Chapter 15

Rachel and Janet stood outside in the lobby as a young PC escorted David back to the cells.

"Well, that was uunexpected." Rachel said.

"I know. I honestly thought that getting him to admit to the rape was going to be near impossible."

"How long do you reckon he'll get."

"Well under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, he could get between 13-19 years."

"It's the least he deserves."

"Hello, you two."

Janet and Rachel looked up to see Julie approaching them. Janet looked to Rachel and saw the biggest smile appear on her face.

"Hiya, what are you doing here." Rachel asked.

"I said I'd try and make lunch and I have, or are you busy."

"No she's not busy at all."


"Well you're not. I can finish up the report and give it to Gill. Go."

"Cheers Jan."

Rachel hugged her then headed out with Julie. Janet made her way back up to the office, to make a start on her report. Gill was just coming out of her office as Janet sat down.

"How did it go Janet."

"He confessed to everything."

"What, the rape aswell."

"I know, we were a bit shocked too."

"I'll say but yeah good. Good result, where's Rachel?"

"Oh yeah, Julie just showed up and whisked her away to lunch."

"Oh she did, did she. Alright for some. Kevin, go down to the canteen and grab Janet and I a sandwich would you."

"You what."

"Please." Gill smiled.

"Yeah, alright."

Kevin got up and made his way downstairs, and Gill returned to her office. Janet picked up the phone and called Miriam to let her know the outcome of the interview.

Dylan was in a cubicle with a patient, when he heard Noel telling Miriam that she had a phone call from a DC Scott. He looked over at her as she held the phone to her ear, and her expression change.

"Linda, can you take over for me for a minute please." Dylan asked.

"Yeah course."

Linda took over the suturing and Dylan made his way over to Miriam.

"You okay, what's happened." He asked, as she place the phone down.

"That was DC Scott on the phone."

"Well, I gathered that. What did she say."

"David's confessed."

"To abusing you, well he couldn't really get out of it could he."

"No, not just that. He admitted that he raped me."

"Bloody hell, that's a turn of events. So what now."

"Well she says he'll go to court and plead guilty. She says he should get at maximum of 19 years."

"Miriam, that's brilliant news. Are you okay with that."

"More than okay. It's over Dylan., it's finally over."

She couldn't help the massive smile that exploded onto her face and Dylan more or less mirrored her. She reached up and kissed him firmly, causing a few wolf whistles from Big Mac and Noel and clapping from the others. As much as Dylan hated public displays of affection, on this one occasion he didn't mind. Today was about Miriam and the start of a new life together.

Fin xx

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