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Welcome Back


She'd telephoned him mere hours before and now here he was standing infront of her. Looking as handsome as he did when she first met the rugged Doctor when he was on 22. She'd always had a soft spot for this one. He had turned out to be an amazing Doctor, although his bedside manner had never really improved. He had no time to indulge time wasters and he was never one to get personally involved in his patients lives. His motto was and probably always would be "treat them and get them out". Despite his manner, it never stopped him doing a good job. He had always been top of the class when Miriam had trianed him and she very much doubted that had ever changed.

He spotted her standing by the reception desk, looking as elegant as she always had. How the hell had she managed to convince him to come back to this god awful city. He liked the country, nice and peaceful, secluded, away from people in general. He was never a people person, which often had him wondering why in the hell he had chosen this profession. It was her, always her. Miriam had been the one who had spotted his talent, many moons ago when she treated him as a younger boy. He showed so much interest in medicine and liked showing off to her about all the strange diseases he knew off. He impressed her, even at a tender age. She's always saw something in him that nobody else had and he would always be grateful to her for the oppertunities she'd given him. He'd always been fond of this woman. She was in her early 20's when she had treated him in the A&E and when he'd graduated medical school and was assigned to her for training, she was in her mid 30's. Now here he was again, in her ever glowing presence. A woman who must have at least been 56 or more and still she looked as beautful as she always had. Dylan had always found Miriam Turner a very attractive woman. When she asked him for a favour, he could never refuse her. She seemed to have a hold on him, his mind maybe or perhaps his heart.

"Dylan. I thought you'd never arrive darling. How are you. Come here." She said, embracing him.

He put his arms around her and hugged her as tightly as possible inhaling her gorgeous perfume, Chanel, she always wore Chanel. Being this close to her again brought back all the feelings he had for her but had always been too scared to tell her about. Perhaps, after a little while working together again, he might just have the guts to tell her how he's felt all these years.

To Be Continued…

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