Chapter Two

"I wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger," Jru admitted watching the guys on stage stretching against the bars around the room. Emily observed as Jru watched the gathering group on the stage with silent envy. She couldn't imagine Jru not doing something she wanted to do, so she had to ask…

"Why aren't you then?" Emily asked softly. Jru glanced over at her, her hazel eyes lit from the balcony lights.

"Too tall, too athletic and bad feet," Jru rattled off carefully. Soft music started up on the stage and the dancers begin to take their places on the stage. "I didn't bring you here to complain about my lack of ballerina skills though…listen to the music." Emily was quiet for a moment, listening to the soft music playing over the loud speakers in the auditorium.

"Did you write this?" Emily was impressed.

"Yeah each part of it," Jru admitted humbly. "It's for the winter program."

"Your parents must be so impressed." Jru sank down lower in the auditorium seat and shook her head no. Emily felt as if she had stepped on a landmine and now she wasn't really sure what to say. The song ended and Jru sat up a bit more.

"This is my favorite one," she whispered. "I even wrote the cello parts for this one."

"You know how to play the cello?" Emily couldn't help but grin. "Only dorks know how to play the cello."

Jru had to grin at this and she bumped into Emily playfully. "The cello is a very sexy instrument. I am very sexy." Although Jru was only playing, Emily definitely couldn't deny the fact that she was sexy. She had beautiful skin and eyes and Emily didn't even want to think about her body. She was athletic, much like Emily but a bit more toned and defined.

They watched the ballerinas until the end of the song, before they headed back outside into the cool air. Emily shivered. Jru removed her leather jacket and handed it over to Emily. "No, I'm fine," Emily lied.

"Okay… take it anyways," Jru insisted.

"So, what exactly is your major here?" Emily asked putting on the warm jacket. It smelled of Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue perfume and was more comfortable than Emily imagined it would be.

"Oh, it really doesn't matter what I major in," Jru sighed, "because I'm going to become a politician. My mother is a politician, my sister is a politician, my grandmother was a politician …if I'm not a politician, I'll be a huge disappointment. But my official major is bioengineering. The only way I can beat my sister's entrance into politics is to avoid becoming a lawyer."

"Is it really all competition with you and your sister?"

"She was thirteen when I was born, so yeah." Jru chuckled though. "It's not as bad as I make it seem, I promise." Jru and Emily passed a group of people headed towards the brick building in front of them. "Dammit, my neighbor must be having a party tonight."

"Is that a bad thing?" Emily smiled.

"Yes! They play the worse music," Jru's dimple appeared.

Jru was right. By the time she and Emily settled on her leather couch, the neighbor's music was blasting through the walls and it was awful. Jru turned on the television and surround sound. "I can't believe you get to live off of campus as a freshman."

"There are perks to the family name," Jru shrugged. "What do you want to watch?"

Emily took the remote and scanned through the channels. "Oh, the Notebook is on," Emily settled into the crux of the sofa. Jru settled on the other side of the couch.

"Okay, we'll watch this and then I'll drive you home…"

Emily heard the alarm first, blaring from Jru's phone on the table in front of them. They hadn't made it through the first thirty minutes of the movie before both had fallen to sleep. Emily stretched out against Jru's knee which startled her awake. "Sorry," Emily mumbled groggily. Jru sat up and turned off the phone alarm.

"Dammit," Jru moaned. "What time is it?"

Emily pulled out her phone, which had four missed calls and five text messages and looked at the time. "It's five forty-five. Who sets their alarm for five forty-five on a Saturday?" she rubbed her eyes.

Jru rubbed her knee. It had locked up during the night and it didn't help that Emily had slept across it the entire night. "I try to get three miles in before practice at eight but my knee is way too sore to run this morning. Wow, I was supposed to driving you home… you aren't going to get in trouble are you?"

Emily opened up a few text messages. One was from Aria, two were from Spencer and two were from Paige. "No, I'm fine," Emily assured her.

"Good," Jru stood up and stretched. "I'm going to get changed into my practice gear and then I promise I'll drive you home." Jru disappeared into the bedroom, giving Emily a chance to check her messages.

The first voice message was from Spencer. "Hey Em, sorry about tonight; Toby was just really upset about something. Hope it wasn't too awkward hanging out with Jru. I'll leave the door open for you tonight at home. If you get in before me, key's under the mat at the backdoor!"

The remaining three were all from Paige. "Hey, know you are hanging out with Spencer tonight but I miss you. Just wanted to hear you voice." "Hey Emily, what's up, is something wrong with us, because you haven't been returning my calls. Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Just give me a call soon okay." "Emily, just checking in," she sounded super sad this time, which made Emily feel horribly. It was way too early to call her right now, but it went to the top of Emily's list. It was the top of her list until she saw Jru coming around the corner in her sweatpants and sports bra. Toned was an understatement, Emily realized. Jru had six packed abs that were still a bit wet from her quick shower. Jru pulled her black and auburn highlighted hair back into a ponytail and looked around the room for her shoes.

"Ready?" she asked, pulling on a tee shirt and then U of Penn sweatshirt. She jumped into a pair of tennis shoes while Emily stood and headed towards the door.

"Is something wrong?" Jru asked a bit confused. Emily had been quiet most of the way back to Rosewood, giving Jru the cold shoulder for something she hadn't done. It wasn't Jru's fault that Emily and Paige were on the rocks or that Emily was freezing Paige out without much explanation. Still, Emily feared that she liked Jru a little too much and there was a chance that Jru liked her too.

"Nah," Emily shrugged off her thoughts for a moment. "I'm going to actually go to Spencer's," she informed Jru.

"Okay," Jru pulled onto Spencer's street. She pulled in front of Spencer's house and stopped. "Well, I had fun last night," Jru admitted although Emily wouldn't look at her. "Give me a call if you are ever near campus again."

"Sure," was all Emily offered before getting out of Jru's car and not looking back.

"You slept over at Jru's house?" Spencer asked in awe. She repositioned herself on the large kitchen island and took a sip of her coffee. Emily had come in and had been eerily quiet, taking a quick shower and changing before meeting Spencer downstairs for breakfast. "I thought you had probably just gone home or ended up at Paige's…but you stayed with Jru?"

"It was an accident!" Emily said too forcefully. She wrapped her arms around herself to try and calm her nerves. Before she had a chance to say anything else, Aria, followed by Hanna, came to the backdoor. Emily opened the door and allowed them to trail in. This would at least stop the conversation for now.

"What's up guys?" Aria asked happily.

"Emily spent the night with Jru…" Spencer blurted out. Emily cut her eyes at her friend. "What, she asked what was up," Spencer looked down into her cup of coffee.

"Hold on, Jru Favors? The little sister of Kelly Favors?" Hanna asked with astonishment. Everyone paused and shot puzzled looks at Hanna, who was helping herself to a glass of orange juice.

"How do you know Jru or Kelly Favors?" Spencer questioned curiously. Jru had attended a private school in Philadelphia and it was highly unlikely that she and Hanna had met academically or competitively.

"Jru walked in fashion week last season. She wore this amazing half cut, silk wrapped dress and the cutest pair of black platform Jimmy Choo's I've ever seen," Hanna said almost salivating. "And don't get me started on Kelly Favors; she literally shuts stores down when she shops! Oh, and Jru like dated that new designer from New York…Colby Saint…they were a fashion IT couple for a while."

Emily turned and looked at Spencer while Aria was still fixed on Hanna. "What, I know fashion…" Hanna rationed at Aria's continued attention. "What do you and Jru have in common anyways, Em?" she asked breaking open a bagel.

"Nothing," Emily answered uncomfortably. "I just went to hang out with Spencer and she bailed on me," Emily accused.

"Hmmm, but you stayed," Aria noted raising a brow.

"It would have been rude not to after she invited us to a show," Emily answered quickly. "Why are we talking about what I did last night? What did everyone else do? I mean, what was so important that Toby had to see you right away Spencer?"

"Oh, he's worried that I'm talking to Jason…even though he's harmless and my big brother," Spencer sighed. Good, Emily thought, at least the spotlight was off of her for a while. Still, she couldn't help but feel a little jealous at the new information Hanna had shared. Who exactly was Colby Saint and how long had Jru dated her? Even though she knew she had no right to feel any type of way about Jru, a bit of jealousy bubbled up in Emily. Colby Saint…definitely someone to Google later on.

"Hey guys," Emily broke in after a while, "I need to go see Paige. I'll catch up with you guys later?"

"Okay," Aria and Hanna said almost in unison, but Spencer only gave her a skeptical look before hopping off the countertop and pouring herself a bowl of cereal.

The walk to Paige's was plagued with thoughts of Jru. Emily didn't want to admit that she liked Jru's smile or the way she played basketball or the way she had the ability to be soft, but strong and confident at the same time. She definitely didn't want to admit that she was so jealous of the thought of her with another girl that she had googled Colby Saint on the walk to her girlfriend's house!

Colby Saint, the pretty, petite brunette popped onto the screen with shimmering enthusiasm. Even her picture emitted a sort of glow. Strolling through the pictures, Emily stopped on the one of her and Jru lounging on a bench at some type of function; they looked perfect for one another.

Emily exited out of the webpage in frustration and cleared the search history before she stepped onto Paige's porch. Paige opened the door before Emily even had a chance to ring the doorbell. A mixture of worry, relief and frustration washed over Paige's face.

"Where were you all night?" Paige tried not to sound angr,y but it was hard not to when she had left so many messages.

"I was hanging out with Spencer," Emily said as calmly as possible. "I told you that we were hanging out on Thursday," she reminded her girlfriend.

Paige wrapped Emily in an awkward hug. "I'm sorry honey, I just worry," she admitted. "With everything that has happened…when you don't answer my calls, I just think about everything that could be wrong." Emily slowly returned the gesture even though it made her uncomfortable. Paige had been using this excuse over and over the past couple of months and it was getting old.

They settled on a swing on Paige's porch. "Oh, I just thought I saw Spencer's car passing The Grill last night," Paige mentioned nonchalantly.

"Yeah, she got a call from Toby," Emily began honestly, "but I stayed with her friend, Jru. She had gotten us concert tickets and I didn't want to waste her money."

Emily could see Paige's expression change a moment then return back to happy. "Oh, was a good concert?"

"It was okay," Emily answered. Paige took her hand.

"I'm glad you are here now, though," she grinned. "We can spend the entire day together."

"Oh…fun," Emily plastered a smile on her face and sit back to rock.