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Fiona finally was discharged from the hospital, complete with medicines and breathing exercises she had to work on while home. Before he started the car, Michael lectured Fiona. "When we get home, you are doing nothing but resting. I don't want to hear any complaints. I will get you books, movies, games or anything else you want as long as you rest."

Reaching over and putting her hand on Michael's cheek, Fiona said "Michael, you can relax. I'm better and I won't give you any problems. I promise to be a good little patient for Doctor Westen." Giving Michael a devilish grin, Michael smiled, kissed the palm of her hand and started the car. On the car ride home, Michael watched Fiona resting in the passenger seat. Her face was looking out the window as she enjoyed the sunlight that warmed her face. Reaching over, Michael took hold of her hand and held it as they drove, relieved that she was finally coming back home with him.

Arriving back at the loft, Michael helped Fiona out of the car. "Michael, I am completely capable of getting out of the car on my own." He held his hands up in surrender and closed the door behind her. She walked to the stairs but stopped at the base, almost nervous to climb them in fear of having trouble breathing or coughing.

"Take them slow and if you need to stop, we can stop." Michael whispered into her ear, giving her a soft kiss on the neck.

Slowly she started up the stairs. She stopped midway, breathing a little heavily. "I'm sorry Michael. I get winded so easily." Fiona said, with a hint of frustration in her voice. As soon as she finished speaking, she had a coughing fit. The coughing wasn't as bad as before but it still caused her anxiety when she couldn't catch her breath. Finally she finished coughing and sat on the step.

Sitting down next to her, Michael wrapped an arm around her and kissed her head. He whispered into her ear, "I don't expect you to be completely healed yet. You were very sick, It's going to take time to get better." He continued to hold her close to him, happy and content that his true love was back home. He stood up and pulled Fiona to her feet. "Let me carry you the rest of the way."

"Michael, I am not..." before she could finish her sentence, Fiona realized Michael scooped her up in his arms and was slowly making the climb to the front door. He set her down and opened the door.

As Fiona walked into the loft, he said "You can either hang out on the bed or sit in the green chair." He walked into the kitchen threw her a bottle of water.

She caught it and complained "Do you know how tired I am of drinking water. I feel like a fish."

Michael was going to lecture Fiona about keeping hydrated, but his cell phone rang. He didn't recognized the phone number and rolled his eyes. He answered gruffly "Why are you calling me?"

"Michael, its Raines. I need to see you immediately. I need your help."

Michael scrunched his face up into a scowl and said "Do you realize that I just got Fiona back home? We haven't been home more than a half hour and you are calling me. I'm retired. I appreciate all you did to get me out, but I am out. I'm done."

Ignoring Michael's previous statement, Raines continued. "I need your help with one last mission. You were my best agent and only my best agent will do on this job. You have to help me Michael. You owe me." Raines said, begging Michael to work with him.

He sat on the bed, next to Fiona and took hold of her hand. He spoke firmly to his former handler. "I don't owe you anything. If I take this job, odds are it's going to be like when I was burned and go on for a while. I can't do this job. Find someone else because I signed papers while Fiona was in the hospital that said I wasn't an employee any longer. I'm done Raines." Michael hung up the phone.

Seeing how tense Michael was, she knelt on the bed behind him and began to rub his shoulders. "Why did he want you back?" she asked.

Michael shook his head and replied "I don't know. Something about he needs my help. If I take this one mission, I know I'll pick away at it and discover a whole new level. It won't end, Fi. If it did end, it would be ugly and people would be hurt."

Sliding back on the bed, Michael pulled Fiona into his lap. He looked into her eyes and said softly "I just want to take care of you. Seeing you so sick in the hospital made me realize I needed to change. I'm afraid that if I stayed in the CIA, that I would lose you. I can't lose you."

Fiona was taken back the look of sadness in his eyes. She kissed his forehead and said "You are going to be stuck with me for a very, very long time." Resting her forehead against his, she said I'm glad you are here with me Michael."

Michael sighed and gave Fiona a kiss. She wanted it to get more passionate but instead Michael stopped, reminding her she needs to rest a bit more and she should take a nap as she was yawning a lot while he talked to Raines. Giving Michael a pout, she laid down on the pillows, Michael following her. She rolled on her side, her back to Michael. He slipped his arms around her and held her tight to him. "I'm glad you are home Fi." he whispered as she drifted off to sleep.

Once she was asleep, Michael got up and went out onto the balcony. Keeping a watchful eye on Fiona as she slept, he called Sam. He didn't answer, so Michael left a message. "Sam, call me back when you get this or come by the loft." He watched Fiona from the balcony for a bit, before settling in the green chair and succumbing to sleep himself.

About two hours later, Michael was awoken by Sam shaking his shoulder. He jumped up suddenly, ready to strike but relaxed once he realized it was Sam.

"Sam, you surprised me. I must have fallen asleep..." Michael said, his voice trailing off. He placed a hand on Fiona's face to check her temperature.

"Sorry I didn't come by sooner but I figured you guys needed time to get settled and rest. What was your message about?" Sam asked.

Once Michael was satisfied Fiona was ok, he ushered Sam onto the balcony. "Raines called me and said he needed my help on one last mission.

Immediately Sam's eyes grew wide and his jaw got tense. "Fiona is still sick. She needs you mike. You better get your head on straight or else I personally will take Fiona and hide her away until she's well enough to find you and kick your ass for going back to the CIA."

"Settle down Sam. I told Raines to leave me alone. What I need to know is why he is calling me when he helped me get out of the CIA."

Sam rubbed his scruffy cheek. "I don't know. I do know that you need to let this be Mikey. I know you. You start to peek into certain areas and before you know it, we are all involved in something deep dark and ugly."

Michael stated his case again "Sam, I need to know why he is calling."

Having heard enough, Sam raised his voice. "Let it go Mike. Fiona is your only concern now."

Michael raised his voice to match Sam's. "What if there is an enemy coming for me and he's trying to warn me? I need to know so I can keep Fi safe. She can't breathe easily, she's still coughing and she's exhausted. She can't fight off an attacker if I'm not here Sam."

Sam took a look at Michael and realized how tired Michael looked. He had been sleeping when they made him but Sam finally realized that he probably only had been sleeping two or three hours at a time. Thinking it was time for a new approach, Sam softened his tone. "I will put feelers out and see if any of my friends can find out what Raines wanted." He paused for a moment and relaxed when he saw Michael's face soften when he offered to find out information. "When was the last time you slept decently?"

"I'm fine. I sleep a few hours at a time. I get up when Fiona needs me." Michael said.

"Mike, you are exhausted. You need to sleep for more than two or three hours at a time. Lay down with Fi, spend the day sleeping. Tell me what time she needs to take medicines and what to do if she has a coughing fit or can't breathe. Let me help you guys."

Michael was going to protest but Sam wouldn't let him speak. "I know how you are feeling right now. I went through this when my mom was dying. I slept a few hours here, a few hours there but I never rested fully. Eventually I got to a point where I couldn't even keep my head up from exhaustion and I was no use to her. So either you lay down or I go find Sugar and get something to knock you out for more than a few hours."

Knowing Sam would actually resort to sedating him, Michael reluctantly walked into the loft and laid out Fiona's medicines for Sam, telling what time she needed to take them and what to do if she had a coughing fit. When he was done, he walked over to the bed and climbed in, pulling Fiona close. "Thanks Sam." Michael said.

"Anything for you brother. Just get some sleep and don't worry. I have your back." Sam said. Within a few minutes, Sam was relieved to hear Michael snoring.

About two hours later, Sam was outside the loft, sitting on the stairs. He heard the door open. Without turning around he said "Get back in that bed or else I will put you in there myself."

"Sam, is that how you greet me? How long have you been sitting out here" Fiona asked.

Looking at his watch, he said shrugging his shoulders "Not long. I've been here about almost three hours."

Fiona seemed surprised. "Three hours? Do you want me to wake Michael up?"

"No, he needs to sleep. He called me once you fell asleep and I came over. He started ranting about Raines calling him." Sam moved over when Fiona sat down next to him. "I told him I'd have my contacts nose around to see what Raines wants. He's worried that sometime will hurt you while you are still getting better."

Taking a drink of water from the bottle she had with her, Fiona told Sam "He's going to be paranoid and overprotective of me until I am back to myself again." Fiona sighed and said "I know he mustn't have been easy to deal with when I was in the hospital, so I want to thank you for taking care of him."

Sam smiled at Fiona. He tried his best to keep the mood light by saying "I see you still don't feel good. Healthy Fiona wouldn't be so sweet to me."

Fiona laughed. Turning her head, she looked behind her at the door. She thought out loud "This isn't over, is it Sam? He's done with the CIA but they aren't done with him."

Not wanting to lie to her, Sam immediately said "This is definitely not over. If Raines wants him back after he helped get Michael out, it has to be pretty serious. I don't want you to worry though. I told Mikey in no uncertain terms that if he joins the CIA or even looks into what Raines wants, I won't help him and I'd hide you away from him. That seemed to bring him back down to Earth." Sam knew Fiona was still worried. He tried his best to ease her mind. "Your job is to get better. Leave the worrying to me and Jesse."

Standing up, Fiona said "Thanks. I'm feeling hungry. Would like to have leftover Chinese food with me? Michael picked it up on our way home."

"I'll join you if I can have Mike's fortune cookie, he never eats them." Sam said, following Fiona into the loft. He made her sit down as he reheated the left overs and tried to be quiet enough to not wake Michael. They ate in silence, both watching Michael sleep and both wondering about the motives behind the CIA calling on Michael when he made it clear he was done with them.

Back in Raines' office, he stared at the phone, not noticing that someone had entered. He was deep in thought and jumped when he heard a familiar voice.

"You know, you have to pick up the receiver and push those buttons to make call. Unless you have managed to call people using your mind, which means we have a whole new set of issues." Tom Card said

Ignoring the snarky remark made by his co-worker, Raines said "Westen won't even hear what I have to say. His mind is set on not coming back. I don't know how else to bring him back into the fold."

"I told you this would happen. You let Westen go and now he won't even talk to us. What part of 'we need Westen to fight the bad guy' didn't you understand?" Card shifted in his seat. "I will get Larry Sizemore to pay a visit to him. He understands Michael and can hopefully convince him to work with us. Maybe I'll even get him to bring Fullerton with him."

Raines scoffed at Card's idea. "What the hell is Fullerton going to do? He's only seen Westen on paper. Fullerton hasn't seen or even talked to Michael. He's never seen Westen when he's angry. He wouldn't know how to handle him.."

Card laughed. "I've given this some thought, figuring Westen wouldn't come back easily. Fullerton does know Michael's past and if he plays it right, he can play upon Glenanne's sympathy of having a dead wife named Claire, the same name as her sister."

"You think Glenanne can convince Westen to go back to work, based on that?" Raines questioned.

Card stood up and said "Westen is the only chance we have before that team comes for us. I'll be damned if I get killed over something we let get out of hand."

Raines watched Card walk out of the office. Saying a quick prayer for strength, he dialed a number on his phone. "Its me. We still aren't closer to finding a replacement for Westen. Let me and Card handle this for a while and we will get back to you." The person on the other line was yelling at him. Before hanging up, he said Ii understand completely that if we fail to find someone you will kill us but you need to realize this will take time! You screwed up just as much as we did so cut us some slack." Hanging up the phone, Raines hoped Larry would have better luck than he did.