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Harry lay panting beneath him, skin rosy and flushed with a healthy pink. He reached up for Theo, drawing his Alpha close to rest Theo's head on his chest. He pressed a trembling kiss to that sweat-slicked forehead and worked on evening out his breath. That had been a wild and fast ride. He certainly wasn't about to complain, though an encore would be appreciated, after he caught his breath, of course.

"I guess you missed me?" He tried.

Theo pinched his thigh with two deft fingers.

Harry squirmed, groaning belatedly when that action provided more friction and thus proved just how much energy they both had left. It had been a good day, but he'd missed having Theo around him just the same. They were close enough now that it felt odd not to have his Alpha at hand like the extension of himself, that they so often were.

Theo chuckled again, twisting to look up at Harry's glazed face, drinking in the myriad of expressions flickering over his charming Submissive's face. Harry was precious in moments like this-and undeniably gorgeous. He'd definitely missing having the calming presence close by. "Should we invite the others in?" His attention diverted to one reddened nipple just level with his gaze.

Harry arched up at the sensation of a hot mouth on the sensitive bud. He shuddered pleasurably as fangs teased, but did not bite. "W-why not?" He managed to gasp out.

Theo gave a quick bite, not breaking the skin, as he lifted his head to plant a kiss on those parted lips. "Why not, indeed." He echoed, pleased. "Call them?"

A frustrated groan was his answer. Sharp emerald eyes glared down at him. He was in no real position to be making demands, but...

"Some encouragement then?" Theo's eyes grew darker with wicked intent. "Alright then…" One elegant hand slipped lower down and Harry threw his head back on the pillow.

"I think you broke them." Theo purred contentedly. He held Harry snuggled up to his chest, with Quinn cuddled up to Harry. The healer was already more asleep than awake and Charlie was currently hiding behind him, leaving the twins to find a space behind Theo.

They had called them all up, after all and it had been a perfectly delightful and decidedly enjoyable night of rather filthy things. Quinn was too creative sometimes and having twins attending to Harry always made him a little more wild and twice as demanding. Not that any of his Bonded would complain, but it had been quite a night.

In the end, they'd barely managed to arrange themselves in a comfortable position before Charlie's broad navy-blue wings had fanned out and sent waves of warmth over them all.

"S'alright." Harry mumbled. He gave the patch of skin beneath his cheek a little kitten lick. "They'll be alright in the morning."

Theo rumbled happily from above.

They all would be, he knew that. Though morning was probably only a few hours away at most. They'd all likely sleep until midday, with the exception of Quinn. Theo channeled a little extra calming through the bond, sending the command to sleep as well. It would make waking easier by the next day.

He threw out his senses, a habit he would never lose, checking each of his Bonded in turn, including the ones too far away—the feedback came quicker than he'd expected and for a moment, he frowned. The reality sunk in and he purred again, quite pleased at what it meant. That was good. Now he could definitely sleep quite comfortably.

Charlie made a soft burring sound from his position opposite Quinn.

"Sleep." Theo returned. It's fine. He channeled, reassuringly.

And it was.

They all slept very well.

When the doorbell rang the next evening, Theo elected Harry to answer it.

The fiery Submissive perked a brow in question, but rose from his seat just the same to answer it. He stopped, frozen in the doorway as the door swung open. For a moment, he was nearly certain he was dreaming, because there was no way this could actually be happening-or so his brain told him. Harry stared out at the gathered group on the stoop, unable to process even as his heart and magic began to sing with pure joy.

"How-?" He started and then launched himself into the first set of open arms. "Get in here, all of you!"

The chattering had stopped the moment the door had opened, but now the noise started up again. Relieved chuckles and grateful expressions painted across the faces of his missing Bonded as they crowded into the entryway, bumping against each other and shaking snow from their hair and coats, stamping their feet on the thick, weathered floor.

From his prickly Water Bonded to the hardened Gheyos, they were all here. Harry blinked back the happy tears and smiled wider, trying to touch and hug them all at the same time. He was so glad to see them.

So. Very. Glad.

No one protested, all of them allowing him the moment, as they carefully made their way inside. Charlie's voice could be heard from somewhere, welcoming them in and Quinn's mental links began to chatter.

Harry simply grabbed the next passing Bonded and hugged them hard. He smiled when the strong arms came up around him and hugged back, with a reassuring squeeze.

Theo lounged in the entryway leading off to the kitchen, a fond smile on his face. He stared at each Bonded in turn as they passed, smiling inwardly at each lowered gaze. They all slightly bared their necks, passing before him, pausing just the slightest. He gave a nod, prompting them forward every time. The verbal debates had had paid off after all. He was glad. There were things they'd all have to do before they left, but for now, this was fine.

Now, Theo held an arm out when Harry untangled himself from their resident, tall, dark and brooding Bonded to seize him in another impulsive hug. This time, a tight squeeze said everything Harry himself, could not quite yet voice aloud.

A kiss to that messy head of hair was all that Theo had to say in response. It was more than worth the headaches he'd weathered through the day before. Definitely more than worth it.

The pair remained together, listening to the banter of both good-natured ribbing and righteous indignation from all parties involved as familiar faces and different voices filled the air. Slaps, smacks, kisses and gropes were exchanged all the way around, ending with gales of laughter that seemed to make the house glow as if it were alive.

A steady, strong thrum of magic swirled contentedly in the air, channeling through Harry's Empath instincts and being returned in kind to all of his Bonded.

"Thank you." Harry's voice was muffled in Theo's warm jumper. Theo had done this for him, Harry knew it the same way he knew that the Slytherin was forever his. This was the very best kind of gift that he hadn't even dared to hope could come through. "Thank you, Theo."

"Merry Christmas, Harry." Came Theo's steady reply. He rubbed a hand up and down Harry's back, pressing the smaller dragel even closer to him. "And do feel free to order them about all day."

Harry laughed.

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