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It's been three months since the end of the war and Sasuke's home coming. A lot can happen in three months. With everyone pitching in and Naruto adding a few (thousand) Shadow Clones, the village is almost back to its former glory. Even ninja from the other villages were helping. The Alliance was holding strong and the world was at peace. Of course, there were a few bandits here and there who didn't get the message. The bandits were running through the woods with sacks of cash and chuckling evilly at how easy a score they had made.

"I can't believe those Leaf Village guys were such idiots! A village full of ninja and not one of them noticed that we swiped all their cash out from under them!" One bandit said.

This bandit was tall and lanky. He also had a thin face with a sharp nose and thin eyes. He wore a brown shirt and shorts. He seemed to struggle the most with carrying his bag.

"Heh heh, yeah. What a bunch of losers." Another bandit said.

This one was more built, but with fat instead of muscle. He had a round face with a fat nose and big eyes. He wore the same outfit as his friend.

"Don't celebrate just yet. We're not out of the woods until…we're out of the woods." The last one said.

This was the leader of the three. He was in front of the other two leading the way. This bandit was muscular and more fit for fighting than the other two. He had a normal shaped head and normal features as well. He also wore the same clothes as the other two.

"Right. Sorry boss." The tall one said.

"Duhh yeah. Sorry." The fat one added.

"Well I do have to agree with ya. That was easy. They must be a real bunch of morons to let three regular guys swipe all their money and get away clean."

"Who exactly are morons?" Came a female voice from in the trees.

The three bandits stopped running and looked around for the source of the voice.

"Who is it? Show yourself coward!" The leader of the group commanded.

A blur swooped down from the trees and landed a few feet in front of the men revealing that the source of the voice was Sakura.

"You know, if us Leaf Ninja are such morons like you say, you must have left that trail of money for us to follow on purpose so we'd know where to find you." She stated sarcastically.

"Boss! She's a Leaf ninja!" The lanky bandit stated.

"I can see that, dumbass! Any other obvious facts you'd like to point out?"

"Duhh…the fact that we did actually leave a money trail?" The fat one said.

The leader looked behind him to see that two sets of money trails were lying on the forest ground. He began to get really angry and looked to his cohorts.


The two lackeys flinched in fear of their boss's sudden outburst. They each got to their knees and bowed in front of him.

"We're so sorry, boss!" They said in unison.

"You've got a pair of grade A losers there, don't you?" Another voice came from the trees.

"What!? Another one!?" The leader said.

Sasuke dropped from his spot atop the branches and landed behind them. Cutting them off from the front and back now.

"Damnit! Look what you shitheads have done! You led them right to us!"

"Actually, we've been following you ever since you left. You weren't hard to tail."

The bandit leader was enraged now. "That's it! Get up now and kill them!"

"B-but boss, we don't stand a chance! They'll kill us!" The fat one said.

"Yeah! We should just give up and give the money back!" His partner said.

"Either you fight them and they kill you, or I'll kill you both myself!"

"Wow. Great guy." Sakura said.

The two got off the ground and sighed. The fat one faced Sakura and the tall one turned to Sasuke. They were trembling but both charged at their respective opponent yelling like mad men.

"Well, we warned them." Sakura noted.

She pulled back her fist and swung at the fat bandit's stomach as soon as he got close enough to her. She landed the punch in his stomach. The bandit's eyes popped from their sockets and he let out a painful squeal. He flew towards a tree and broke through it at the rate of speed the punch sent him flying and hit another one. This time the tree didn't break and he slumped to the ground unconscious.

"Tch. Pathetic." Sasuke added.

As the tall bandit approached him, he sidestepped and chopped at his neck. The bandit had no time for a reaction because he fell face first into the ground in an instant after the attack. His butt was still sticking up in the air and he too fell unconscious.

"Grrr...You bastards won't get away with this!" The leader shouted.

"Oh give it a rest will ya?" A new voice came.

"How many of you are there!?" He started panicking.

The new figure jumped down and landed facing away from the bandit. He started to panic even more and fell to the ground in fear.

"No! i-it can't be! Yo-you're dead!" He stuttered.

The person in front of him was wearing the Fourth Hokage's robe and had the same blonde hair.

"Heh. I get that a lot." The Supposed Hokage said.

He turned around and revealed a younger lookalike to the Fourth. His son, Naruto.

"Wh-what? You're not the Fourth Hokage!"

"That's right. I'm the Seventh…well…Six if you don't count that ass Donzo. But you get the picture." Naruto explained.

"No way! There's no way a kid like you can be the Hokage!"

The bandit got up and took out a knife from his pocket. "I'll kill you first, imposter!"

He rushed him, but Naruto didn't budge. He just stood there smirking at him.

"Die!" The bandit shouted as he thrust his knife at Naruto.

Naruto just raised his arm and knocked the knife out of the bandit's hand and it deflected into a tree. The leader stood frozen in fear and backed away slowly. Naruto started walking toward him and his expression turned serious. He flashed in front of him and punched him in the stomach. The bandit limped over in pain but Naruto caught him and leaned up to his ear.

"That's for stealing from my village."

A shadow clone appeared and Naruto held out his hand. "And this, is for insulting my people."

The clone formed the Rasengan and dispersed. Naruto tossed the leader in the air and slammed the Rasengan into his stomach. The bandit let out a blood curdling scream as the Rasengan tore away at his clothes and flesh. He started to slowly rotate and then spiraled away into the forest, breaking a few trees along the way. Naruto stood up and smiled.

"Well, that takes care of that." He said happily.

"Yes it does. But there's one other question I have." Sasuke stated.

"What the hell are you doing here, Naruto!?" Sakura asked enraged at his presence.

Naruto stepped back out of fear. "S-Sakura c-calm down please."

"I will not! You're the Hokage now! You can't just leave the village whenever you want to have some fun! She shouted at him. Why did you send us in the first place if you were just gonna come yourself!?"

Sasuke could have sworn he saw naruto shrink a few feet in terror. "She's right, loser. You have responsibility now."

"B-but I just wanted to see the money returned personally, that's all." Naruto said poking his two index fingers together.

"Bull shit. You just don't like being cooped up in that small office." Kurama interjected.

"Shut it you damn fox!"

"I should have known you becoming Hokage was a bad idea." Sasuke said.

"Watch it! It's this Hokage that ordered the removal of your seals so you could be a ninja again!" Naruto shot back.

"I didn't realize that made you my master."

"You wanna fight, bastard!?"

"Maybe I do!"

Both of them got in each other's face and growled at the other. Sparks were flying from their eyes and they were about ready to let loose. Until a pair of fists knocked each of them on top of the head.

"OWW!" The both yelled at the same time.

"Will you two behave and act your age!?" Sakura shouted at them.

Either she doubled in size or Sasuke and Naruto shrunk in fear. Either way they nodded vigorously and Sakura calmed down.

"Well you're here now so there's nothing that can be done about it. Let's just get the money and go."

"Right. Sasuke, pick up the trail of money they left behind."

"Wh-why me!?"

"Because I'm Hokage and I said so!"

"No way! Do it yourself! You're not even supposed to be here! It's the least you can do!"

"Do it or I'll have you thrown in jail!"

Sasuke grumbled and couldn't argue with that and started picking up the money trail. Sakura covered her eyes with her hand and shook her head. Sasuke was mumbling curses at Naruto under his breath. As he went to pick up another piece of cash, Naruto picked it up instead. Sasuke looked at him confused and saw that he already had a pile of money in his free hand. Naruto smiled at him.

"Like I'd let you do it alone." He said.

Sasuke smirked and kept picking up whatever he could manage. Sakura smiled at the site of the now renewed best friends. She picked up two of the sacks and asked if one of them could get the other. Naruto made a clone to carry the last bag and three more clones to carry the bandits back to the village. After about an hour, they finally made it back to the village with all of its money back safe. They approached the guard hut by the entrance and dropped the three bandits with the guards.

"Izumo, Kotetsu, make sure these guys are escorted to prison. Have the interrogation unit sent to find out if they have any more accomplices or spies hiding anywhere in the village." Naruto ordered.

"Yes sir!" They both said.

They dragged the bandits off as ordered. Naruto Sakura and Sasuke were walking back to the Hokage tower when Sasuke decided to bring up a question.

"Why did you really come, Naruto? It couldn't have been out of sheer boredom."

"Heh you got me. When I sent you guys after them, I couldn't help but feel like something was missing. I guess I wanted to know what it felt like to be a team again, you know?"

Sakura gigged. "I guess it did feel nice acting like a team after all these years."

"Hmph. I could have been by myself and I would have been fine with that."

"Not everyone can be as depressing as you Sasuke." Naruto said sweatdropping.

"Ha ha." He mock laughed.

Naruto and Sakura laughed while Sasuke brooded like he normally did. They reached Naruto's office and just as he was about to open the door, it flew off its hinges and he was caught behind it as if it were a disappearing act. He and the door slammed into the wall across the hall. Both Sasuke and Sakura looked inside the office to see what caused the terrifying act to see Tsunade with her foot where the door used to be. She slammed it to the floor causing the whole building to shake and stomped over to where Naruto was. Sasuke and Sakura both gladly moved out of her path as she came stomping by, ignoring them in the process. She reached the door which was still standing upright and grasped the knob. She opened it like she would a normal door and revealed Naruto implanted in the wall with his eyes replaced by swirls.

"Naruto! So nice of you to drop by!" Tsunade greeted almost too cheerfully.

She then grabbed him by the collar and yanked him up to her face giving him the most dark and evil stare and smile known to mankind.

"Do you have any idea what your little disappearing act has caused?" She asked in a very deep and menacing voice.

Naruto was sweating bullets and couldn't find the courage to speak. All he managed to do was shake his head.

"Because of you leaving the village like that, I had to step in and take care of all the client requests and the handing out of missions to YOUR ninja! It was on such short notice that there were backups with everything and it took hours to regulate! Oh but don't worry. I saved the best part for you." She said the last part wickedly.

She gestured for him to look in his office. He peaked by her shoulder and stared inside. His jaw dropped about halfway to the floor and he let out a terrified shriek. Inside his office, there was giant stack of paperwork on and surrounding his desk on the floor.

"I saved every bit of paper work just for you. Aren't I so generous? WELL!?" She yelled

Naruto nodded at superhuman speed so she wouldn't punch him.

"Thank you!" She said smiling cheerfully again. "Now while you handle that, I'm gonna kick my feet up and relax while having some sake and watching you do it all." She said as she walked back into the office and pulled up a chair.

Naruto dropped to his knees and turned white as a ghost while staring at the monstrosity in on his desk. Sasuke and Sakura both walked up to him and stared as well. Sasuke turned to him and patted him on the shoulder.

"Welp, looks like you've got everything handled here. I'll be going now."

"What!? You're leaving me!?" Naruto yelped. He turned to Sakura and stared at her with puppy dog eyes.

"Sorry babe. But I've got a shift at the hospital coming up. And with Lady Tsunade sticking around, they're gonna be short staffed."

Naruto began to cry a river of tears and whimpered at the fact that he'd be spending the rest of the day with two of his most feared enemies. A mountain of paperwork, and a pissed off Granny.

"Eh, I'm sure the greatest Hokage ever can handle this easily. Later." Sasuke said as he waved.

"BITE MEEEE!" Naruto shouted after him.

"I gotta go too, Naruto. I'll see you tonight for our dinner date. I'm sure you'll be done by then."

She gave him a small peck on the cheek and walked off. He watched her disappear around the corner and turned his attention to his office. He gulped and walked to his desk, dreading the site of the giant mass covering it. He sat down in his chair and strained his neck to see the top of the stacks. Tsunade took another chug from her sake bottle.

"Ahhhh. That's some good booze. Want some?"

"I'm technically still too young to drink."

"Ha! Wimp! You're the Hokage! You can drink if you want!"

She was obviously drunk to insinuate that he could basically do whatever he wanted since he was the Hokage. If that were the case, why did she make such a big deal about him going off with his old team?

"I'm fine Granny. I'll just get to work now."

"Suit yourself." She said as she took another swig.

Naruto started stamping papers while he grumbled about how stupid paper work is. Then he got an idea.

"I know! I'll use Shadow Clones to get this done faster! I'm a genius!"

"Use a single clone and I'll castrate you."

Naruto went back to stamping as fast as he could to avoid Tsunade's wrath. She laughed at how easy he was to scare as she uncorked another bottle.

"You'll never get anywhere as Hokage if you take the easy way out. So long as I'm around, I'll teach you the right way. I promise." She thought to herself.

"Pick up the pace, Lord Hokage. You don't want to upset your girlfriend by missing your date, do you?"

Naruto somehow sped up his stamping and everything became a blur. Tsunade chuckled and drank some more of her sake thinking about how great a Hokage Naruto would be someday.


"OK, I'm clocking out now!" Sakura said to a nurse.

"Have a good night, Sakura! See you tomorrow!" The nurse replied.

Sakura waved and headed for the exit. As she walked out the door, she spotted her boyfriend standing at the bottom of the steps with a bouquet of roses. She smiled and ran down to him, enveloping him in a tight hug. He returned it and made sure to watch the flowers so they didn't get ruined. The broke the hug and Sakura took the flowers.

"They're beautiful, Naruto." She said while smelling them.

"Then they're perfect for a beautiful girl like you."

Sakura blushed and wrapped her arm around his. "Thank you, Naruto."

They started walking and Sakura leaned her head on Naruto's arm and closed her eyes.

"Work was a killer. My feet feel like they're gonna fall off." She said.

"You're one to talk. I though one of my arms were gonna go flying off at the speed I was stamping those papers."

Sakura giggled. "Yeah. I guess you did have it a little worse."

They both laughed as they continued walking. Sakura then brought up the subject of their dinner.

"So where are you taking me tonight?"

"Would you be mad if I said Ichiraku?"

"Pissed." She said in a teasing voice.

"Then it's a good thing I'm not taking you there."

"Really, then where?"

"Well, I got us a reservation at the best restraint in the village with a rooftop table so we could watch the sun set. How does that sound?"

"That sounds amazing and romantic! I can't believe you'd go to all that trouble for me!"

"Nothing is too troublesome when it comes to you, sweetheart."

Sakura stopped Naruto and turned him around for a passionate kiss. He gladly returned it and they stayed like that for about a minute. After they broke apart, Sakura hugged him again.

"You're the best. I couldn't ask for anyone better than you, Naruto."

"And I couldn't ask for anyone besides you period."

They separated and started walking toward the restraint again. Sakura brought up the mission from earlier that day again.

"Despite the way I treated you when you showed up, it was really nice having you there."

"Thanks. It's a shame I had to send Kakashi-Sensei on a mission before that though. I would have loved to have all four of us there."

"Well knowing you, I'm sure this won't be your last trip on a mission with us. There will be plenty of times to get us together again."

"Haha! You're right! But for now, It's all about you and me."

Naruto stopped walking and Sakura noticed that they were at their destination. He opened the door and held out his hand for her.

"Shall we?" He asked.

She smiled and took it. "Let's."

A waiter greeted them and showed them to their private rooftop special. They ordered their food and the waiter bowed as he left the two alone. The sunset was beautiful. The sky was a mixture of orange and pink and blue with a red sun topping it all off. It wasn't the tallest building in the village, but it definitely had its own special view. They spent their time talking about how their day at work was while they waited for their food. Sakura told Naruto how it was a really slow day and that she mostly walked from room to room checking in on patient's conditions. He told her about how Tsunade was gonna castrate him if he had used a single clone to help do the paper work. She couldn't stop laughing after hearing that. Their food eventually came and they spent the rest of their meal talking about back in the day with Team 7 and things like their survival exam with Kakashi and the Chuunine exams. The sun had set and they finished their dinner. The waiter insisted that Naruto not pay since he was the Hokage and so he agreed. But he made up for it by giving the waiter a tip equal to the amount of the bill. The waiter was so stunned he couldn't even argue. The two left and were ready to call it a night.

"Hey, why don't you stay at my place tonight? I'd love the company." Naruto asked.

Sakura was surprised at the invitation. "Uhh…sure. But you never invite me to stay over. What's so different about today?"

"Dunno. Just thought it was time I asked I supposed."

"OK then! Lead the way!" She said excitedly.

She wraped her hand in his and they walked to his apartment. Although, Naruto had taken her to a completely different place.

"Where are we? This isn't your apartment." She stated.

"I moved out of there. Turns out my parents lived here when my dad was the Hokage. So I thought I'd switch places and live here."

"Wow! Your parents lived here!? That's so cool!"

Naruto took out a key and unlocked the door. He held it open for Sakura to step inside and she looked around. The walls were yellow just like Naruto's hair. It was pretty spacious. Definitely an improvement from his old place. As she walked around admiring the décor, she noticed a picture on a shelf. She picked it up and giggled. It was a picture of Minato hugging Kushina from behind while Kushina held her pregnant stomach. They looked so happy. It almost hurt Sakura to look at it knowing what happened to them. Naruto had told her the story of how they died and she couldn't help but feel sad for him.

"So? What do you think?" He asked her.

"It's a really nice place. It's a lot better than your messy old apartment." She joked.

"It wasn't THAT messy!" He protested.

"Please. Don't even try to deny it. You're a slob and you know it."

He didn't bother arguing because he knew he'd lose. He just laughed and rubbed his neck.

"OK OK you win. I'm a slob."

She walked over to him and hugged him. "Yes. But you're my slob."

She looked around the place again. She really liked it. She was glad Naruto asked her to stay the night.

"It's really nice here. I wish I could live here."

"Then why don't you?" He asked seriously.

Sakura focused her attention back to him. "W-what? What do you mean?"

"I mean, why not stay and live with me?"

"Bu-but Naruto, this is so sudden! I mean I just moved into my own place and-"

She was cut off by Naruto placing his index finger on her lips. He stared into her eyes and she felt like she would melt if she stared any longer.

"You don't need to worry about your place. I can have it taken care of. Besides…"

He paused and reached into his back pocket. He pulled out a small black box and Sakura could only gasp at assuming what it meant.

"I want you here with me. I can't stand to be apart from you any longer."

He knelt down on one knee and opened the box, revealing the most bright and beautiful diamond ring she had ever seen. She brought her hands to her mouth and her knees were shaking.

"Will you marry me, Sakura?"

She didn't hesitate. "Yes! Oh God yes!" She shouted as she tackled him to the floor.

Naruto let out a yelp as he hit and could feel the life being squeezed out of him but lost that feeling as Sakura kissed him with everything she had. He returned it and held her close to him. Tears began to fall from her eyes. It was the happiest moment of her life. And she knew that it must hold a lot of sentimental value to Naruto considering that this was where his parents lived, and where he could have lived a lot sooner. They broke for air and sat up. Sakura was still crying out of joy and Naruto laughed. He helped her up and wiped away the tears for her. After she could sit still, he placed the ring on her finger. She just stared at it in awe.

"It's so beautiful, Naruto. I love it."

"I'm glad. Because it wasn't cheap. Even for me." He joked.

Sakura giggled again and then yawned. She was obviously ready to sleep.

"I'll set up the bed for you. I'll sleep on the couch."

"No no. That won't do. Now that we're engaged, there's no reason we can't sleep together." She said in a seductive voice.

Naruto gulped. "B-b-b-b-but what about your night clothes? You never stopped by your house to get them."

She started walking toward the bedroom. She turned back to him and gave him a sexy smile.

"That's OK. I don't wear clothes to bed."

Naruto's nose began to drip with blood. Sakura smirked and turned back around and strutted into the bedroom.

"Damn kit! Who knew you could be so smooth!" Kurama spoke, snapping Naruto out of his daze.

"What just happened?" Naruto asked him.

"You just got the girl of your dreams to get in bed with you, that's what! What are you doing talking to me!? Get in there!"

Naruto covered his nose and followed immediately. Even though his dream girl had just seduced him in a matter of seconds, he still couldn't shake the feeling that he forgot something a while back.


There was a dark cave hidden in the forest a few hundred miles from the Leaf Village. It was pitch black and felt eerie. Water could be heard dripping form the cave ceiling. Inside the cave it got even darker. Especially as it went further down. At the bottom of the cave there could be heard a soft moan. The kind of moan that would give even the toughest of shibnoi goosebumps. A small light turned on and broke the darkness. It shone on nothing at first, but then a terrifying face slowly made its way into the light.

"They forgot about me." Captain Yamato said. The light began to flicker and it burned out.

The End

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