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The couple lied in the soft bed, resting beneath a thick blanket. Their limbs were tangled as they shared body heat with each other, creating a comfortable situation. Neither of them wanted to wake up yet- it was Christmas, after all. They weren't in a hurry to exchange presents, nor even getting up. The pair just wanted to enjoy a little more that peaceful moment, so rare in their lives.

Izaya really did. The pain in his lower back didn't let him.

He let out a whine, trying to get comfortable in his lover's arms. Izaya squirmed in his hold, looking for a less painful position. He tried and tried, ignoring Shizuo when he growled lowly, still unconcious. It didn't work out as he wanted, and he ended falling off the bed.

The sound of his fall woke up Shizuo, who looked around the room when he didn't see Izaya. A groan of pain reached his ears, and he looked at the floor, where the poor informant was, rubbing his back in an attempt to try and soothe the pain he was feeling. Seeing him like this made Shizuo feel a little guilty for all he did the night before, but he pushed that feeling to the back of his mind. He deserved to be punished, so he had to deal with the consequences.

He smirked at the raven haired boy, who hadn't noticed he was awake.

"Hey flea. How was it? I want you now to stop this bullshit and continue fucking me, even harder than before. S-Shizuo!" He mocked Izaya, imitating his voice and the noises he let out those times. Shizuo was enjoying this, yes he was. Izaya jumped in the air, surprised, before his face went red, then pale.

"You bastard. You made me do it. You planned this too, didn't you?" He glared at the smirking blond, who nodded. Izaya was annoyed at his attitude by now.

"You deserve it, flea. For ignoring me for one whole week." Shizuo chuckled, clearly amused by this situation. He had lied of course; he didn't plan for the informant to be too sore. Sure, he was always a bit in pain the day after, but nothing too drastic. He wondered...just how much did it hurt?

"You fucking idiot, I toldyou I was busy! I had to get rid of all my work to be with you these days. And you take it like that? Kidnapping me then raping me? What's wrong with you?" Izaya was getting really annoyed by now. He spent days and nights in his apartment, surrounded by paperwork. Namie went on vacation with his beloved brother and his girlfriend; so he had to do it all by himself. He was going to tell Shizuo he was finished when he simply threw him over his shoulder, as if he were a sack of potatoes.

"Details, details. You just wanted to keep me without sex." He understood the reasons behind Izaya's behavior now, but he continued with his teasing. Really, the informant was just cute when he got worked up. His cheeks would take a pink colour from the effort. It was a sight even Shizuo didn't get to see a lot.

"What? I haven't had sex either!" A look of indignation appeared on his face, and Izaya frowned. Shizuo just dismissed it with a wave of hand, just to keep up with the farce.

"Come on flea, let's go have breakfast. I'm hungry." He got up from bed, walking towards the door, where he turned, waiting for the informant. He wanted to see if his theory was true. Izaya got up from the floor on wobbly legs, apparently proud of being able to do so. He took one step forward-

And then he was lying again on the floor, cheeks red with the shame he was feeling at the moment, trying to ignore the laughs coming from Shizuo.

"S-Shut up! You damn protozoan!" Shizuo didn't stop laughing; it was just too funny for him. Seeing Izaya like this was a taboo, something nobody could do. The informant always had that powerful and dangerous vibe, and seeing him being so vulnerable made Izaya so surprisingly cute. Managing to calm down a little, Shizuo looked at Izaya, who was seriously pissed off. He ignored all the pain he was feeling, rising from the floor until he was back standing. After that, he walked as graciously as he could towards the bed, deciding to take his rightful place beneath the covers, covering his head with them. He completely ignored Shizuo, who watched calmly, before approaching the bed.

"Flea." He got no response from the raven, who didn't even twitch. After a few seconds he tried to get into the bed, only to get kicked in his stomach. Shizuo decided to ignore it, sitting in the bed next to his lover, who he couldn't even see.

"Izaya. You know I didn't mean it. To make fun of you, I mean." He spoke as calmly as he could, trying not to anger Izaya even more.

"Go fuck yourself." Well, at least he got an answer this time; he could do something with a speaking Izaya. A silent one was far more difficult to deal with. He smiled affectionately.

"No, why would I do that? I love fucking you. There's no need for me to do it with more people." Shizuo whispered, trailing his fingertips along where he supposed was Izaya's spine, trying to get him to relax a little.

"You're horrible, and my back hurts. I hate you." He murmured in a low voice, with not as much venom as before in his tone.

"We both know that isn't true, Izaya." He lifted the covers slightly, just enough to join the informant under them. Now able to see him, he kissed his forehead, in a sweet gesture that always helped calming down Izaya. He didn't resist, less tense now, but still angry. Shizuo wrapped an arm around him, bringing him closer and closer.

"I love you. I love you, you damn flea."

"That's a strange way to apologize for what you've done." Izaya rolled his eyes. Shizuo would need something more than that.

"You're right. Um, what should I do?" Shizuo said mockingly. "I know! I'll tell you again and again until you forgive me. I can be persistent, you know?" To that, Izaya had to laugh.

"Well then. You should get comfy, this is going to be loooong." Izaya smiled, locking gazes with the blond. And Shizuo returned the smile.

"It's okay. We have all day for ourselves, flea."

Even if he knew that, with that smile, he was already forgiven.

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