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This is a girlxgirl story. If you're not into it, then please don't bother reading this. Read at your own risk.

Chapter One

"Don't you ever, ever, ever, dare leave me or else I won't let you sleep at night." She whispered in a husky, sultry voice. Her tone sounded serious and unyielding; for some reason, I found it soothing and ensuring.

Her warm, shaky breath in my ear sent lusty tingles around my neck down to the very end of my spine, igniting a new heat to my center. She nibbled my earlobe, licking the innermost part teasingly with the tip of her tongue. She was on top of me, our breasts pressing tightly to each other. I could feel her heart beating so strong, so fast. Her wet folds glided smoothly along the full length of my clammy thigh. I rocked her hips, following her steady rhythm. "Oh! C'mon, baby." I smirked. I always loved hearing those words coming from her during sex and seeing her biting her bottom lip seductively.

She pulled herself up, propping her left hand on my shoulder while the other was moving her silky blond hair to the other side of her neck so I could fully see her beautiful flushed face. She looked at me like she wanted to eat me anytime soon. She pulled my thigh higher, panting heavily through her mouth. She lowered her head while increasing her motion. She uttered a throaty moan, gripping my shoulder a tad rougher. I felt her body shiver and I knew what was coming next. "Fuck me, please." I pulled her again to my insanely cold body. I grabbed her perfect, smooth ass, kneading it with right amount of force that I knew she would surely love.

"Oh baby, please." I had known her for too long that I knew how desperate and horny she was right now. I smiled knowingly to myself. I was kinda glad she did not notice that. She sure was busy doing her movements on my thigh. If she caught me smirking, she would punch me straight right on the gut. She extremely hated to see the smug look on my face.

She groaned in frustration and grabbed my right hand from her butt cheek. She looked at me, narrowing her deep green eyes in an irritated manner. She thought I was just teasing her to death.

She pulled my hand to her mouth and smiled slyly at me. I stiffened at how sexy and evil she was at that moment. We'd been doing this in regular intervals since last year and I still couldn't get enough of her. She was like milk to my cereal, butter to my pancake, or gas to my car. We were that close. Super close.

She stopped gliding on my thigh and moved her body, straddling her legs over my pelvis. She fixed her tempting gaze at me as she licked my two fingers slowly, starting at the base. In a circular motion, she continued licking and nibbling, leaving wet trails until her tongue reached the tip of my two fingertips. She pushed my hand into her mouth, gently sucking my fingers and licking it at the same time.

After a minute of making it fitting for penetration, she pulled my hand out of her mouth, making a pop sound when she sucked my fingertips before totally pulling it out. She smiled at me intensely as if I was the most beautiful and sexiest girl on the planet. Oh fuck! I so loved her smile, her face, and everything about her. I could live just by looking at her angelic face. She was so gorgeous, smashingly hot with a sizzling, one in a million smile. I was so damn lucky to have her. With that look and that body, I really couldn't ask for more. She directed my hand to her center and gosh, she was crazy, dripping wet. She slowly slid my two fingers against her pussy, making my palm brushed the pink, bulged clit. "Yeaah. . . fuck!" She moaned loudly, rocking her hips against my palm. "Please, baby. Pleeease." She pleaded harshly, arching her buttocks while her upper body leaning forward so it was easy for me to sweep my tongue to her proud nipples. With a single swift movement of her wrist, she pushed my fingers inside her. I couldn't help stop the moan from leaving my throat. She was so tight and so fucking wet. She jiggled over me while I was pumping in and out of her. "Harder." I continued to pump her and this time it was harder and rougher. "Yeah sweetie, that's it. Ah! It feels so good." Every thrust made her moan louder. I was not bothered by it since Renee, my mother, was out of town for a week with a man called Phil. So I was all alone at home with my beautiful, sweet girlfriend, Quinn. She was the captain of the school Cheerios, an epitome of impeccable beauty and flawlessness.

"Isabella," The way she called my name made me stop and looked at her for a split second. "No, baby. Don't stop." She reached for my forearm, pushing my whole arm down to make me move again. I grabbed her face with my left hand, catching her lips with my hungry ones. She bit my bottom lip softly, brushing it slowly with the tip of her tongue. As I slowly parted my lips, she darted her tongue into my mouth. I met hers halfway, exploring every inch of her mouth. Though I already memorized every part of it, it was still my favorite place to delve in. After a short moment, she broke off our tongue fight much to my disappointment. She tilted her head backwards with a long, lecherous groan. She fastened her pace, which stirred me to match up her performance. "Yeah baby. . . I'm coming. Al-most—" When I discerned her stopped breathing and stiffened on her upright position, I hastened and deepened my thrusts. One deeper, harder push and she convulsed, almost yelling my name in the height of her rapturous orgasm. I stroked her clit in circular motion and gave gentle, slower pumps to relieve her from the ecstatic tremors.

I took my fingers off her after she leaned back again on my chest. "That was nice." She said, gradually regaining her strength from exhaustion. There were lots of things I loved about her. To name a few, here's my top list starting from five down to one.

5. She's a tough opponent. She would never give in without a fight. Just be really, really extra careful, though. She's one foxy evil bitch. Mercy was never in her vocabulary.

4. She's highly clever and intelligent. She wouldn't accept yes or no for an answer. Therefore, just shut the hell up and listen to her or suffer the rest of your high school life.

3. All men bowed down and worshiped her immaculate beauty. She didn't have to do an effort to make herself noticeable. One flicker of her finger and ta-dah. . . All living creates went terribly berserk and be her slave.

2. She's a one crazy sex goddess. She wouldn't get easily exhausted even after a day of sexercising. Oh yeah, and never forget to prepare a water drum beside your bed. She would dry you out.

1. And the best thing I absolutely loved about her was her selfless and undying love for none other than her girlfriend of two years. Yep, that's right. That's me. I really had wondered why of all people, she chose me as her partner, to be her girlfriend. She could quickly and conveniently choose any other hot guy or girl she wanted considering her polish beauty and perfect physique. I was nowhere near her line. She was on top, in heaven and, well, I was non-existent. I was just a bubble of poisonous gas making the world more polluted. That was how different we were in physical attractiveness. I guessed she found me smart or funny and easy to be with. Maybe that was it. Because every time she laid her eyes on me, she always had this glow on her face and a wide smile that never left her lips.

"Hey, baby. What are you thinking?" She tilted her head up, eyeing me suspiciously. Her voice sounded concern, but she was just curious and. . . prying.

I was thinking of how perfect you were and I am pretty much so lucky to have you in my almost too-good-to-be-true life. "Nothing, babe. I'm just a bit tired." We had just spent the whole day doing our strenuous sexercise. Of course, I was crazy tired! But apparently, just like the rest before this, I could never tell her that. She would get mad and be suspicious, again. The last time I complained about our little activity, I ended up losing my voice. I had spent the whole evening delivering my pep-talk at her driveway. I almost got arrested for allegedly disturbing her neighbors' peace. As far as my sane mind was concerned, I had no single vivid memory of being that loud. Okay, I was loud, but not that loud.

There were also things I hated about her. She was truly overly possessive, protective, and jealous of every person who would dare approach and talk to me. She always had this absurd feeling that I would later leave her for someone else, for them. She really didn't have to be that insecure, because I totally loved her with every beat of my heart. Wow. How cliche. Where that came from? It might sound so melodramatic, but it's the truth. I would never leave her for someone else. I would be hers forever.

Every time we did this activity of ours, I always tend to skip school the following day for always getting muscle strains and horrible body aches. So I asked her softly and kindly if we could do this during the weekend, fortunately for me, she acquiesced. But did you forget she was one remarkably clever bitch? Yeah, she acquiesced all right, but under her kind conditions: I would enter every club she was in and spend all of my time with her and her alone after school, which included my Sundays, Holidays, and special occasions. That's more than time I'd spent at school and with my family, not that I really had one. Of course I had, but we were really not that close. She'd said she was being too considerate. Gosh!

"B? Honestly?" She pulled herself up, hovering a feet away from me. I met her gaze and sighed inwardly at her annoyed expression. This is not happening again. I pushed myself up, propping my arms on the bed. I put a sweet, innocent smile, but she knew me too well. "Well, tell me what's on your mind, baby." She arched her perfect eyebrow, eyeing me steadily with the demanding tone that said 'Tell me or suffer and die.' She's one hell scary woman. Yes, I was so damn lucky to have her. Sarcastically speaking.

Every time I zoned out like this, she always had this ridiculous notion in her head that I was mentally cheating on her. What the!

"What is it!? I swear if you're cheating on me, I'm going to rip your heart out and make your bitch's life a living hell." I cringed at the thought. To me, she's the perfect, lovable girlfriend with a beauty and heart of a white angel. But to others, she's an angel with a tail, razor-sharp teeth, and black wings plus a beard.

I chuckled at her petty jealousy and mock anger. "You wouldn't do that." I was pretty much confident she would never do that to me, maybe to my other bitch of a girlfriend but not to me. She narrowed her eyes and thinned her lips. I knew that sexy, dubious look. I giggled, grabbed her by the waist and tugged her against me.

She yelped and laughed, tickling my sensitive spots behind my midsections. I screamed louder than I hoped and squirmed underneath her. She had this lusciously seductive smile and irresistible eyes that sucked out all the oxygen in my lungs, leaving me breathless and stunned. "And why is that?" She asked coquettishly.

"Because you love me." I said, not intending to say it in a question. She furrowed her brow and pouted her lips. She removed herself from my body only to lie down beside me. She sighed loudly before she grabbed my hand, intertwined our finger, and rested it on her firm, smooth stomach.

"Isabella," That name again. She's the only living person dared to utter that name to my face. Even though that name was in my birth certificate, I really loathed hearing and people calling me that name. She knew that of course, but she just loved teasing me. She knew I would never get mad at her for any reason. "You know how much you mean to me, right?" She swiveled her head to glance at me. She smiled when her gaze landed on my lips. "You're my soul mate, my heart and soul. I will always and forever be yours." She shifted her gaze at my chocolate brown eyes. "I love you so much, Bella. No matter what, I will never leave you. I will stick to you until the end of time." She moved closer and lifted her upper body so that her head was inches over my face. "Promise me, B. You'll love me and only me. . . for eternity."

"Hey there, beautiful." I smiled sadly as I placed the bouquet of red roses beneath the gravestone, not averting my gaze at the name boldly engraved in cursive with a golden paint. 'Lucy Quinn Fabray.' I cleared my excessively dry throat, which was already starting to get into my nerves. Who would care if I didn't drink a single drop of liquid the whole morning? I sighed heavily and loudly at my own foolish thought, squatting opposite of the grave marker.

Today was her birthday, our fourth anniversary as a couple, and sadly, her first year of death. I shut my eyes tightly at the memory of that drastic day. I was there yet I did not do anything to save her. I was miserably helpless and paralyzed. I couldn't do anything. I had just stood there and watched her die.

"Quinn." My voice faltered. I felt my whole body quivered, trembling with anger, sorrow, remorse, longing. . . all in one emotion. I was crying. It was nothing new to me. "Happy Birthday and Happy fourth, baby." I said, thankful that I still had a voice to speak without breaking. I bit my lower lip hard, harder that I already tasted a dewdrop of iron, but the pain was never enough for me. It would never ease the pain, the longing, the emptiness I felt inside. I was slowly dying. I wished I had died and buried with her twelve months ago. It would make me so much happier. But she left me without even saying goodbye. "Why did you leave me, Q? You said you'd never leave me. You promised." I wept with bitter rage and hopelessness. "Where's our forever now?" I whispered in a gruff voice. I continued to cry. I let all my dark emotions out while I still had the right to do so. Renee would never leave me alone at home after my countless suicidal attempts. I didn't want to cry in front of her. I just didn't like someone seeing me so weak and vulnerable, especially her.

"I miss you, Q. I miss us." I finally decided to sit, crossing my legs, on the ground. I propped my elbows on my inner thighs as I brushed my brown hair through my fingers, trying to alleviate the ache on my head. I tilted my head, looking blankly at the marble headstone. "Quin," I started. Although it'd been a year since she passed away, I still talked to her like she was still alive. Somehow, I had this bizarre feeling that she was attentively listening to me and watching my every move. I had to be careful of what to tell her and what to act. I didn't want her to get mad and pissed at me.

I smiled softly, imagining Quinn's pouting face. "You're so cute when you pout, scrunch your nose, or pucker your face in annoyance." I chuckled at a certain memory that flashed my mind. I felt my throat tightened so I instinctively rubbed my vocal cords as I cleared my throat to at least relieve the tension that was restraining me from talking or even uttering a sound.

"I'll move back to my birth town in Forks tomorrow." I paused, still gazing at the headstone. I was silently praying that I could, even for once, hear my girlfriend's voice. When I figured that would be really impossible, I sighed and continued my heart-warming speech. "Don't worry, baby. Charlie will take care of me. Everything will be fine." Which I highly doubted, by the way. I smiled, picturing her smiling back at me. "Er. . . So, do you have anything to say before I go?" Of course, but not that I could hear her anyway. "Right." I smiled wistfully, grazing each letter of her name, which was superbly engraved on the marble stone.

I was too absorbed of my light chitchat with my dead girlfriend that I did not notice the time. It was getting dark and, not to mention, really creepy. I looked skyward and decided that I should go. I stood clumsily, almost tripping myself to the ground. Good thing, I had a grip of the headstone before I completely fell and injured myself again. "It's like you don't want me to leave." I said playfully, smiling to myself at the eerie feeling of déjà vu.

As I leaned closer to the headstone, I closed my eyes and whispered a prayer for Quinn. I slowly opened them and blew a kiss to the headstone as I imagined it as Quinn's smiling face.

"I love you."

to be continued.

I know you're wondering why this is Twilight with a normal story type. The main protagonist of this story is Bella, of course, with Alice as the second main character. Quinn from Glee is just, umm, supporting character? Haha. No idea. I really love her character so I decided to include her in this story. Anyway, I got this idea from my dream last night. Please tell me what you think. It's really important for me to know what you think. Should I continue with the story or not?