A/N ~ Soooo...some finale, right? This story is in a world where there's no Anson & none of season 6 sadness. Just playing around with the universe & I hope you all like it...it'll get fluffy...so don't worry.

Fiona sat at Carlito's with Mike and Sam, having dinner. Both men were busy eating and chatting about their latest job, which involved trying to catch a guy who was swindling old women in his mother's neighborhood by romancing them out of money.

"So our next move is to get Fiona to approach Casanova and offer to join up with him so they can cover old ladies and men. You think you can handle old men gawking at you all day?" Sam asked.

Fiona didn't answer. She hadn't heard much of what was going on between the men and was actually trying to stay awake. Even her favorite chicken dish seemed very unappetizing.

Michael looked over to Fiona who was picking at her food. "Anything wrong?" he asked her.

Sam also realized that Fiona wasn't eating or even listening to them remarked, "Yeah, what gives? I don't think I've seen you take more than two bites of your chicken. Something bothering you? You don't have to try and romance old guys if you don't want to, we'll find another way to bust Casanova."

Fiona leaned back in her chair and sighed. "I'm not hungry. Feeling a little tired too. Maybe I will head back to the loft and get to sleep early. You boys stay and plan. I'll do whatever you ask. Right now, I just need some rest."

Michael watched as Fiona walked away. He asked Sam "Did she look a little pale to you today Sam? You were with her more than I was."

"She was kind of pale today. She also had a headache and coughed off and on. A little slow on the teasing too. I made a few comments that I was sure would either make her mad or give her an opening to pick on me. I thought maybe she just didn't sleep well last night."

When Fiona stopped and sneezed, Michael got up and threw some cash on the table. "I'm going with Fi I want to make sure she gets to bed."

Sam took a sip of his mojito and shouted after Michael "Take care Mikey and wash your hands after you have touched anything she touches when she's sick. I can't handle two of you sick at the same time."

The rest of the week Fiona stayed inside, recovering from her cold while Michael and Sam worked their job. She was congested and sluggish, getting little sleep at night from the cough that plagued her. Michael tried to be home as much as he could so he could make sure Fiona ate, drank and took her medicine.

After two weeks, Fiona's cough was not improving even though she swore it was. Michael was woken early one morning by Fiona sitting up in bed coughing and wheezing at the same time.

"Fi, relax. If you get upset, you will just cough worse."

When he went to rub her back, to help her relax until her coughing fit passed, he realized she was drenched in sweat.

"Are you hot?" Michael asked.

As Fiona coughed, hoping to clear what felt like congestion in her chest, she shook her head to tell Michael she wasn't hot. Once the coughing subsided, Michael found a thermometer and made Fiona open her mouth. While they waited for the thermometer to beep Michael noticed Fiona was shaking. He grabbed a blanket from the bed and wrapped it around her. When the thermometer beeped, Michael read out loud "104.2"

"Michael, I am fine. I wish you would stop trying to baby me and just let me be. Look at Sam over there in the kitchen. He's not saying a word and leaving me alone."

He looked over in the kitchen but didn't see Sam. All he saw was darkness. She was hallucinating because of the fever. Michael had to get her help soon. He stood up and announced "Fi, we are going to the ER. Its four in the morning and Sam isn't in the kitchen. I think you are getting worse."

Taking her shoes from Michael and flinging them across the room, she tried to speak but began to cough again. Michael grabbed a pair of sandals that were next to her. He was going to slip her feet when she latched onto Michael and dug her nails into his shoulder as she coughed. She could see the worried look on his face and tried to calm him by saying. "Michael, i am fine. I just need to catch my breath." She said, in between coughs, wrapping her other arm across her ribs.

Michael slid fionas feet into her sandals, alarmed when she began to cough even harder. Once she was able to stop coughing, she stood up and said defeatedly "Let's go."

Fiona stood up and nearly toppled over. Michael caught her and scooped her up in his arms. He carried her down the metal stairs.

"Michael, I can walk down the stairs on my own. I do not need you to carry me!"

He ignored her. Once they reached the car, Michael leaned her up against the Charger so he could open the door. Grabbing her arm, he guided her into her seat and buckled her seatbelt. He kissed her on the head and got into the car.

As they drove, Fiona cranked the heat. "Michael, I still can't get warm and its getting harder to breathe."

Trying his best to keep Fiona from seeing how worried he was, he drove a little faster. "We will get you some medicine and you'll be ok. The cold is probably bronchitis now. You always get bronchitis once a year."

No sooner did Michael try to reassure Fiona that she would be ok, did Michael notice Fiona put her head back and close her eyes. Michael, seeing how pale she had become, called out her name. "Fiona! Wake up! We are almost at the hospital."

Michael reached his arm out and shook Fiona to try and rouse her. When she didn't respond and her head slumped forward, panic ran through his veins. He felt her skin which was cold and clammy. Pressing his foot down heavily on the accelerator, he began to weave in and out of traffic. He reached over and pulled her head back, noticing her lips were now a bluish gray.

Michael tried to remain calm by talking loudly to Fiona. He reached over and held her ice cold hand "Fiona, stay with me. We are almost at the hospital. Just a little longer. We'll get you a doctor to make you all better. Try and wake up Fi. I know you are tired, but we just have a little longer till we are there."

He pulled up to the doors of the ER and jumped out of the car. Michael came around to Fiona's side, scooped her up into his arms and carried her inside.

"We need a doctor!" Michael shouted as he entered the ER. Attendants rushed towards Michael and placed Fiona onto a gurney.

A nurse rushed up to Michael and asked "Sir, what's her name?"

As Michael followed the gurney with the nurses and doctor surrounding her, he managed to push out her name. "Fiona Glenanne. She had a cold but it lingered and yesterday she started coughing bad. She woke up wheezing and coughing. Her temperature is over 104.2F. In the car she said it was hard to breathe, she couldn't get warm and then she passed out."

One of the nurses took Michael's arm and pulled him out of the room. He tried to protest. "I have to stay! What if she needs me?"

"Sir, she is in capable hands. We will go to the waiting room so you can start her paperwork." The nurse said as she continued to pull Michael along with her. "Sir we have to let them work"

Michael obliged and went with the nurse. As she gathered the forms Michael needed to complete, Michael pulled out his cell phone and called Sam. Since it was nearly five in the morning now, Sam didn't answer. Michael left him a message.

"Hey Sam, its Michael. Sorry its so early, but Fi is in the hospital. We don't know what's wrong yet and I don't know how long I am going to be here. I can't make the meeting, so you will have to go alone. I'm sorry Sam. " Mike ended the call and grabbed the pen in his hands, trying his best to focus on the paperwork and praying for positive news on Fiona.