and the effort and knowing that the sweet would come in handy for his little unofficial Christmas idea.

Thinking of possible ideas brightened his mood considerably and Harry smiled a moment later. In fact, now that he'd made up his mind…the smile morphed into a smirk—carefully masked to keep from sending unnecessary feelings through the bond. Even if his other Bonded were sleeping, Harry knew Quinn would wake soon—which in turn would wake Theo. He did not want to alert any of them to his little campaign.

They'd all done so much for him, he wanted to show his appreciation in a very special way.

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