Hi! This is White-19-Wolf. This is my first fanfiction, so feel free to comment, criticize, whatever. I do not own Digimon.

My name is Fey Black. I'm your "average" girl, living in your "average" city, going to an "average" school, exc. So how does an "average" girl like me end up in the crazy life involved in so many things, I can't even name them all? Trust me, if I knew how I managed it myself, I'd go through a time portal and avoid it from happening altogether. In order to make it clearer to any and everyone who is completely confused on how this is even possible, I'll save you the confusing troubles and explain from the beginning.

My story starts with my reoccurring nightmare that haunts me to this day.

Myotismon stumbles back and clutches his chest in pain.

"Have you had enough or do you want some more!" Angemon, the most recent digimon on the scene, cried out. Myotismon smiled back.

"Actually, I was about to ask you the same question!"

While this scene was playing out before the digidestined, a girl about the age of the two youngest digidestined ran into the observation room on the other side of the building, which was still completely intact. She had long, brown hair going down her back and amazing green eyes. The girl grabbed her knees, panting. She had been running to get to the TV station since she saw the two kids, a Patamon, and Wizardmon all arrive on shore on a Zudomon. She looked up, about to start thinking of a way to help the others, when she realized Myotismon was dealing a deathly blow to a young girl standing behind Gatomon. There is no way they'll survive! Suddenly, Wizardmon stepped in the path of the attack. The girl's eyes widened in terror. Everything else seemed to move ten times faster to the girl. Before she knew it, the digidestened were evacuating the building to avoid getting killed. The girl clutched the star pendent around her neck and braced herself as the building shook. Finally, the shaking ended and the girl opened her eyes. She looked back out the now broken windows and saw Wizardmon was still there, but his data would soon be lost forever. The girl ran to him.

"Wizardmon!" The girl clutched the dying digimon, as if to hold some of his data so he wouldn't leave. The digimon's eyes barely cracked open.


"Don't try to talk! Y-you'll be ok! You have to be!" Tears began welling up in her eyes.

"I'm s-sorry I-" Wizardmon's head fell and his data was released. The girl's eyes widened, fresh, painful tears fell where her partner digimon used to be.

"WIZARDMON!" I shot up, panting and sweating. One night. That's all I ask for. One night of peace and quiet. A form appeared in the doorway. I turned my head away. "S-sorry. Didn't mean to wake you up." My friend smiled.

"You never do, Fey." Gennai said in a calming voice. Despite his attempt, I didn't feel better. Nothing would make me feel better. Gennai's smile disappeared and was replaced with a sigh. "Fey-"

"Stop. Don't even try."

"Fine, I won't." Gennai paused. "But maybe I can tell you something to make you feel better." I looked away, wanting to avoid false hope. "I can get you to the real world, in school with the other digidestened." My head spun around, anger filling my eyes.

"WHAT! How does that make me feel better!? The digidestined HATE me!"

"Well," Gennai continued, "this might be a chance for them to get to know you." When my expression didn't change, he added, "Plus the anniversary is coming up." My eyes softened. The anniversary of Myotismon's destruction, and Wizardmon's death. I hadn't been there since it happened.

"I… I owe it to my partner to try," I surrendered.

"You sure this will work?" I asked Gennai, skeptically.

"Well, it worked for your last miss-" Gennai cut himself off.

"Don't worry. I've gotten over that," I said, flashing a fake smile to ward off his worry. He did not buy it. It's not my fault my life is filled with torture.

"It would be easier if you just found that digivice of yours," Gennai said, changing the subject.

"It would also be easier for you to believe me in saying I NEVER got the thing from you. Besides, it wasn't my digivice, it was the first digivice. A shame it disappeared. Those extra functions were never discovered."


My eyes were glued to the device behind the glass, amazed.

"So this thing is supposed to help some digimon digivolve?" I asked being the curious and young girl I was. Gennai took his eyes off his work.

"That's the idea," he replied. "We are running diagnostics to see if it will work properly."

"What if it does?"

"What do you mean?" Gennai asked. I looked over at him.

"Well, what if it helps digimon evolve. What will you do then?" He smiled.

"Well-" Before he could answer further, a noise came over the computer doing the diagnostics.

"What's going on?" Gennai didn't answer, his full focus on the computer. I finally looked over his shoulder. The noise was not a diagnostic error like I had originally thought. It was, instead, a system Gennai had made upon my arrival designed to read other worlds. I gasped.

"That's Agumon and Parrotmon! Those must be the digimon I-" I cut myself off, looking away.

"You had to. It was the only way to keep them safe. But this is strange," Gennai said with curiosity.

"What?" I asked, not understanding.

"Look there." My eyes lowered to just in front of the Agumon. My eyes widened.

"A-a girl?! What's she doing there?" Movement on the screen caused me to look at the street nearby. "That boy's crazy!" Gennai's eyes also turned to see a boy running to the Agumon. "Their done for!" I cried as the Parrotmon unleashed an attack on the bridge above them. Gennai looked away from the screen and tried to pull me away. My eyes wouldn't leave the screen. "NO WAY!" Gennai looked at me, then back to the screen.

"The Agumon digivolved!" Gennai said in amazement.

"That's it." Gennai looked at me. My eyes locked onto him. "Gennai, all the people- no, the children who saw this, give them one of those," I said, pointing to the device. "They might be able to help us one day." Gennai nodded.

"Yes, perhaps, but for now," he turned back to the monitor and typed on the keyboard. Shortly after the newly digivolved Greymon let out his final attack, the two of them were pulled back into the digital world. "For now, they aren't ready." I looked back to Gennai, then went to play elsewhere.

End flashback

"And despite what you think, that was the last time I saw that digivice." Gennai shook his head and looked back to the controls.

"I believe it's ready." I took a deep breath.

"See you later, and… thank you for everything," I said, smiling.

"Good luck." Gennai inputted the last of the coordinates and, using the same device as he used to send the digimon to the net, he sent me to the real world.

I should have never done that. If there was one simple thing that might have caused everything that's to come, my guess was that that event was what caused everything to be set into motion. What happened next? Ha, wait and see.