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The single tear drop of sweat slowly making its way down her face was sweet torture.

That's how hot it was.

No, it was more than hot. "Hot as Hell" would have been the understatement of the century. "Hot enough to fry an egg on the ground" didn't even come close, although she imagined it was probably true..hell, you could fry a FROZEN egg on this ground within seconds. Anyone up for an omelette?

"Hotter than Texas in the summertime"..she didn't know about that; she'd never been to Texas, and if it were even half as hot in the summertime as it was here, she had no desire to go.

This was drop-dead, sweltering, blistering, so-hot-you-can-feel-your-skin-melting-into-what-could-
very-well-be-third-degree-burns hot.

And Kimberly Hart was sweating like a prostitute in church.

Men sweat. Women *glow*. And the men were sweating. In fact, they had passed the stage of sweating five minutes into this little expedition. They were *drenched*.

Which wasn't all that bad if you thought about it. She was trailing behind four gorgeous, muscular men who were now shirtless and covered in perspiration.

Kimberly slowly licked her lips as she eyed a particular one in front--she had been staring at him the better half of the quest.

Tommy Oliver was not just handsome or gorgeous or good looking.

The man was DEAD SEXY.

You could hardly recognize him from the shy seventeen year old she fell in love with three years ago. He had worked out quite a bit more since then, and his muscles were much more defined. And he had chopped off all that hair and traded it in for a shorter although still enough to grab spikey look. That alone changed his looks almost completely. And to top it all off he had grown a goatee.

Now that she could probably do without; although it DID have a sexy bad-boy appeal to it. Along with the tattoo--THAT she loved. A yin-yang about the size of a baseball with flames all around it about three inches from the inside of his wrist on his right arm.

I wonder if he has anymore... , Kim thought. Ogling Tommy was only making her hotter, which she DIDN'T need.

Time for a break. But with four guys and her being the only girl, she didn't want to say anything. She had no desire to be labeled the "weak female".

As if hearing her thoughts, Rocky stepped up to the plate.

"Yo, Tommy; it's time to take a little R and R."

Tommy turned and looked at him, and noticed that the rest of the group was thinking the same.

"That cool with everyone?", Tommy asked while taking off his back pack.

He hadn't been re-appointed the leader; but it was some sort of unspoken aggreement that he serve as one.

"There isn't anything cool about this place.", Kim quipped, eagerly removing her back pack and plopping onto the sand. She let out a tiny yelp while realizing that she should have approached it with more caution--the sand was like tiny little embers singing the backs of her thighs. It was like leaving your leather-interior car outside in the mall parking lot in the middle of summer while you were scoping the sale racks at The Gap for hours.

By now Tommy, Billy and Jason had joined her and Rocky on the desert sand, each slightly wincing as their behinds hit the scorching debris.


Looking at the four partially tanned/partially sun burned warriors through the Viewing Globe, Zordon had no doubt in his mind he had made the right decision.

They hadn't failed him in the years that they served, and they wouldn't fail him now.

Even if they lost the battle, they wouldn't fail him. By agreeing to do this mission--this one last stint as super heroes--they had already made him burst out of his energy tube with pride.

Tommy was of course the first and obvious choice. He had never seen a more skilled fighter with a forte for leadership skills in all the centuries he had chosen rangers.

Billy was next--the brains of the operation. With his ingenius knowledge, he brought alot to the table.

Jason. He was the Second-In-Command, you might say; though Zordon himself didn't appoint titles. He had formidable leadership and fighting skills, should anything happen to Tommy..he dared not even think of that.

Rocky..his sense of humor and easy going personality would lift the other's spirits when they were down. Plus he was excellent for creating diversions.

And last but not least; Kimberly. There needed to be atleast one female..women brought alot to the table that men just *didn't*. Her fiery personality would benefit in giving the team pep talks, and her maternal instincts would nurture the guys when they became sick and injured.

She was the perfect counterpart to Tommy. He may have leadership skills, but he most definitely wouldn't be the only one calling the shots with her around.

He smiled when he looked at them. They were *his*. He chose them.

And they were his children.


The heat began to rise through his body as he attentively watched a single bead of sweat roll down her neck and into the crevice between her breasts and into the tight fitting cotton tank top she was wearing.

It captivated him.

*She* captivated him.

Her hair was now pulled back into a makeshift bun; the caramel tresses damp with sweat falling loosely out of place. Her face was damp and tanned--all but the red splotches sweeping across the tops of her cheekbones under her eyes and over her nose. Her entire body glimmered in the sunlight with perspiration, and her thin, cotton baby pink tank top clung to her with such damnpness that her black sports bra was clearly evident.

So wet she could probably come in first place at a Wet T-Shirt Contest., Tommy thought. That is, if she weren't wearing a bra. That single thought made the heat rise in his cheeks more so than they already were, if that was possible.

Put Kimberly Hart in front of a mirror right now, and she'd scream in horror at how disheveled she looked in the presence of other people.

But to him she'd never looked sexier.

Was she so sexy to him because she was just sexy, or was it because he wanted what he could no longer have?

The thought sent a tiny dagger into his heart..as it always did when he thought of Kimberly.

Because no sooner than he began to think about her, his mind would drift back to reality: She was now the object of someone else's thoughts and affections.

That smile that was once just for him now belonged to someone else.

Those beautiful brown eyes now sought another shoulder to cry on when she was upset.

Someone else was touching her, kissing her, and probably had SLEPT with her, only Tommy never allowed himself to think of that for long.

And what's worse: Someone else now had the ability to read her soul through her eyes. That he KNEW for a fact had once been his ability, and his only.

Tommy could sit around and think of all the things that he assumed they had done and what he hoped to God they hadn't done--and he has sat around and thought just that. But it only brought him to one emotion--insane jealousy. And he didn't need that right now.

And after the jealousy subsides a little, then comes the anger--that after two years and one and a half girlfriends later those thoughts STILL make him insanely jealous.

The fact that he couldn't and probably never would get over Kimberly Hart angered him more than all the evil minions he had faced combined.

And then from one extreme to the other; he's almost *grateful* those feelings are still there. It meant that he still loved her.

And perhaps all the anguish that comes with still loving her isn't near as great as that of waking up one morning to realize that he *DIDN'T* love her anymore.

That would be worse than anguish.

That would be torture.

And it took him about two years to come to that conclusion, too.


With black onyx eyes that shown with pure evil he watched as the four teenagers trekked warily through the desert.

He knew why they were there; he knew who sent them. He knew what they were looking for.

And he knew who they would find.

He knew the former rangers who were now getting achy and irritable; over-heated and drenched in sweat. They defeated him once, and he swore it would never happen again. He had spent six years hiding out, perfecting his plan.

His mistake last time was targeting them as a group; but in the six years of studying them, watching them through his onyx eyes, he found the key in destroying the rangers--they are too strong as a group, but individually they will falter.

And he was so glad that Zordon had chosen one in particular to take on this mission; and that he had chosen his long lost love interest as well; Zordon might as well have just handed him the Light Orb on a silver platter.

But this would be much more fun. And after he was finished with them, he had a bigger enemy to destroy:

The Ruler of Eltar himself...

and his little robot, too.


Kimberly's mind drifted away as she dug her bare feet farther into the sand. They had been stranded on this fiery hell of a planet for a week looking for the Light Orb, but to no avail.

She let out a deep, long sigh as she lifted the tank top over her head, leaving her only in the black sports bra...yeah, she was the only girl, and, yeah, the guys would stare.

But let them. She had gotten to hot to care six days ago. And as hot as she was right now, she was seriously thinking about giving them more to stare at.

Hell, they've gone shirtless for an entire week. What's good for the gander is good for the goose, right?

That's too damn good for the gander Kim thought, giggling to herself.

Kimberly thoughtfully fingered the rim of the sports bra..

They were on down time and would be for another fifteen minutes.

And she was alone--no guy in the vicinity.

What would it hurt?

Kim glanced to all sides to double check, then pulled off the clingy, sweaty black spandex.

God this feels good, Kim thought as she laid back to lie down on the sand..


"Where's Kim?", Tommy asked the other guys. They had taken a breather for 20 minutes before once again starting on the trek. The longer they were out here, the more weary they became, and their breaks became longer and more frequent.

"What are you talking about?", Rocky said.

"We still have a couple of minutes left, Tommy.", Billy emphasized, looking at his watch.

Tommy shrugged. "I was just thinking maybe if everyone was here by now we could get started earlier." They had split up and made plans to reconvine at a sand dune.

"Since when are you Mr. Punctuality?", Rocky noted.

Tommy shot him an annoyed look, which quickly shut him up.

"Look, the sooner we get going the sooner we'll find the Orb and the sooner we'll get out of here. I can't help getting a little worried. There's gotta be something here guarding the Orb. It would be too easy to just come in and get it and leave." Tommy said with a little bit of worry in his voice.

"As much as I would enjoy extending our leisure time, I think Tommy has a very valid point.", Billy agreed.

Rocky knew he was outnumbered, and he knew the two were right. He stood up, dusting the sand off his knee-length red cargo shorts. "So what if there IS some asshole villian parked by the Orb waiting to take us? We still can't leave til Pretty Pretty Princess gets back here."

"That's what I'm worried about, Rocky.", Tommy said with a controlled fear in his voice. "We don't know when this thing, if there IS a thing, is going to strike, and who it will target first. I just want to find Kim to make sure she's okay."

"And if the villian is a male, it would make sense for him to target Kim first." Billy said.

"What are you getting at, Billy?"

"Well, Tommy..." Billy didn't know quite how to go about this, but knew that Kim not being in their presence made it a hell of a lot easier. "Some males; a lot of males, see females as having..less than sufficient strength.."

"So you're saying that this said villian, if it is a guy, will more than likely attack Kim first because they think she's the weakest link because she's a woman?", Tommy asked. Boy would they EVER be in for a rude awakening. Kim is FAR from the weakest link He thought with a smirk.

"Unfortunately"., Billy affirmed.

"Unfortunate is right, cause anybody that gets their hands on Kim is going to be in sad shape", Tommy said, shaking his head and laughing.

"Yeah.", Rocky said, "But anybody that messes with Kim will also have you in the palm of their hands."

"What's that supposed to mean?", Tommy glared.

"Ah, come on, Oliver!", Rocky said, annoyed. "Your feelings for Kim aren't exactly a newsflash."

Tommy glanced at Billy, waiting for him to take his side against Rocky..

..only to be disappointed.

It was an extremely rare occasion that Billy agreed with Rocky, but this was definitely one of them.

Billy just shrugged. "Sorry, man, but I second Rocky."

Tommy shook his head. "Man, I can't believe you guys."

"Believe it, Don Juan." Rocky began. "When it comes to you and Kim, you are totally in the 'whipped' zone."

"I am NOT in the 'whipped zone'."

Rocky shook his head. "Dude, Tommy; you're MAYOR of the zone!"

Tommy shot Rocky a look that said he'd better keep his mouth shut for the remainder of the day. Rocky and Billy just shrugged.

"Bottom line, Kim's still not here and it's been thirty minutes", Tommy said, glancing at his watch. "I say we split up and look for her."


"Yes Sir Right Away SIR!", Rocky said with a mock salute.

Tommy and Billy turned and gave Rocky a what-the-hell-have-you-been-smoking look.

Rocky shrugged. "What? I watched Boot Camp last week."

The other male rangers shook their heads and laughed.

And without giving it another thought, the three split up to find their female counterpart.