Chapter 7: relationships


A young girl aged 19 is stuck in the dimension of Death Note by her shinigami, BB. Entrusted with a deadly power, she tries to conqueror the dimension of Death Note. How will she accomplish this goal? What about L? And what of her relationship with BB. Will everything go according to plan? Or will others prevent her from success? BB x OC x Light

Bitch please- as if I even considered Jasmine to fall for that lying bitch?!

Urgh. I go straight to the bathroom to wash my mouth.

B enters the bathroom and starts laughing," you really had to do that?! I feel for ya babe!"

I scowl and turn around, throwing the towel on his face.

"'ats 'ut 'ace!"

Translation: that's not nice. This is B speaking with a towel in his mouth.

"B...I... I don't know if I can go on... I've finished all the things I had planned, and everything is in my favour... But it just doesn't feel right, you know?"

He sighs and places the towel back in its holder.

"use Raikou to its full potential- I know you can do it."

During his oh so helpful advice speech( only one sentence), I thought of a weird and quirky plan.

"hey B? You know how most people from my universe place themselves in this dimension?"

B looks at me with a weird expression,"yea..?"

My grin grows wider," and you know how most of the idiotic girls fall for L and save him and all that other fluff, actually, it's either him or the whammy boys? Well, why don't I create a person, make her get into the task force whilst being Lights secret girlfriend and the suspicious lady? But I don't know of I could handle that much stress. One mistake, and my life is over. In this dimension, though."

I walk to my bed and lay down on it. B crawls in after me and I shiver against his cold skin.

B...I just hope I don't let him down...

"do whatever you feel most comfortable with..."

He whispers in my ear. I smile and snuggle closer to my dead lover.

3 days later, April 24

Today the day Lights message as 'Kira' is broadcasted on TV.

I smirk as I hear his response to Misa, recalling her feelings at that moment of time.

"I am Kira. The person who sent in the tapes a few days ago is nothing more than an impersonator. First, I have some words for this impersonator. If you are on my side and wish to become my spokesperson, I will forgive your imitation. However, killing innocent policemen to cover your tracks is unacceptable. Such actions will only create panic and destroy my reputation. If you are truly in my side an wish to help me, then don't act so brashly. If you do not heed my warning, I will punish you without hesitation."

Ah, knowing everything makes life here a game...

20th May

Light called me up

"hey jazz. I'm now in the task force with L."

I was 'shocked'


"hah. Didn't I tell you my dad Is chief of the Kira investigation?"


"um...I'll see about that...eheheheh"

"no fair! Tell me, light? Is he young, English, loves sweets and is an insomniac?"

He pauses.

"yep. I should recommend you to him, maybe even get you into the team?"

My voice turns serious.

"what are we going to do with this second Kira?"

"oh. I'm going to have to use him. He seems loyal enough to me so that'll be good for us."

"what if this person wrecks our relationship?"

"so be it. L doesn't suspect anyone but me for the moment of being Kira. So live your life. But I'll still need your help when the time comes."

I laugh.

"that's okay. We were not official in the first place anyway."

"oh yea. I was wondering if you'd like to meet the second Kira with me?"

I crack my knuckles.

"oh sure. Where at?"

"I'll pick you up. It's in Aoyama. We won't be going there, but we'll be passing a place called Blue Note."

"sounds fishy. How did he tell you?"

"from a diary page. It was secretly coded, though. So only I would be able to understand the full concept of it. I would think that he is smart, even of he is idiotic at times!"

"hah. So what day?"

"oh right. The 22nd of May."

Smirking, I replied,"sounds like a plan. See you soon!"

22nd May

I picked out my outfit for the day.

It consisted of a short burgundy and black checked skirt with ripped black leggings and a white and blue sleeved jumper over a black singlet.

"hey B?"


Whilst I was in the process of changing, B hugged me from behind, and kissed my neck.

"Beyond Birthday- or should I say, Rue Ryuzaki? Get off me. I'm trying to fucking change here!"

He sighs and flies in front of me.

I slipped my jumper on.

"Can Misa see that I am in possession of a death note?"

He knows I'm referring to her eyes.

" unfortunately, yes. She can."

I sigh and tie my hair back in a sloppy bun.

"are you coming? You could chill with Ryuk, even of Light hasn't touched my death note..."

I laugh evilly and walk towards the front door.


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