Chapter 1 of Dimension conquerors : Death Note


Hello again. This is a random story I made up whilst I had no Internet access on my iPod. So anyway, I have created another OC, **** ******. Hah. You can't find what her real name is, as she lives on an alias. Kinda like L...except that really IS his first name...:p

So... Hope you like? My friend did when I told her the plot for just over 3 chapters? She thought it was amazing! Actually, it was meant to be a code geass x death note fic but since no one reads them, I decided to stay with Death Note, since it's set there.


I changed the title from Sweet mind to Dimension Conquerors because I'm going to now make it a prequel to another FF, which will be set in the dimension and world of [Warcraft-jokes!;)] Code Geass. People of Earth, if you haven't watched Code Geass, I suggest you do. No, I command you~![ you'll only get what I just said if you watched it..!]

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Dimension conquerors, the people who conquer the parallel dimensions to the one that they must conquer. This insures that the real dimension, as we know of it, will stay the same, like it always will be. This parallel dimension allows humans from our dimension to visit others, and even make drastic changes to the timeline of that very dimension. BBxOCxLight


I do not own Death Note or it's characters except for the OC's I may include in this fan fiction.

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Chapter 1:


It's the day Light kills the gang members that attempt to hurt that young woman. But don't fear world, I'm here to help!

My name is none of your concern, since you could have picked up a death note and want to kill me. So, I shall provide you with my alias, Jasmine Taylor. A young 19 year old woman who wants to become a detective.

You must be thinking how I know about the notebook, huh? Well, I'm from your world, and like many others, have travelled to other dimensions, like Death Note.

No, I'm not a Mary sue, or one that chases after L or wants to get into the task force and save L, I'm different, and I have a foolproof plan, a plan which will succeed. I never plan to lose.

So here I am, at the first point of my giant plan, meeting Light.

Before I proceed any further, I must say, I am of the very few who have gained a power from a shinigami. Actually, he isn't your ordinary shinigami, not like they're normal or anything.

He used to be human, and obtained the shinigami eyes from birth.

He is known as a serial killer called Beyond Birthday, but his real name is Rue Ryuzaki.

He died by lighting himself on fire after he gave up on showing L who was boss. Then, by the shinigami king, he was chosen to become a full shinigami, as he was a half shinigami half human when living.

Now you must be wondering how I am closely aquatinted with Mr BB. You see, he actually came to me. I found a notebook on the floor of my bedroom, and I was cleaning my room. Once touched, I could see him.

He knew I had watched Death Note, so he knew my reaction. At that moment of my life, I was busy studying to become a detective, like I want to be in this universe. Death Note actually inspired my career choice back in year 9, so I'm grateful to the authors.

"Jazz~?! When are you going to entertain me? I gave you ownership because I thought you were fun~!"

B complains to me. Well sorry~! My plan has to work accordingly to the schedule. That girl hasn't come around this corner yet, so I can explain what this power I obtained from BB is like.

It allows me to shape shift into any person I wish to look like. Its a rare power called Raikou. B said that he was the only one of his kind to receive it since the last half shinigami that died. It is in the form of a rock, just like the death note power is attached to the notebook. So it's basically a power attached to an object. BB gave me the rock to keep, as without it on my person, I would lose the power of Raikou. I always wear it on a chain on my neck, like a necklace. Along with my new body, I also choose a name. This is the only way that the Death Note can kill me. I have to be shape shifted into that particular person with the right name to die.

But with a brain like mine, I cannot die. The body i'm in now is of a strong athletic person. Her name is Kylie Kilinger, an American citizen. I could very well say she was gorgeous, as I DID make her.

The limits of this power is that I can only shape shift one person, except for my real body. So I am allowed to create a new person and I can change into them at an unlimited rate.

How do I know the names of these people? B Tells me. Only with the name he chooses does the person become real, and not immortal. If the person doesn't have a name, they are immortal and cannot die. So, I don't want to be caught by police because I can't die, and then my plan would screw up. But I can have an alias for each person I create. The only problem with Raikou, is that I have to create people, and cannot transfer myself into other bodies. B filled me with all the information I need so I'm not too worried.

My alias is Jasmine, as you know already. BB chose to call me that as he said 'it suited me'. Where he gets these ideas, I'll never know...

I see the girl coming now.

"Excuse me miss, but would you like to walk this way instead of that way? I see some trouble there, and I wouldn't want to be responsible if something happened to you."

"oh yes! Thankyou do much!" and like that, she leaves the premises.

I walk to the store instead of her and get confronted by the gang leader.

"hey! What's a pretty girl like you doing out late?"

I ignore him and glance quickly to the window of the store. Light was there. Perfect.

"A-ah no! I was just dropping into the store-"

"oh what a boring task!" then he moves closer to my face and I smell tobacco from his breath.

"How about we have some fun?"

I move back and shake my hands in front of me in a 'no Thank you' manner.

"Oh no! I couldn't cause any trouble-"

He smirks and grabs my hand, pinning me to his friends motor bike.

"you? Causing trouble?!" he sneers and his friend uses a bar to keep me still on my neck.

"O-ow! Get of me!" I shriek when he attempts to take my belt off. Too bad he didn't see anything coming.

I grabbed the bar with both hands and flipped the guy behind me over my shoulder, causing him to land on the gang leader.

"What the-"

"I said no trouble!" I said as I fought the other two guys. Then the leader grabs my hand and starts his motor bike, and with the last amount of strength he has left, he hauls me behind him and after 10 seconds, he crashes into the truck.

I was thrown off the motor bike due to the force of the crash and rolled into a nearby bush.

I shape shift into a sneaky looking lady with a trench coat and sunglasses on and walk to the store slowly.

I go inside and find Light in a state of shock.

I walk up behind him and whisper in his ear,"now now Light. Don't kill too many people with that book~!"

Then I leave the store, glancing in my reflective phone mirror to see him staring at me in utter shock. Looks like part one worked!

I bought a house a week ago, and was renting whilst I hired cleaners to make my house ready for living in.

How did I get the money for a house? Easy. I own a Death Note, and since I'm not from this world, I won't go to Mu.

If you aren't the brightest crayon in the box, I used the death note to make the cleaners give me some money and clean my house for free before they died in a month. I know that's mean, but how else was I to get money?! I don't even have a passport or any legal document showing my identity! That reminds me... I must buy a car soon...

Anyway, I live next to Light, Very convenient, hey?

"hey- thanks for the show Jazz!"

B exclaimed and walked next to me. He's still in his human appearance, but when he grows older, he'll look more like a shinigami.

"B, you know I promised a show not to miss! And you'll have the company of Ryuk soon too! That's when things go in my favour" I cackle.


Today is part 2, when I sit the exam for To-Oh. Haha yes, I MUST go and meet L for the following parts! I'm now in a body of an 18 year old woman that looks like Haruhi from Ouran with long hair? If you haven't watched that anime, my hair was mid length and brown, with big doe like brown eyes, a slim figure and a cursed short height. This was Jasmine Taylor, my alias. I wore a crisp white ruffled work shirt and a mid length black pencil skirt along with black flats and a black blazer. I had to look professional, so i Imaged these clothes on my body. Another part of the power is the ability to create items for the user. So i can image a picture of something i can wear or eat, and it will appear in my arms. Its absolutely convenient for my plan, and I am grateful to B for sharing this power with me. Without it, I don't think I would be able to succeed!

I have 3 minutes to go, but I came before Light. The man at the door reminded me of the time, and I replied," I don't like waiting. 3 minutes should suffice."

I didn't look back but heard heavy footsteps from behind me. Light has arrived.

The tests were done and we filed into the auditorium to hear who were the representatives for this year. I heard that there could be a maximum of three representatives so I hoped I got the last place!

Crossing my fingers, I chose a seat in a few rows behind Light. I have to keep an eye on him at all times.

"The class representatives for 2004 are Yagami Light, Hideki Ryuga and Taylor Jasmine."

I smile broadly an walk up to the stage with Light and L. We do our speeches and people whisper about Ryuga's appearance. I hate those people, they don't even know that it's the great L their judging!

After we sit back down, I sat on the edge of the row that Ryuga and Light were sitting on. This is part 2 of my plan, not to listen to their conversation. I have something in store for Ryuga... Just you wait!



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