Hello~ I'm actually doing this in the Drrr Kink Meme, so I decided to post it here as well. I think this is going to be a two-shot, I don't really know, but it's a small fill, so next chapter should be longer. This is just to see if you like it. The prompt might be typical, but it was hilarious, so I decided to fill it. Hope you like it!

Pairing: Shizaya

Prompt: Shizuo fucks Izaya so roughly and hard that Izaya can barely move the next day and Shizuo keeps making fun of him until Izaya gets pissed and Shizuo just cuddles with him.

Two naked bodies were lying on the soft surface of their bed, limbs tangled with each other, to the point where you could not see where one finished and the other started. Muffled moans were swimming across the room, pants breaking the silence, as those bodies moved in unison, in a show of practiced perfection.

None of them wanted to stop, rubbing against each other, moaning, groaning, trying to make the other beg for more.

Shizuo was going to do it tonight. That's what he told himself. He was going to fuck the louse nice and hard, all night, until the informant fainted from exhaustion.

It was kind of a punishment. The raven had been making up excuses for not having sex. 'Too much work' and 'I'm making a deal with the Yakuza' were his most used ones. It was driving the blond crazy, and, after a week, he snapped. As soon as he saw him in Ikebukuro, he catched him by the hood of his fur trimmed coat and threw him over his shoulder.

Of course, Izaya struggled, wary of the bodyguard's intentions, but his kicks and punches didn't hurt him one bit, and he remained unaffected, slapping the raven across his butt, what made him let out a high pitched squeal, his efforts to try and escape now forgotten. People stared at them, getting out of the infamous blond, who ignored the attention, used to it by now.

Shizuo was amused at the way Izaya just tried to make himself invisible, hiding his face in Shizuo's back, clenching his fists around his vest. He didn't try to escape again. He smirked, feeling proud at being in control this time, before rubbing small circles in the other male's back to comfort him.

Soon they reached the blond's apartment, and he reached for his keys as quick as possible, trying to calm himself enough to not just kick the door and enter. The little bastard over his back would tease him for it.

And that was how they got to this situation.

"A-Ah...Shizu-cha-" The smaller of the two got interrupted by the other's lips, exploring and ravaging the raven's mouth. Two tongues fighted for dominance for a while, until the invasor resulted as a victor.

"Shut up, flea. I know." Shizuo moved his lips across the informant's jaw, travelling south until he found the crook of his neck, nuzzling it. Izaya cocked his neck to the other side letting out a groan, exposing a few more inches of skin for the bodyguard to see. The blond left open kisses along his collarbone, sucking and licking, until it was covered with purple bruises, difficult to hide.

Izaya moaned, trying to get closer, to guide that mouth downwards, but the ex-bodyguard didn't want it that way, teasing the smaller man beneath him, trying to coax him into begging for more. The raven arched his back at the feeling of that mouth sucking at one of his nipples, while one hand pinched the other one, making a mix of pain and pleasure for the informant.

He couldn't stay quiet, the bodyguard wouldn't allow it. His moans became louder when his other hand enveloped his hard erection, giving it a few hard, painfully slow strokes. This torture wasn't over, and the raven knew it. He knew he was going to lose, but he couldn't find a reason to care, enjoying this rare side of Shizuo.

Shizuo kept stroking the raven's erection slowly, keeping him from coming too soon. His lips were everywhere, trying to memorize again his lover's body, which he couldn't see in a whole week. Izaya turned his head, burrowing his face on the pillows to muffle the sound coming from his mouth. He was close. If only the blond went faster...

The bodyguard chuckled at Izaya's attempts to hide. Who would have thought that the only way to dominate the infamous informant was with pleasure?

Going upwards again, through interminable centimeters of pale skin, he put his lips right behind one of the smaller man's ears, licking before blowing on it, making the other shiver with pleasure.

"You know, you should be always like this. So submissive. Weren't you supposed to be a god?" he whispered, smirking as he saw the tips of those ears go red, hiding his face even further in the pillow by lying on his stomach. "Don't hide yourself from me, flea." He tilted the informant's head to the side, watching with pride as flushed cheeks became even darker. Izaya tried to calm himself now that he wasn't being touched anymore. The blond was hovering over him, blocking everything else from his view, so that way red eyes wouldn't leave him even a second.

"Oh? Would you like to be this way with others too? Shizu-chan is so kinky~" Izaya grinned at the man above him, who frowned at the meaning of his words.

"You better not, louse. You're mine." He gave a hard stroke to the raven's erection to emphasize his words, smirking when the other arched his back, letting out a loud moan. He pointed his finger at that bruise-covered neck. "Each one of those marks say it. And this one" he moved his finger upwards, until he reached one a little bit higher than the others. "reminds other people of that. You won't be able to hide it like you do with the rest, Izaya-kun~"

The bodyguard lifted three fingers towards the raven's mouth, poking at his lips.

"I've been waiting for a whole week, can't wait anymore. So suck them or I'll go in dry." Izaya's eyes widened at that, shuddering at the thought before taking those fingers on his mouth, licking and sucking them, as he swirled his tongue around them. He kept looking with half-lidden eyes at Shizuo, low wet sounds filling the air. When Izaya started looking at him with a mischievous glint on his eyes, Shizuo's brow twitched.

"Enough with the teasing, flea." He pulled out his fingers from that hot cavern, going lower, until they were circling slowly around the informant's hole.

"But it's fun, Shizu-chaaaaah" Izaya groaned in the middle of his sentence when he felt one finger going in, moving in small circles. He glared at the grinning blond. "A little warning would be nice, you brute." Shizuo wriggled his finger inside the informant, trying to stretch him as quickly as possible.

"You're right, it isfun." He inserted another finger and started scissoring them, ignoring the hiss he heard at the intrusion.

"That hurt, you know!" Izaya scowled at him, trying to distract himself from the pain. Shizuo snorted.

"Aw, do you want me to kiss it all better, Izaya?" He continued ramming his fingers, searching for the other's sweet spot. He knew it was somewhere around there. The raven winked at him.

"Will you make it all better for poor Iza-chan? He's being raped by a monster, you know?" He made a pout, mocking the blond, who smirked in response.

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