Guest 9/21/13 . chapter 4

You should really updat quicker because it doesn't take a year to post 3 chapters.

Comments like these are exactly the reason I will not be updating faster. I don't know who you are given you could not even log on to post this comment, but let me tell you something.

I will take five years to get this finished if I want because, to me, its not the speed in which I update (which I apologise for all the time) it is the quality. I am not the original author of this, which means that, even though I do know the story well, I am not familiar with the muses of the characters. I have to stop and start and restart chapters all the time because it is so OOC to me. I am sorry that I take so long, truly I am, but I cannot sit there and type up 2000+ words at my leisure, it takes time, a lot of redoing and wanting to give up.

So, these comments are not needed and if they keep coming, I will just take longer.

Thank you to all of you for your lovely reviews and, once again, I am so so so so so sorry for taking forever, but I want everything to fit well and go by the plan and am even combining chapters so this doesn't take as long.

I truly am sorry but, well, its either wait a while or never get an ending...