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Chapter 17: New Semester

Standing in the middle of a deserted ballroom stood a young blonde boy who looked to be about 15. He wore a luxurious black suit, a crimson shirt, polished black shoes and a black tie. His deep blue eyes scanned the room as his lips turned into a confused frown. He had no idea why he was here. He took a step forward and the lights suddenly went out filling the room with absolute darkness.

Wondering what happened he suddenly blinked when he found himself in the middle of a spotlight. But that wasn't the only thing, standing in the other side of the room another spotlight appeared and standing in the center was a young girl who appeared to be the same age as him. Shrugging he began to make his way towards her since she was the only other person in the room.

The sound of his footsteps penetrated the silence of the ballroom as the spotlight followed him as he made his way. The girl seeing this made her way towards him. During this walk he studied her appearance. She had long silver hair that seemed to be shining from the light, blood red eyes with slitted pupils that gave her an exotic look, pale skin that was both flawless and smooth. She wore an elegant black evening dress with a red sash tied around her waist that clung to her showing off the curves of her body. The dress was strapless, showing a bit of cleavage of her generous bust in a tasteful way. The dress ended at her ankles showing black high heeled shoes that clicked against the floor with each step she took.

The two finally reached each other, there two spotlights merging into one. No words were said as the two just stared at each other. Then out of nowhere music filled the air and the boy was suddenly filled with the urge to dance. He looked at the girl to see her looking at him with a raised brow and a challenging smirk, a smirk that the boy returned as he offered his left hand. The girl took it as he rested his right wrapped around her waist while she placed her left hand on his right shoulder. Their eyes met and blue stared into red as they began to dance in a traditional waltz.

The boy had no idea how he was doing this as he had never danced before in his life let alone waltz. But right now he didn't care how he did this, the point was he was dancing with a beautiful girl and he was enjoying himself. And from the small smile and look of delight in her eyes his partner was enjoying herself too. He had no idea how long they danced and he didn't really care. The feeling of her smaller hand in his, the close proximity they had it felt almost surreal.

And suddenly the music died and the two stopped their dance but still held onto each other. And as if pulled by some magnetic force they slowly leaned into each other and their lips met in a soft gentle kiss.

Naruto shot out of bed wide eyed. He ran a hand through his hair trying to make heads and tails out of the dream he had. He had no idea why he had that dream seeing a he never danced in his life but that wasn't the important part. No the important part was the girl that was in the dream.

"That was definitely Ura-chan." He said quietly before his face erupted into flames when he remembered how his dream ended. He took a few breaths to try and calm himself down but unfortunately for him his tenant decided to make his present know.

"What's this? Is someone having 'special' dreams about a certain silver haired vampire?" Kurama teased with a giant grin that showed off his sharp teeth.

'Shut the hell up!' Naruto shouted his face turner a darker shade of red. Kurama constantly teased him about his relationship with Ura and he would not let him live this down.

"What I do? I was just curious." Kurama said sounding as innocent as he possibly could, which was pretty low since his innocence was practically non-existent.

'Shut it you over grown plushie.' Naruto muttered smirking when he felt Kurama banging his head against the cage in his mindscape.

"I told you not to call me that you stupid ass blonde!" Kurama snarled.

'Hm, you say something?' Naruto asked casually which only served to piss of the giant fox.

"Oh hell no! I know you did not just-"Whatever else he was going to say was interrupted as Naruto cut the mental link as he prepared for the first day of the new semester.

"Newspaper Club over here!"

"Please pick up a copy!"

"Hurry up before they're all gone!"

Students began to crowd around the newspaper stand as the club handed out papers.

"Check it out. The Newspaper Club actually went to the human world." One of the students said as they read the front page of the paper he picked up.

"This is great." Another student praised.

"Looks like they're really working hard."

"Yahoo!" Kurumu cried happily. "It seems this issue was also a hit! Most of them got passed out." She tried to hug Tsukune from behind but was cut off by and annoyed looking Omote.

"Our hard work has really paid off." Yukari beamed.

"It really has." Naruto agreed as he handed a random student another paper. He turned around and saw Ura giving a male student a paper before glaring at him when he tried to ask her out. He chuckled a bit before he remembered the dream he had last night causing him to blush. Unfortunately for him Ura noticed and raised a brow in question.

"Are you alright Naruto?" Ura asked as she walked towards him the crowd of students gone leaving only the club members.

"Yea I'm fine!" Naruto said a little too quickly as he tried to control his blush. Just when he thought he had it under control the image of Ura in that dress as he held her close popped in his head causing his blush to return with a vengeance.

"You're face is red. Are you sick or something?" Ura asked with a frown. Naruto wouldn't look her in the eyes, how odd.

"Don't worry Ura-chan I just had a weird dream that I can't get out of my head." Naruto said. Technically he was telling the truth he just wasn't giving any details.

"Oh? About what?" Ura asked raising a brow as Naruto's blush increased as he tried to look anywhere but her. Unfortunately Yukari picked this up and decided to voice her opinion.

"Isn't it obvious? Nii-san obviously had a dream where he took Ura-san to his bed and ravished her over and over as you two lost yourselves in your burning passion for each other!" she declared as they fell silent. Even Kurumu and Omote stopped their bickering over Tsukune as they stared at the witch opened mouth.

"WHATt?!" Naruto and Ura shouted their faces turning a bright crimson.

"Was I wrong?" Yukari asked tilting her head to the side.

"YES!" Naruto shouted hoping to whatever deity out there that Kurama was asleep or something. But luck was not on his side as he heard the laughter of the giant fox.

"Bwahahaha! Now that sounds like one hell of a good dream!" Kurama said trying to get his laughing under control but after seeing and sensing Naruto's embarrassment he couldn't help but lose it and let out another round of laughter.

"Darn I was so sure that was it." Yukari said snapping her fingers a look of disappointment on her face.

"Yukari-chan you shouldn't say stuff like that." Omote scolded.

"Have you ever had those kinds of dreams about me Tsukune-kun?" Kurumu asked as she buried the boys head between the valley of her breasts.

Normally this would annoy Yukari and she would pull out her wound to try and stop her rival for Tsukune's heart. Today though was different. She had not come up with any plans to get her nii-san and Ura together. She saw what Kurumu was doing and smirked.

She snuck behind Naruto, who was still flustered from her earlier statement, and shoved him with all her might causing him to stumble forward. He lost his balance and expected his face to crash into the hard ground. So imagine his surprise when he landed on something soft instead. He blinked in confusion as he tried to figure out what he landed on. He looked up and his eyes widened in horror when he looked at the wide crimson eyes of Ura figuring out what he landed on or more specifically where. Right now his head was currently resting on the large mounds that were her breasts.

'I'm so dead.' Was the only thing that went through his mind.

"Hoho how bold of you kit. Looks like you finally grew a pair down there. About damn time if you ask me. I knew it was only a matter of time before you ended up with the vampire." Kurama said with a mischievous grin by Naruto didn't say anything.

Once again the group fell in silence as Kurumu, Tsukune and Omote stared at them eyes wide and their jaws practically hitting the ground. Yukari was watching with a smirk thinking this would be the push needed to get them together. After all they were teenagers and had hormones right? Once they gave into their baser urges they would end up together.

Naruto wasn't feeling as confident as Yukari though. No, he was downright terrified right now. He had seen Jiraiya get caught in enough perverted situations to know that the wrath of an angry woman was the scariest thing in the universe. And judging on Ura's now narrowed eyes he could tell that she was very angry right now.

"Naruto…" she said in a low dangerous voice her face burning in rage and embarrassment.

"N-Now U-Ura-chan l-let's not do anything rash." Naruto stuttered as he stepped back from the silver hair girl. He tried to take another step back but Ura's arm moved fast as lighting as she grabbed onto his shirt.

"Would it help if I said I was sorry?" he asked nervously but he already knew the answer. Sometimes Ura's temper was equal to if not greater than Tsunade's. And when the female hokage gets angry bad things happen…and they usually involve bodily harm.

"You damn pervert!" she shouted as she threw the blonde haired student over her shoulder and into a tree groaning in pain when he crashed into it before falling into a bush.

"Ow." Naruto groaned from his spot on the ground.

"That did not go how I planned." Yukari said as she rubbed her chin in thought before shivering as a feeling of absolute dread washed over her. Slowly turning her head in an almost mechanical fashion she saw Ura glaring at her.

"Don't think I didn't see you push him into me." Ura said causing the young witch to gulp.

"I was just trying to help." Yukari said defending her actions.

"Help?" Ura repeated incredulously. She took a menacing step forward and Yukari bolted away. Ura contemplated on chasing her but decided against it…for now anyway. She turned around to see the others still staring at her.

"What?" she growled her cheeks tinted red that they saw her in such an embarrassing moment. She blamed Naruto for this. Nothing like that ever happened before she met the blonde who was still lying in the bush. She either threw him harder then she thought or he was playing dead waiting for her to cool down.

"Nothing." Kurumu said nervously as she turned away. Trying to diffuse the situation Omote smiled brightly as she spoke.

"I was just thinking. Why don't we celebrate." She said causing them to blink at her.

"Celebrate?" Tsukune repeated.

"Yeah! Since we worked so hard on our newspaper why don't we have a party to celebrate the success?" Omote suggested. The others thought about it before smiling and nodding in agreement.

"That sounds like a great idea Omote-san." Tsukune said with a smile that caused the pink haired vampire to blush in embarrassment.

"I think so too!" Yukari added as she came back from nowhere.

"Yahoo let's party!" Kurumu said.

"I'm game for it." Naruto groaned still not moving from his spot.

"I suppose so." Ura said indifferently with a shrug.

"Where's Gin-senpai? We should invite him too." Omote said as she looked for their club president.

"Ero-mutt left some time ago with some girl he was flirting with." Naruto said from his spot. He didn't know if Ura was still mad but didn't want to risk it.

"Sounds like something that perverted wolf will do." Ura commented as the others nodded in agreement.

"Who cares about him anyway? Let him run off with some random women. Let's focus on our part." Kurumu said waving a dismissive hand. She could care less about Gin as long as she was with her destined one.

"So who brings what?" Tsukune asked.

"I'll bring sake!" Yukari said cheerfully. Hopefully with enough alcohol she could get Ura to lower her defenses around Naruto. Maybe with enough alcohol she could even get that threesome with Tsukune and Omote that she's been aiming for. As if reading her mind Ura answered.

"Not happening." She deadpanned. She didn't know exactly what Yukari was planning but she knew she wouldn't like it.

"But I want to drink." Yukari whined crying anime tears.

"You guys are weird." A voice said as the sound of footsteps approached them. They turned to see a girl with long purple hair, blue eyes and was wearing a sweatshirt and striped stockings. A lollipop was in her mouth.

"You guys look like you get along too well," the girl said in a soft, quiet voice. "I never really understood that kind of stuff."

"Who are you?" Kurumu asked a little annoyed. How dare this stranger interrupt her Tsukune time. The girl ignored her and walked towards Tsukune until she was right in his face annoying Kurumu even more.

Tsukune fidgeted uncomfortably as the unknown girl's eyes bored into him as if studying who he really was. Her face was emotionless not giving away what she was thinking but if you looked close enough you could make out a light blush on her cheeks. She pulled out her lollipop and smiled a bit.

"So you're Tsukune…you're cuter then I thought." She said causing the human to blush a little while Kurumu, Yukari and Omote glared at her a little. They did not like how close she was to their Tsukune. Ura just raised an eyebrow as she watched the scene. The girl took a step back and grabbed one of the remaining newspapers.

"I'll take a copy." And with that she just left.

"Tsukune you dog! You have three girls and you're going for a fourth? Who knew you had it in you." Naruto said as he came from nowhere slapping the boy's back. While he was still a bit nervous about Ura he just couldn't resist an opportunity to tease his human friend.

"What are you talking about?" Tsukune said his blush deepening a bit. He had to admit that the unknown girl was pretty attractive. Naruto was about to answer but was pushed away as three jealous girls rounded on Tsukune.

"Who was that?" Omote asked with a frown.

"I've never seen her before. How do you know her?" Yukari asked.

"Has my destined one been cheating on me?" Kurumu demanded.

"I-I don't know. I've never seen her before today." Tsukune admitted as he lifted his arms up in surrender.

"I wonder what she came for" Ura mused.

"No idea. I'm just glad that it's Tsukune this time instead of one of my fan girls." Naruto said shuddering at the end as Ura's eye twitched a bit at the reminder of his fan club.

"Yes, it seems like another girl has joined he competition for Tsukune's heart." Ura said with a sigh. Somehow she knew this was going to cause future headaches.

Once they were done handing out papers they went to their respective homerooms. Nekonome came in looking as happy as ever as she started the first homeroom session of the semester.

"Hello class! As you now this is the first day of the semester and to start things off I have some exciting news." The feline teacher said as the students began to mutter amongst themselves wondering what she had to say.

"We need to choose a class manager!" she announced with a smile. "You see during the second semester we have things like the school fair that needs to be planned out. Class Manager is 1 person, Vice-Manager will also be 1 person, and Secretary will be 2 people. Does anyone have a candidate suggestion?"

'No thanks that sounds like a lot of work.' Naruto thought as he rested his chin in his hand.

'Sensei seems as lively as ever. Class manager huh? Oh well it has nothing to do with me.' Tsukune thought.

"Sensei I think that Tsukune Aono would make a good manager." A voice said shocking Tsukune. Who would suggest him? Turning his head he was shocked to see that the same girl from this morning was the one who recommended him.

"You're that girl from earlier! You were in our class?" Tsukune asked shocked.

"Yup." Was her simple reply.

"Well looks like Tsukune-kun will be our class manager. Does anyone else agree?" she asked reminding Tsukune of what just happened.

"What? Now wait a minute! I don't-" he started to protest but Naruto interrupted him.

"I couldn't think of a better candidate." Naruto said with a grin.

"Naruto? What are you saying? I don't want to be mana-" he started but once again was interrupted.

"Tsukune! Tsukune! Tsukune!" Naruto started to chant and pretty soon the whole class began chanting as well.

"Naruto you bastard!" Tsukune shouted only to receive a cheeky grin from the blonde.

"Well looks like we've decided our class manager. Congratulations Tsukune-kun." Nekonome congratulated.

"What did I do to deserve this?" Tsukune moaned as he cried anime tears.

'Poor Tsukune, oh well better him then me.' Naruto thought.

"I would like to nominate Naruto Uzumaki as vice-manager." A voice said breaking him from his thoughts. He slowly turned his head to person who said that only to stare at Ura with a look of betrayal which she returned with a smirk. Narrowing his arms he stood up and jumped on top of his desk and began waving his hands in protest.

"Like hell I'll become vice-manager. Not happening! Oi, why the hell are you guys clapping?! Aren't you listening to me? Damn it Ura-chan!"

"Congratulations you two!" Omote said with a bright smile.

"I know I've played some pretty bad pranks in my days but surely I don't deserve this." Naruto sniffed as he dragged himself through the hallways.

"I don't what the job either! Besides there's a class vote tomorrow so it's not definite yet." Tsukune said.

"Really? That's a shame, I think you would make a great class manager." Omote said innocently but blinked when Tsukune appeared right in her face with several tic marks.

"Omote-san I think you forgot about something very important. I'm a human!" he whispered before stepping back. "I decided to stay at this school but that I wouldn't rely on others to just save me. That's why I've been training with Naruto so I could learn how to defend myself. If I take the class manager position it would bring unwanted attention to me." He explained while Omote tapped her chin in thought.

"Why don't we buy snacks for the party after school." She suggested causing Tsukune's shoulders to slump.

"I'm being serious Omote-san!" he shouted getting a little annoyed at the lack of care. Didn't she understand that he didn't want to be manager? What if he blew his cover as a human?

"Don't worry you'll be fine." Omote said trying to calm him down but it didn't work.

"Why can't you understand me?!" he shouted before running away.

"Tsukune!" Omote shouted but he didn't stop. She frowned in confusion wondering what she did wrong. Didn't he understand that she thought he would make a great manager? "What did I say?"

"Don't worry about it Omote-chan he's just being overdramatic." Naruto reassured before comically glaring at Ura who has just been standing there looking bored. "More importantly, why did you nominate me as vice-manager? There's no way I can do that! That's way too much work and sounds way too boring!"

"And you say that Tsukune's overdramatic." Ura deadpanned before adopting an innocent look. "And I honestly believed you were right for the position.

"Bull shit and you know it! And wipe that look off your face! There are a lot of words used to describe you and innocent sure as hell ain't one of them!" Naruto shouted as he pointed an accusatory finger.

"Whatever do you mean?" she asked feigning ignorance.

"Once again I call bullshit! You just wanted to get back at me for this morning which might I add was not my fault!" Naruto said waving his arms around frantically.

"I don't have the slightest clue of what you're talking about Mr. Vice-manager." Ura said with a smirk as Naruto's shoulders slumped in defeat.

"So cruel." He said crying anime tears. He quickly straightened himself up before sighing. "Whatever I have art class next. I'll see you guys later." He said as he walked away waving at the two girls.

With Tsukune

"She wasn't even taking me seriously. Doesn't she get how dangerous this could be for me?" Tsukune muttered to himself as he defectively walked down the hall.

"Tsukune Aono…congratulations class manager." A soft voice said from behind. He turned around only to bang his head against the wall when he saw it was the mystery girl from earlier.

"Oh it's you again." He said before he remembered that this whole class manager thing started because of her. "What the hell are you trying to do?! It's your fault that I'm class manager!"

The girl just stared at him blankly before pulling out a newspaper. The one she picked up from the Newspaper Club this morning to be precise.

"I read it, the newspaper that you were passing out. It was yours that I enjoyed the most." She said with a faint blush.

"What?" Tsukune said dumbly as he blinked in confusion as the girl pulled the lollipop and offered him a small smile her blush deepening just a bit.

"My name is Mizore Shirayuki and you're my favorite."

With Omote and Ura After Classes

"I don't get it…why was he so upset." Omote said in a depressed tone. She was still concerned about her earlier encounter with Tsukune.

"Perhaps he really didn't want to be manager." Ura answered as Omote handed her some snacks from the vending machines.

"But I honestly thought he would make a good manager like you did with Naruto." Omote said cauing Ura to raise a brow before smirking.

"Oh no I was lying earlier. Naruto was absolutely right. I only recommended him because I knew it would annoy him to no end." She answered causing Omote to sweat drop. She was about to speak but a familiar voice caused her to keep her mouth closed.

"Hold on a minute! Don't pull me Shirayuki-san!" a male voice protested. The two vampires turned to see Tsukune but he was not alone. The mystery girl from earlier was there as well and she had her arms wrapped around Tsukune's as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Tsukune? What's he doing here? And why is he with that girl? I thought he said he didn't know her." Omote said with a frown as she moved in closer hoping to hear what they were saying. Ura saw this and sighed but decided to stay in her spot. She didn't want to get involved if she didn't have to. She would only step in if Omote got hurt.

"I…didn't attend class for most of the first semester." Mizore admitted causing Tsukune to frown in confusion.

"Why not?" he asked.

"It's mostly because I don't get along well with others…but I've always looked forward to Nekonome-sensei bringing me a copy of the school newspaper." She admitted with a blush. "I am a huge fan of your writing."

"What?" he asked taking a step back. He wasn't expecting that. He knew that he wasn't the best at writing articles but she was a fan of his? That was new.

"Look, I've made a scrapbook of everything you've written." She said as she pulled out a scrapbook.

"Um…thanks. I really appreciate this." He said awkwardly.

'Is she some kind of stalker?' he asked himself jokingly although he was worried. What if she really was? He opened the book and his eyes widened. There were many side notes and comments written on the paper and some of them made him feel uneasy.

"I also made some comments about your work," Mizore stated. "I really like the columns that you wrote. It's written from the weak or shy person's point of view…that's something that I can relate to." She said tilting her head a bit. "You're personality and ways of speaking…you're a loner at this school right? The same could be said about me."

Tsukune was frozen in place. It was true that he felt like a bit of a loner being the only human at this school. Naruto was human too but he was only half and even if he wasn't he still had his shinobi abilities while he was pretty much defenseless.

"Are you done yet Omote?" Ura asked impatiently starling the pink haired girl.

"Ura-chan! Wha- I mean you can go ahead if you want I think I'll keep an eye on Tsukune." Omote quickly said as Mizore grabbed Tsukune's hand and led him away.

"I better stay with you to keep you safe." Ura said but Omote shook her head.

"There's no need. I don't need you to always watch over me Ura-chan. I can handle myself you should go to the clubroom and find the others." Omote suggested with a smile but she made sure to keep an eye on the direction Tsukune went.

"If you're sure." Ura finally said. It was clear that she was not fond of the idea but Omote was right. She was not a child who constantly needed a babysitter.

Omote nodded with a smile before running off to wherever Mizore and Tsukune were going. Sighing at her sister's antics Ura turned around and headed for the clubroom. When she got there she saw Kurumu and Yukari were already there and were in the middle of a discussion.

"A stalker?" she heard the confused voice of Kurumu ask.

"Yeah it looks like that girl that from earlier is a part of Tsukune-kun's class and has been flirting with him lately." Yukari explained.

"This can't be good." Kurumu muttered but they turned when they heard Ura sigh in annoyance.

"A stalker? Really? I knew this would give me headaches." She complained as she took a seat.

"I know! Stalkers are really creepy! During the first semester, there was a girl who proposed to a teacher that she liked. Then after that, the teacher rejected her feelings and he got turned to ice." Yukari added.

"Really? How mysterious." Kurumu said as she tapped her chin in thought before a fiery determination filled her eyes. "But in the end it doesn't matter! No one will come between me and my destined one, especially when I unveil my secret weapon!"

The witch and vampire watched as Kurumu brought out a plate of heart shaped cookies.

"Behold! These are the special cookies I'm made for the party! They all have love potions and when Tsukune eats them, he'll love me like crazy." She explained looking extremely proud.

"I don't know who I should be more afraid of, you are the stalker." Ura said with a straight face.

"I pick Kurumu. She's more ruthless than a stalker." Yukari said.

"What a day." A tired voice said as the door opened. They turned to see Naruto walking in.

"Nii-san!" Yukari greeted with a smile while Ura just nodded in greeting.

"Hey guys ready for this party? Oh hey cookies." Naruto said with a smile as he reached for one only to yelp when Ura smacked his hand away. "Ouch! What was that for?"

"Kurumu put love potions in them." Ura explained.

"Love potions? Why would she..." Naruto started before shaking his head and taking a seat next to Ura. "On second thought I don't want to know."

"So how was your day nii-san?" Yukari asked curiously but Naruto just shrugged.

"Alright…but I met the new art teacher and he's kind of weird." Naruto said with a frown.

"What makes you think that?" Kurumu asked with a raised brow. Naruto sighed as he thought about his art class.


Naruto was sitting at his desk with a bored look on his face as he rested his chin in his hand. He looked towards the entrance when he heard the door opening and saw a young man entering the room. He had slanted blue eyes and very long blond hair which he wore drawn into a half ponytail with the rest hanging down freely with a bang hanging over his left eye. He was wearing a simple white dress shirt and black pants.

"Hello class hm. I'm your new art teacher…Deidara." He said as his visible eye scanned the classroom before it settled on Naruto, who was too bored to notice.

"Hello Deidara-sensei." The class chorused as Deidara took a seat at his desk.

"Now since this is my first day we'll start off slow hm. So tell me…what is art?" He asked before pointing at a student who raised his hand.

"There are different opinions on what are is but the most common one is that art is something permanent that will last overtime for everyone to admire." He answered. Deidara stared at the student with a blank expression. Then to the class' shock he jumped onto his desk as he pointed at the student with a look of comedic rage.

"What the hell kind of answer is that hm?! Everlasting you say?! Complete and utter bullshit hm! Art is not something that is preserved for all time so get that garbage out of your head right now! Art is something that lasts for but a moment hm. That single beauty in a fleeting moment right before an explosion. In other words true art is an explosion!" Deidara said although he began to laugh maniacally in the end of his speech that unnerved the students a bit.

Naruto couldn't do anything but stare at his new teacher in disbelief.

'Really I have a fucking pyromaniac as an art teacher.' He thought to himself he could already see the future problems that could stem from this. Although he couldn't help but feel something off about this guy. He didn't know why but something told him to be careful around him but then again that would make sense to keep an eye on someone at a monster school right? Maybe he was just being paranoid…

End flashback

"You're kidding right?" Ura asked not believing what she heard.

"Afraid not. How the hell am I supposed to deal with an art teacher obsessed with explosives?" Naruto groaned.

"Sucks to be you. Glad I don't have this weirdo as a teacher." Kurumu said earning an annoyed glare from Naruto but she just waved it off. Naruto just sighed before noticing the missing members of their group.

"Where's Tsukune and Omote-chan?" he asked.

"Tsukune is currently being dragged around by that girl from earlier Mizore I think her name was. Omote was worried about him so she went to follow. I would have gone with her but she told me to be on my way." Ura explained.

"We also found out that Mizore is some kind of stalker!" Yukari added causing Naruto to blink.

"Tsukune has a stalker." He asked making sure he heard right.

"Seems like it." Ura answered only to blink in confusion when Naruto banged his fist against the desk he was sitting at.

"That is so not fair!" Naruto cried in outrage.

"What?" was the only thing the three girls could say as they looked at him in confusion.

"Why does Tsukune get a cute girl for a stalker but I have that muscle bound freak Chopper." Naruto said as he cried anime tears.

"Please tell me you're kidding." Ura said as she looked at him incredulously although she had to bite back a growl of annoyance when he admitted that Mizore was cute.

"Of course not! It's so not fair! Why does he get an attractive stalker while I'm stuck with an eternal rival of all things?" Naruto cried and by some strange cosmic fate Chopper barged into the room with a large grin on his face.

"There you are my eternal rival! Come now! It's time for our first challenge of the year!" the Pro Wrestling Club member said as he charged at Naruto. Naruto just caught him by the wrist with one hand while his other hand grabbed the collar of Chopper's shirt before spinning around and throwing him out the window.

"Not now!" he shouted before turning to the girls who sweat dropped at what just happened. "Do you see my point?"

With Tsukune

Deep within the forest that surrounds Yokai Academy Tsukune found himself sitting in front of a lake next to Mizore. Said girl threw a small stone and watched as it skipped along the lake's surface nine times. Smiling at her accomplishment she turned towards Tsukune.

"Did you see that Tsukune-kun? I was able to do 9 hops!" Mizore said as she pointed at the spot where the thrown stone sunk. Unsure of how to act Tsukune just settled for some awkward clapping and a nervous smile.

'How did I end up in this situation?' He thought to himself before noticing how late it was getting.

"Um Shirayuki-san I kinda have somewhere to be right about now." Tsukune said as he tried to step away only to have Mizore wrap her arms around him.

"You can't go now, it's your turn. Tsukune-kun is still a noob he can only get 4 hops." She whined as Tsukune tried to escape her vice-like grip.

'I don't know what to do. She still kind of scares me but the party is about to start and I don't want to miss it. Omote-san was really excited about the party.' Tsukune thought as he cried anime tears. Mizore noticed his conflicted expression and let go of him her face losing its playfulness.

"Do you want to go where Omote Akashiya is?" she asked causing Tsukune to stiffen. He did not like the sudden change in her tone. "Please don't go. If you do I don't know what I would do to her."

"What do you mean?" Tsukune asked nervously.

"Actually…it might be too late." She said quietly as a mist started to surround her.

"What are you doing Shirayuki-san?" the human asked as he reached into his blazer and fiddled with the kunai Naruto gave him. Just because he wasn't an exceptional fighter didn't mean he had to leave himself defenseless.

"You…will be mine and only mine." She said as the temperature dropped and the ground beneath them was covered in a thin layer of frost.

Omote was walking down the vacant hallway with a downcast expression. She tried to find Tsukune but was unable to find where he and Mizore were. Releasing a sigh she absently noticed the time.

"I couldn't find him…but it looks like he won't be going to the party." He said to herself with a frown. "Does he prefer that other girl's company then mine?"

Her thoughts were cut off when she heard the sound of footsteps coming from the corner of the hallway. Looking up hoping it was Tsukune coming to the party after all she blinked when she saw that it was Mizore.

"It looks like you were expecting Tsukune…sorry but you won't be seeing him again." Mizore informed with a smile showing she wasn't sorry at all. Omote shivered when the temperature suddenly dropped.

"You're that girl Mizore! The one who was with Tsukune earlier." She pointed out.

"Earlier you were watching us correct? During lunch by the campus store." Mizore said as she took a step towards Omote. "Can I ask you a question? What are you to Tsukune? What are your feelings?"

The sudden question caused the pinkette to blush despite the situation but she still answered. "Tsukune is very important to me." She started but before she could continue she felt a pair of hands around her neck.

"What are you doing?" Omote struggled to say as she felt the grip of cold hands tighten around her neck.

"Omote Akashiya…you are an eyesore." She said in a cold tone. "If you weren't around then Tsukune would be mine. Even when I'm around…when it's just the two of us all he can think about it you."

"Gah…" Omote chocked out as she was in desperate need for air. 'He hands…they're unnaturally cold.'

"L-Let go!" she shouted as she swung her arm and hit Mizore in the head, although she blinked in confusion when she heard a shattering sound.

"I knew I shouldn't have left her alone. She always fins away to get in trouble." Ura grumbled as she walked down the halls looking for her sister. Omote was gone much longer then she was comfortable with.

"Calm down Ura-chan what's the worst that could happen?" Naruto asked only to bump into Ura when she stopped dead in her tracks and looked at Naruto with a deadpan expression. The two settled into a staring contest until Naruto coughed uncomfortably.

"Right yokai school, a lot can actually happen." Naruto said sheepishly. Ura rolled her eyes before turning around to continue her search. Suddenly a strange sound echoed through the hallways that caused them to blink.

"What was that?" Yukari asked with a frown.

"I think something just broke. It sounded like glass breaking or something." Naruto guessed.

"It sounds pretty close should we check it out?" Kurumu asked. The others nodded before they went in the direction where they heard the sound.

Omote stared at Mizore with wide eyes. Why you may ask? The reason was simple. Mizore was standing but her body suddenly turned into ice as the spot where Omote hit her was blown off as cracks spread across her face.

"Sorry to disappoint you but this isn't the real me. This is just a clone of ice. The real me is with Tsukune-kun at the moment." The ice clone said as she raised her arm. Omote watched in horror as a blade of ice formed around the clone's hand.

"Please die…that way it will be easier to deliver my feelings." She said as she lunged the blade towards the vampire.

'Tsukune…' Omote thought thinking that this was the end.

"Stay back!" Tsukune shouted as he backed away from Mizore. He looked at the area nervously as he saw the field was completely encased in ice.

"I'm afraid that I can't let you run away. I can control ice with my free will." Mizore warned as she raised an arm. Tsukune watched as a pillar of ice formed a few feet away from him. The pillar began to change until it shaped itself into a copy of Mizore.

"I can even make clones of myself and make them move." The ice clone said as it moved its arms around.

'So she can make clones like Naruto?' Tsukune thought apprehensively. He tried to move away but looked down when he saw a hand of ice sticking out of the ground grabbing his ankle.

"Don't go…please don't leave me." Mizore said as her hair looked like it was made of ice and her hands transformed into claws of ice.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked only to wince as a cold sensation overcame him. He looked down to see that his leg was completely frozen and the ice was spreading.

"Are you surprised? I'm a yuki-onna. If I freeze you then you won't be able to leave me…you would be all mine forever." Mizore said as she walked closer to the trapped human.

"Don't you think you're overreacting a bit? Can't we talk this out?" Tsukune said hastily.

"Don't you understand that out meeting was destined? We're both loners." Mizore explained as one of her frozen claw like fingers traced Tsukune's chin.

"What do you mean loners? I have my friends." Tsukune asked but Mizore just smiled.

"Maybe they are your friends but they can't understand you like I can. You may be a part of their group but do you really feel like you belong. Yukari is a genius, easily the smartest student at school. Then we have Kurumu, Omote and Ura the most beautiful girls that attend here. Finally there is Naruto. As the only other male in your little group can you honestly say that you belong there when you're just hiding in the shadow of him? That's how you and I are the same, we are loners in this school. We can both warm each other's hearts so please…be mine." Mizore explained.

Tsukune was silent as he thought about what she said and if he were honest with himself a small part of him agreed with her. Sometimes he honestly didn't know what he was doing with such friends when he was so average compared to them but all he had to do was think about Omote and he remembered that despite how average he felt it didn't bother his friends at all. They still accepted him and cared for him.

However his thoughts were cut off when he started to feel numb. He looked down to see he was completely frozen from the neck down and the ice was still spreading.

'Is this it? And to think the last thing I did to Omote-san was shout. I wish I had the chance to apologize.' Tsukune thought but he heard a voice shout out to him.

"Tsukune!" he turned towards the voice and his eyes widened a bit when he saw his friends running towards him. He saw Kurumu with her wings out carrying Omote as they sailed through the air. He also saw Naruto running at high speed with Yukari on his back. He was also carrying Ura, who looked both embarrassed and annoyed, bridal style.

"My clone should have killed you by now. How did you escape?" Mizore asked with a frown.

"Let's just say that the middle of a hallway isn't the best hiding spot. Once we spotted your clone trying to hurt Omote-chan we shattered that thing into a million pieces." Naruto said as he stopped in front of them, releasing his hold on Ura and Yukari. Mizore narrowed her eyes before waving her arm unleashing a wave of ice.

"Stay back! Don't interfere!" she shouted.

"Fire Release: Flame Bullet Technique." Naruto said as he fired a ball of fire that melted the ice before it made contact.

"Kurumu we have to help Tsukune!" Omote said her concern for the human obvious.

"On it!" Kurumu said as she flew towards the trapped boy, Omote still in her arms. Seeing this Mizore narrowed her eyes before firing a wave of icicles at them. Naruto performed another fire jutsu to block the ice while Kurumu weaved through the air avoiding any of the icicles he missed.

"Don't come any closer." Mizore shouted as she fired more icicles this time hitting Kurumu's wing forcing her to release her hold on Omote.

"Kyaah!" Omote screamed as she sailed through the air crashing into Tsukune.

"Omote-san!" he cried as the ice around his shattered on impact freeing him.

"Ow." The vampire groaned before looking up. She smiled when she saw Tsukune no longer frozen in place.

"Tsukune! You're alright!" she cried out joyously.

"I'm a little numb but I'll live." Tsukune admitted with a weak smile. There moment of peace was ruined when they saw a shadow cast over them. Looking up they saw Mizore looking down at Omote with a dark expression.

"Such an idiot. Why would I give up Tsukune-kun just because you say so? I'll finish what my clone couldn't and kill you. Goodbye Omote Akashiya." She said as she raised her frozen claw to end the pink haired girl.

Tsukune mentally cursed. He could barely move his body. He tried to turn around to take the hit for Omote but he accidentally pulled off her Rosario instead. The sudden burst of yokai caused Mizore to pause and step back. She looked and saw that Omote's usual pink hair gained a silver streak while her green eyes changed into a light shade of red while her pupils were replaced with slits.

'Her yoki levels have increased.' Mizore observed before narrowing her eyes.

"I don't know what you're doing but it's useless in the end. Why don't you stop being an annoyance and just die!" Mizore said as she continued her attack. Omote was prepared this time. She quickly ducked out of the way before driving her knee into Mizore's gut followed by an open palm strike to her face that sent the yuki-onna flying.

"I've said it before. I don't really like fighting…but I won't just stand by and let anyone harm my friends." Omote said her usual cheerful expression replaced with a fierce glare.

"Why?" Mizore's quiet voice rang through the air as she stood back up and took a step towards them. She paused though when a wall of blue fire appeared between them.

"I've watched Omote and Kurumu fight over Tsukune all year, but you're talking this way too seriously." Naruto said as he and Ura stood next to Omote prepared to jump in if necessary. Mizore mentally cursed when she saw that she was outnumbered.

"It's not fair." She said glaring at Omote. "Tsukune-kun doesn't deserve to be with such an eyesore like you. He should be with me."

"If you insult my sister one more I will end your miserable life. Besides, if Tsukune chooses to associate himself with my sister instead of you it is his own decision so back off." Ura glared daring Mizore to something.

"Shirayuki-san please…this fighting isn't necessary." Tsukune added. Mizore looked at him sadly.

"So you're choosing her over me? You're rejecting my feelings." She asked as she felt her eyes prick with tears. A small blizzard was created around her forcing the others to close their eyes. They opened their eyes and blinked when they saw she was gone but they heard her quiet voice as the icy winds calmed down.

"Unacceptable." The quiet voice whispered unnerving Tsukune and Omote.

"She's gone." Naruto said with a frown.

"But for how long?" Ura asked scanning the area trying to find any trace of the yuki-onna.

"Tsukune-kun you're alright!" Kurumu shouted in glee. "Let me warm you up with my body heat!" she added as she buried his face in her bosom.

"Kurumu-chan let him go!" Omote protested as she tried to pry her away from the now almost unconscious boy. Ura and Naruto could only sweat drop at how quickly they forgotten about the situation. Sighing at their actions Ura turned to Naruto.

"You know she will return." Ura said causing Naruto to nod.

"I know." Naruto said wondering what would happen the next time they saw her.

End of chapter

To all of you who wanted Naruto to go after Mizore…it isn't going to happen. Now before you all whine and complain about it hear me out. One of the things i enjoyed about Rosario Vampire was the rivalry that Mizore and Kurumu had with each other as they tried to win Tsukune. If they go after different boys then it would ruin the dynamic that they developed through that rivalry.