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Ch 10: Telepathy

Anger and embarrassment swirled within him. He growled irritably with blushed cheeks. The first thing when Yata, Kamamoto, and Shouhei returned to Homra, Kamamoto just HAD to spill how proud he was in Yata meeting a girl.

"You're…kidding, right?" Chitose snickered.

"As much as we all bet Yata-san would never find a girl, he did!" Kamamoto replied heartily. "She just came from nowhere calling for him! When we chased after the Black Dog."

Yata wondered how hard he should punch Kamamoto; hard enough to knock him out after several punches?

Kusanagi placed a wine glass gently on the bar counter after wiping it with a cloth. As much as he would like to believe it, he doubted just for a moment.

Seeing no one seemed to believe him and Shouhei (who was chatting away with a non-amused Bandou), Kamamoto turned to Anna. "Anna, you believe me, right?"

Anna glanced towards Yata and spoke nonchalantly, "Misaki is blushing." Words were still stuck on the young crow's tongue.

"Oh? So Yata-chan did meet someone?" the bartender inquired, taking notice. He still had bit of a doubt about Yata befriending a girl. "And if so, where is she?"


The Homra members directed their attention to their second youngest member as if he was gonna say something, or more. Yata hoped they wouldn't know about her this soon. Does he have a choice? The way his comrades are staring at him, he had a feeling he's not gonna live this down. Also, what can he say? Misaki IS real! It would make him upset if he were to say she isn't, but he wants to keep her safe….. He mentally sighed and vowed he's gonna kill Kamamoto later.

"Her name is Misaki Tokura! She's the one sweet enough to teach me vanguard. She's a clerk at Card Capital, the last place where I looked for Ashtin," Yata blurted out. He mentioned her almost proudly without realizing. "And where I got my cards from…."

"uh…huh…." The guys (excluding Shouhei and Kamamoto) silently nodded.

"WHAT?!" Yata's temper and impatience were rising. "You guys still sound doubtful! Ahh… screw it, I'm leaving!" With that, he marched out of the bar with his skateboard.

"It was true that Yata knew the girl Kamamoto and I saw in the alleyway," Shouhei spoke. Now getting the feeling of believing, the Homra guys voiced their remarks.

"So what?"

"You think it might have been an accident or something?"

"Should we fol- "

"Yata-san! Wait!" Kamamoto shouted as he hastily exited the bar hoping to catch up to his friend.

"…we can trust Kamamoto, right?"


Yata slowed down and picked up his skateboard as he reached the train station. That ride around town and even a few tricks were enough to calm his mind. He wondered if Misaki was done with her duties here and boarded the train home. He had no way of contact in finding out now. Maybe he'll head over to Card Capital. As he went up to swipe his card to enter through the gate, he turned at his name being called.


He glowered at Kamamoto who was catching his breath. "What?!" he snapped. It was obvious to the other male that Yata was still upset about earlier at the bar.

"I'm sure they'll know her soon if you want to…" the blonde thought out loud. "I would like to meet her and see if she really is suited for you…"

Yata stared at him with a cocked brow. "You crazy?! With that womanizer Chitose, no way!"

"Where are you going? To her place?"

"Maybe. Yeah, so what?"

"Can I come….OOF!" Yata gave him a hard punch on his head. It was for earlier at the bar. He then averted his gaze from the blonde and swiped his card. The bars locked after Yata stepped through the terminal.

"Tell the guys they can stick their doubts up their ass," Yata said not facing Kamamoto. Kamamoto rubbed his head where he was punched. By his tone and no eye contact, it was as if Yata wanted to go alone. No word was said as Kamamoto watched Yata walk away.

"But Yata-san, what if she's not there?!" he called out. Yata stopped in his tracks. After a moment, he continued and asked the operator before boarding if Misaki boarded the train.


"Long light lavender hair and blue eyes!"

"No, I don't believe I've seen a girl with that description board."

Misaki didn't leave yet? Yata rushed out to meet Kamamato, who looked at him with concern. "She didn't leave Shizume city yet!"

"Are you going to chase after her?" Kamamoto said, almost hoping he'll meet her.

"Nah, I'm going home." Yata didn't feel in a rush to meet her again this soon. He'll wait to see her tomorrow at Card Capital, alone.


The doors of Card Capital slid open the next day. "Welcome," Misaki greeted warmly. Yata turned to her, slightly remembering about what happened at Homra yesterday before quickly shaking it off. He returned with a casual smile, a tint of hue on his cheeks. "Hey, Misaki." The bit of shyness soon went away as Yata boasted, almost hopeful,

"Misaki, fight with me again!"

Before Misaki could reply, the phone on the desk rang. "Hold on." She picked up the receiver to answer, "Hello, Card Capital clerk Misaki Tokura speaking. Yes, I believe we do sell booster set 5 and still have the previous sets in stock…" She whispered and/or mouthed to Yata a 'later'. "ah, would you like to place an order?" Misaki spoke to the customer in a professional manner, in a way an employee would offer his/her customer service.

Yata watched her. He knows what it's like having a job so he went to sit at an empty table across from the register to watch her, holding his cheek with a fist. He'll wait even if it'll take all day for her to finish. Just a moment later, Morikawa blocked his view of her setting a glare at the raven-haired. "What?"

"You know, I woke up one morning and decided…Hey! I wanna fight a noobie! Let's have it a go!" the teen offered, holding up his deck.

Looking uninterested, Yata shrugged, "Hah? And why should I?"

"You'll learn a lot from the great Katsumi!"

"Only thing you'll learn from him is losing!" Kamui sneered. "a LOT."

"I'm being generous here!"

Yata ignored Kamui and Morikawa bickering. "I'll just wait for Misaki to finish…." He murmured to himself. Aichi tried to intervene the two bickering males yet was futile. "aaahh…y-you guys! Please…no arguing….." The two began to cardfight and Kamui was made victor in a few rounds.


"Grade 3's never fail!"

"Your deck is full of them!"

Yata frowned, bored and bit irritated on how loud the two boys were. He glanced at Misaki who was still on the phone placing orders.

"You…you guys! Calm down…enough already!" Aichi cried.

Yata's eyebrows knitted. "Oi! You two shut up and break it up! Misaki's on the phone placing orders, can't you see?! Or do I have to come over there and knock some sense into your heads?!" He shot a glare with a raised fist that silenced the two boys and caused a chill down their spines.

Misaki took a quick glance towards the group before focusing on her job.

"T-thank you….um…" Aichi began nervously, not knowing the boy's name.


Aichi smiled happily before bowing his head. "Yata-san, thank you…"

Rubbing the back of his neck, Yata wasn't sure what to say. So he said the first thing that came to mind."Uh…not really necessary. Just gotta put yourself out there and take control! They don't listen, pound them!" Yata emphasized this by pounding his right fist into his left palm.

"Uh….mmm…"The timid boy nodded slightly to the older male's impulsive advice. "Yata-san…would you…mind if you want to fight me? I'm willing to help a new fighter."

"Aichi's Royal Paladin deck is strong! Stronger than Lose-umi!" Kamui exclaimed.


"Hnn…." Yata thought for a moment then shrugged. "Sure, why the hell not." The response made Aichi's face beam in delight.

Aichi closed his eyes, and started to speak in a soft voice, "Imeeji Shiro, Picture it! we're mere astral bodies on the planet Cray, a world almost similar to our own."

Yata stared at the boy across from his seat, dumbfounded. "Haaaaaahh?! Cray?"

"Miwa-kun told me Misaki-san taught you Vanguard that day. Has she told you about Planet Cray?" Aichi said, peeking at the other boy with one eye. A smile still displayed on his face.

Dumfounded, Yata yelled, "uhh…..what?! there's more to know about this game?"

Aichi smiled nervously. "Well…. You see…" He closed his eyes. "Please picture it, Yata-san."

Yata eventually closed his eyes. As he reopened them, he glanced down at his hands covered in white mist yet still visible. Aichi and him were of spirits on this foreign planet. He took a moment to glance around his surroundings. Tall boulders surrounded them no taller than a skyscraper, moss covering some parts of the nearby boulders. The blue sky casted over several moons making them mystical crescent; and white clouds hovering. 'This is the same place where I saw Misaki in cosplay', Yata mused.

As if he could read the older boy's thoughts, "One ability we obtain while on here is we become our Vanguard. Let's start!"

The two males shouted simultaneously, "Stand up! Vanguard!"

Misaki sighed relief as there weren't any more calls for now. She caught a glance at Aichi and Yata cardfighting. A smile spread on her lips.

Aichi gave tips and pointers: review of drive checks in attacking with your vanguard, using perfect guards against huge power attacks, and intercepts with grade 2s.

"For the finishing move, I attack with my avatar, Blaster Blade! I win! And when we lose, we return to our astral bodies before returning to Earth," Aichi chirped. Yata held his head low in frustration.

"Guhh…still need to get the hang of this…..and quit making dumb mistakes!"

"You'll get stronger someday!" Aichi assured. "I was once a beginner, too. Wish you luck, Yata-san! And you're using Kagero, like Kai-kun! do you have a build? like a deck based on...like I build my deck to support Blaster Blade. Kai-kun's build is around Dragonic Overlord."

"Misaki helped me and this deck is cool and fun," Yata admitted holding his deck and glancing at it.

"Maybe Kai-kun can help!" the boy chirped.

Yata tried a smile. "Guess that Cray wasn't so bad and thanks. You're not a bad kid…what's your name?"

"Aichi Sendou."

Sendou…translates to…


"Emi! And…Grandma?!"

"Ahh…so this is the shop you hang out at and these are your friends?" Satomi admired in glancing around.

"Welcome," Misaki greeted warmly.

"It's nice to meet you," Shin said, approaching to welcome the elder woman. "I'm the manager of this shop, Shin Nitta. Aichi told us about you being from Shizume City."

"It's nice to meet you as well and yes, I am from that city."

Yata glanced towards Satomi with her back facing him, her with Aichi and his friends. He glanced at her, studying her. She couldn't be…. I sense an aura from her….

Then a voice in his mind spoke, "Yatagarasu of the Red clan, Homra I presume?" It startled him.

Who said….?! He looked around until eyes fell on Satomi once more. She had caught his glance through the corner of her eyes before adverting them towards the teens.

"Sshhh…. Not in front of the kids if you mind and not emit your aura. I am speaking to you telepathically," the woman advised.


"Yata?" Misaki raised a brow, hearing the boy's outburst. She crossed her arms under her bust wondering what made him jump.

Yata waved at her with an awkward smile. "Uh…nothing, Misaki!"

"Who are you exactly?"

"I received this ability along with the aura my husband gave me long before we married. This ability of telepathy to speak to any clansman, whether they are a Red, Blue, etc, when they are close by. And have them to speak to me in this way as well," Satomi remarked calmly.

"Your husband gave you…you're telling me he's a King?!"

Satomi mentally shrugged. "You could say I'm one of his clansmen…. To be precise, the Gold Queen."

"gold…. GOLD?!"

Misaki narrowed her eyes in frustration at the second outburst, yet her eyes were filled with worry than annoyance ironically. "Yata?"

"I'm fine, really! Misaki…."

"Aichi, Mom wants us to go out and eat lunch with Grandma, spending some time with her before she leaves!" Emi informed. She, Aichi and his friends (excluding Misaki who was near Yata) didn't seem to take notice of Yata's random outbursts.

"Why don't we invite Aichi's friends as well?" Satomi suggested. "Aichi, I don't see your boyfriend, Kai around…. I would love to have him join us…"

Aichi blushed and stuttered. "G-g-grandma! He…he' s not…..!"

His grandmother cooed. "Just like your Mom and I~ hooking up with handsome men!"

Kamui daydreamt and hoped, "I wonder if…..Emi and Big Bro's Grandma wouldn't mind….me and Emi-san…." His cheeks flushed as he grinned.

"You guys go ahead while I watch the shop," Shin said.

"I'll order something," Misaki offered bluntly.

"Misaki~ so thoughtful~" the manager chirped.

"Would you like to join us, young man?" Satomi offered kindly to the Homra teen. "Let's discuss over lunch, shall we?"

"…. Yeah…"


Yata fidgeted in his seat, the cushion under him crumpling to his movements. If the others weren't there present in the local restaurant sitting on other tables, he would be alone with Misaki who was sitting across from him. He quickly shook of the mentioning of "date" from those certain Homra members yesterday. He mused and griped to himself. This isn't a date as he and Misaki weren't really alone, right? He took a peak towards the girl and mentally sighed with relief she didn't seem to notice him being a little nervous.

The Homra teen was soon snapped out of his thoughts when Satomi continued in talking to him telepathically. She was sitting in the booth across from theirs with Aichi and Emi. "You are searching for your clansmen's murderer and avenge his death, as well as looking for someone else relating to him, am I right?"

"What's it to you? Don't get involve with us!" Yata stabbed his fork into his side salad dish once everyone's meals have arrived.

"You don't trust me, do you?"

"Why should I?!"

Satomi interrogated, "Is it relating to one of your clansman, that young girl, Anna?" she then noted, "My King does not mean no harm to Strains, only to educate them. I confess I helped organized the academy, educate them as if they are human beings. I treat those Strains as my own children."

"…" When Yata return to Homra, should he report to Kusanagi about meeting the Gold Queen? No action were to take place as no orders given and he would want to hear what Mikoto and Kusanagi have to say.

"Why are you talking about all of this with me? And how long are we gonna talk like this?" Yata aggravated.

"They don't know. It's uncommon for a grandmother to suddenly wanting to talk to someone once a stranger to my grandson, huh?" The elder woman chuckled. "Quite suspicious~."

"They? Who's they? And they don't know what?"

The reply seemed to be obvious. "My grandchildren, Aichi and Emi. They don't know about the Kings or clans in Shizume city."

"…their grandparents are what... the Gold King, the second King, and Gold Queen… and they don't know anything about the seven Kings?! Not proud enough to tell them? And would they join the Golds?"

"Personal and family reasons, Yatagarasu. Them joining will be their own decision if they knew." After a few moments of speaking through her mind, she spoke publicly, "Oh would you excuse this senior lady to leave for her throne." She turned to Yata. "Young man, would you mind escorting me?"

"Grandma, I can go with you," Emi offered in protest.

"Thank you, Emi, but this young man would do. Aichi, please eat your cabbages," Satomi replied, kindly. She then softened her voice so Yata and Misaki wouldn't hear. "I'm just privately going to give this young man a lesson in courting." She winked to her granddaughter. Emi's blue eyes shone in understanding before quickly turning to Aichi to prod him to obey their grandmother with Aichi grinning sheepishly.

"Uhh….sure…. Granny…" Yata said, almost hesitant. Satomi linked arms with the teen when he stood.

"What a thoughtful gentleman! And cute too~" she cooed.

Yata grimaced and murmured, "Are you pulling my leg, Grandma?"

"Ohhh posh posh!" she giggled teasingly. "That young lady there is beautiful. Do you like her?" Satomi mentioned Misaki, which caused Homra's vanguard to blush.

"D-don't play around with me!"

Once the Gold Queen and Homra vanguard reached a secluded place through the emergency exit in the back of the restaurant, Yata was given a clear signal that they can talk normally. Ughh…talking through minds gives me a headache…. Yata frowned at the thought. His glance shifted. "Your clansmen aren't with you or anywhere nearby, are they?"

Satomi shook her head lightly. "Nope, I came here on my own with no escort. None from my clan and none from the blue clan, Scepter 4."

"So..that's how they view their 'Queen'…."

Satomi gave a cautious stare with a cunning smirk. "What? You don't think this old lady have some tricks up her sleeve to protect herself?"

Yata slightly backed away in caution. "…I….don't want to know…So what are we gonna talk about here?"

"About your search for the proclaimed Colorless King. How long has it been since that night? I want him caught as well," Satomi said.

Yata's eyebrows furrowed. "Don't you send your Golds on the mission! We handling the Blues is enough already! Anyone else getting in Homra's way will get pummeled!" he proclaimed proudly mentioning his clan.

Satomi didn't take his boast as a threat as she dismissed it to the side of her mind. "I sense something or someone is messing with the senses, not letting the murderer being captured so quickly and easily. Being at the academy, I am well aware and memorize the strains' abilities, including Anna Kushina's."

"What is it?" Yata said wanting some insight.

"It could be done under another King or a Strain; I'm not sure. It's nice speaking with you, Yatagarasu."

"Why me?"

"I hoped, bet that you would understand and be able to negotiate. Thank you." Satomi smiled.

As she turned the knob to the emergency door, she paused when Yata called out. The thought had suddenly popped into his mind.

"Hey, do you know…anyone by the name of Ashtin?"

Satomi shook her head. She replied honestly, "No, I do not."

Yata sat back down in his seat thinking back to his conversations with the Gold Queen. Satomi had seemed to resort back in being a normal grandparent to her grandchildren. Misaki gave a blank stare at the boy who soon noticed.


Misaki averted her glance, closing her eyes. "Nothing. I'm not even going to comment on the many expressions you made while it seemed like you were speaking to someone, something, or yourself in your mind moments earlier," she replied bluntly. Her tone then pitched to annoyance. "Not to mention shouting out sentences to whomever you were talking to that I don't know."