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Harry was curled up in Draco's arms in his dorm in the Gryffindor tower. They had come up together after their encounter in the corridor and had hidden themselves away behind the curtains of Harry's bed after casting the appropriate silencing charms. Between kisses and caresses came confessions of affection and desire, as well as the revelation of Hermione and Dean's trickery.

"I can't believe you believed that I had been crying!" Draco said once again.

"Well I can't believe you believed that I was so obsessed with you that I might hurt myself!" Harry replied.

Draco chuckled and buried his face into Harry's hair. "Well, I guess I have been pretty miserable lately... I can't believe Granger tricked us like that! Merlin, how they must have been laughing at the two of us all day!"

Harry suddenly looked worried. He sat up and looked Draco in the eye. "Draco... what's going to happen now? I know how afraid you were of people realising that you're gay... do you want to keep this a secret? Do you want to keep us secret?"

"What do you want, Harry?"

"If it were up to me, we'd be holding hands walking through the castle tomorrow. I don't want to have to hide."

"Then we won't" Draco answered, surprising Harry. "I didn't want anyone to find out about me being gay because I was in love with you and I didn't want to see the disgust in your face if you found out. I know that coming out with you will make my house turn against me, will make my family turn against me. But fuck them all! All I've wanted for months now was to be with you, and now that that is possible, I'm not letting you out of my grasp!"

Harry was grinning by the time he was finished. "I love you" he choked out, before throwing himself at Draco's lips which responded with equal eagerness to Harry's passionate assault.

"Merlin, Harry, I love you too," Draco groaned when Harry finally decided to breathe. Just before Harry was about to dive back down to his lips, Draco stopped him. "Wait, one sec! Let's not go public immediately. I want to, as soon as possible, I do, but I've got a plan..."

Harry was confused. "What kind of plan? What for?"

"Well, you know how Hermione is in love with Severus..."


Hermione was confused. Really confused. She had been so sure that her plan had worked, so sure that Draco and Harry were finally going to get together. But they were acting like nothing had happened. In fact, Draco had approached her that morning and had continued acting like he was her boyfriend. When she had asked him what he was doing, he'd only said "We have a deal, remember? My love?" And then he'd proceeded to snog her in front of the entire school.

When he'd finally let her come up for some much-needed air, the first thing she saw was a flash of anger in Severus Snape's black eyes as he strode passed them, his cloak brushing Hermione's hand before he swept out of the hall.

As soon as Snape was gone, Draco released Hermione, smirked, and made his way over to the Slytherin table. Hermione was left standing shocked and confused, still clutching the hand that had touched the cloak of the dark potions master to her chest.

The rest of the day was much like the morning: Hermione would periodically find herself in Draco's arms being kissed within an inch of her life for no apparent reason whatsoever. What Hermione didn't realise, however, was that Severus Snape had been there to witness each time Draco had mauled her and that each time, Snape's expression had been darker and angrier and his fists had been clenched harder and tighter than the time before.

By last period potions, Hermione's lips felt raw and she was incredibly confused. She had tried to ask Draco what the hell he thought he was doing, but every time he'd grabbed her to give her a snog, he'd disappeared immediately after without giving her time to open her mouth. She had tried speaking to Harry too, who she thought seemed strangely happy and at ease, despite the fact that the man he was supposedly in love with kept attacking his best friend. But whenever she'd approached him, he'd made an excuse and had left, without answering any of her queries.

Hermione was sure that something was going on, but she just couldn't think what it might be... it had something to do with Draco. Obviously. But Harry was acting strangely too...

But before Hermione could begin formulating any ideas in her mind, she was grabbed again by Malfoy who pushed her against the wall opposite the door of the potions classroom and started kissing her vigorously, just as the door was slammed open and Professor Snape appeared.

Harry saw Snape go deathly pale, even more so than usual, when he saw Draco and Hermione against the wall, before he turned red with anger and... something else. Harry thought it might be pain, but perhaps he was just imagining things after Draco had suggested certain... things that morning.

"What do you think you're doing?" Snape hissed before grabbing the back of Draco's cloak and violently pulling him away from Hermione. His chest was heaving with anger as he glared at the two of them. "I. Warned. You." He snarled, his eyes sparking fury. Hermione noticed that he avoided looking at her, choosing instead to glare at Draco or the space just above Hermione's shoulder. "Again. 50 points from Gryffindor and Slytherin. I'll decide your further punishments later." With one final sneer, Snape whirled around and strode into the classroom. Once again his eyes closed once his back was turned to his students, as if trying to block out some emotion.

Hermione was the last to enter the classroom. Snape's reaction had made her feel... she didn't know what exactly, but her heart was thundering, and it definitely wasn't from Draco's passionless kiss. Her stomach had squirmed at the pure passion Snape had been exuding in his anger. She had rarely seen him so... alive... even if it was in anger and disgust at her. His proximity when he'd been towering over them had affected her too. He'd been so close, she'd been able to smell his musky, spicy scent, reminiscent of potions ingredients and something else, something she'd never smelt before. As she took a seat at her desk and glanced up at her foreboding potions master, Hermione felt a twinge of lust in her groin. It was going to be a long lesson...

An hour and a completed potion later, Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. She had been expecting Snape to be as cruel and insulting as ever, she had been expecting having to keep her mouth shut instead of fighting back and defending herself. However, she had not been expecting his stony silence for an entire solid hour. He had barely said a word. Instead he had ordered everyone to brew the lesson's potion and had stayed behind his desk doing paperwork the whole time, ignoring everyone. Usually he would prowl around, correcting and snapping at everyone when they made mistakes. This time, however, he had not interfered at all, resulting in a set of potions so dismal, Hermione wondered how any of them would pass their NEWTs at the end of the year. Even then, he had not said anything. He had merely accepted the potions with a frosty glare at each individual when they handed in, except for Hermione, for whom he'd not even looked up when it was her time to approach his desk. Then he'd given them an essay to complete for the next lesson and had ordered them all to leave. And everyone left. Everyone, that is, except for Draco.

Draco had quickly gone up to the Gryffindor table, had quickly touched Hermione's waist and whispered to her to wait for him outside the classroom. And then he'd stayed behind waiting for everyone to leave.

Yet again Hermione was confused. But she'd done as she'd been told and stood outside the classroom after everyone had left. Her curiosity, however, had gotten the better of her and she'd stood close to the door, listening to the conversation on the other side. And she'd been struck dumb.

When Draco was the only student left in the classroom, he walked up to Snape's desk, against which he was leaning, and looked him in the eye, and said "Severus, admit it. You're in love with Hermione Granger."

Snape finally lost it. He'd been reigning in his emotions all day. He'd had to watch his Godson mauling his woman so many times that day, he'd lost count. And now that very Godson had the nerve to confront him. He saw red.

"Get out of my classroom, you insufferable little PRICK! How DARE you speak to me in such a manner." He was breathing heavily, his nostrils flaring. "What do you want me to say? That I love her? That I want her? That she's mine?! Because, there you have it, it's true. It's all, fucking, TRUE! And you've known it the whole time, haven't you, you bastard?! And you've touched her, kissed her, mauled her in front of me every single time you had the opportunity. Do you even like her? Or are you just doing it to spite me? I always knew you were a bastard, but I would never have expected this." Snape was seething. He was towering over Draco and the smirk the younger man wore on his face only drove him into a wilder fury. "Now, FUCK OFF and never speak to me again. We're over. And one more thing, Malfoy," he snarled, "if I found out you've hurt her, I will castrate you. Have I made myself clear?"

Snape leant back against his desk and was ready to return to his quarters and drink himself into blissful oblivion. He didn't look up when he heard the door slam, assuming it was Draco leaving. But then he heard the footsteps approaching his desk and he looked up and saw something which made him stop in his tracks.

Hermione Granger was striding towards him, her hair flying and her eyes spitting fire, a determined expression on her face. Severus didn't have a chance to process this image before she reached him, grabbed him with both arms and fastened her lips to his.

Hermione clung to him, still unable to accept what she'd heard, and yet so desperately hopeful that she felt her heart would break if he were to push her away. She clutched his cloak, pulling him tighter towards her, pushing her body against his. Her lips moved against his, trying to express all of her pent up longing and desire. He still stood there unmoving, unresponding, like a marble statue.

When Hermione felt like she was about to faint from lack of oxygen, she was forced to take her lips from his. But she didn't give him any time to pull away, instead she breathed his name, "Severus", uttering it aloud for the first time, before fastening her lips to his again.

And this time, miraculously, he responded. Suddenly Hermione found herself surrounded by his arms, which had moved to grasp her around her back, pulling her tightly into his body. Where his lips had once been cold and unmoving, they were now moving ardently against hers and then his mouth opened and his tongue swept over her lips which opened without further pushing. And then his tongue was inside her mouth and everything changed. Heat exploded everywhere, travelling down Hermione's body and settling in a tight, hot furl in her stomach. His tongue traced her teeth, as if trying to memorise each indentation, as if trying to leave his trace on every possible surface he could find. And then her tongue jumped up to meet his and his tongue stroked against hers and she moaned loudly, hands moving up to grasp his hair, pulling his head even further into her, tightening around fistfuls of hair that should have been painful, but instead left Severus with such a feeling of being desired, of being needed, that he groaned into her mouth and let one hand drop to her bottom, pulling her into his erection.

As soon as Hermione felt the hard length pressing into her stomach, it felt like the world had stopped. She pressed herself into it and tore her lips from his mouth, staring into his eyes before sliding her lips onto his neck, onto his scar and sucking forcefully.

Severus had never felt anything like it. It felt like stars had exploded behind his eyes. He grew even harder, even though he would not have thought it possible moments earlier. He groaned her name, "Hermione", in a tone filled with so much passion it sent shivers down her back.

Suddenly Hermione found herself spun around, her back pressed against the desk and Severus pressed along her front. His mouth was back on hers, demanding and forceful, his hot breath mingling with hers whenever they broke away to pant in some much needed oxygen. Their hands had wandered into each other's clothes, Severus holding Hermione's waist beneath her robes and Hermione's hands were grasping his back over his shirt. But soon that wasn't enough and they were ripping at each other's robes, trying to get them off, before moving onto jumpers and shirts and skirts and trousers, kissing and grasping all the way, feeling skin for the first time and realising that nothing would ever be enough.

Without quite realising how she had gotten there, Hermione was lying on the floor completely naked, her body covered by Severus' equally naked body. Their hands were everywhere, their tongues were intertwined and their hearts were thudding against each other, as if trying to break out of their shells in order to jump into the other's chest.

And then Hermione felt something hard and hot pressing against her entrance, and she was so wet and she needed it so much, she felt a terrible emptiness desperate to be filled. Their eyes locked and Hermione's hands went to Severus' arse and she pulled and then he was in.

There was a pause. There were no words, none would have sufficed. Only flesh against flesh, flesh in flesh, and Hermione was drowning in his eyes, blacker than any night's sky, pulling her in and she feared, no, she hoped, that she would never escape from their grasp.

And then he was moving, slow and hard and it was perfect, and she was lifting her hips to meet his, moaning uncontrollably, her moans mixing with his groans and he started moving faster and harder and she was encouraging him, crying out, crying his name, hands clutching his back and his hair and everywhere, and her mouth was open, breathing hard against his. There was an indescribable feeling in her heart and the tight coil in her abdomen was just coiling tighter and tighter, her toes were starting to curl and he was going faster and faster, somehow hitting her clit every time he thrust, and then everything went black and it felt like her head was exploding on the inside and she cried out his name in complete ecstasy, her hands needing to grasp something, gripping the flesh on his back and she was shuddering and she felt like her heart had burst and all the while he had been thrusting and groaning and kissing and now he was stiffening, crying out her name, shuddering and he felt like it would never end, could never end, and then they were lying there, he was on top of her, his face buried in her neck and she was crying

"-Hermione, Merlin, Hermione are you OK? Did I hurt you? Why are you crying? Oh Gods, I'm so sorry-"

Tears continued to stream down her face and Hermione laughed into his neck and continued to sob the whole time- "Oh God, Severus, I love you, I love you, I've never felt this indescribably happy, never-" and he was kissing her again, one hand in the hair he had insulted so often, one hand stroking her side.

Eventually he lifted his face from hers, and brought one hand up to wipe away the tears from her face, and his face had split into a smile to match Hermione's and she had never seen anything like it. It transformed his face and wiped away any signs of age, of stress, and he had never looked so handsome and she had never been so in love.

"Promise me" said Hermione after she had regained enough breath to speak, "promise me that you will never push me away again. Please. I couldn't bear it. I need you, I will always need you, please promise me" and she kissed him again because she couldn't bear their lips being parted for too long a time.

"Oh Gods, Hermione" he replied eventually, "I promise, I do. I've loved you so much, all this time, and I thought you would never feel the same and the pain was too much to bear, so I tried to make you hate me. It would be easier than accepting your friendship, accepting the sacrifice you made for me, and knowing that you would never truly want me, would never truly love me. I'm yours, from now on, I swear it. I will never push you away again. I couldn't, if I tried" and then she kissed him, tears streaming again, but she couldn't hold them back, she'd never been so happy. "Just tell me, Hermione, tell me you're mine. That you won't tire of me, that you won't ever leave me."

Hermione could see the fear and insecurity in his eyes and she knew they had no reason to be there. "Severus, I'm yours, entirely and forever. What I feel for you, I will never be able to feel for anyone else. I never want to be parted from you, from this day onwards." And with that, their conversation was over and they lost themselves in each other again.

That evening at dinner, the hall was in an uproar. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy had decided to sit together. At the Hufflepuff table. They sat opposite each other and ignored everyone else, eating their food calmly and speaking to each other in tones too low for others to overhear. They were also the only ones in the hall to notice that both Hermione Granger and Severus Snape were missing. When they had made that particular discovery, they had shared a secret grin that spoke of victory and satisfaction.

After dinner, they made their way to Harry's chambers and spent the night in each other's arms, Harry's head on Draco's chest and their legs intertwined. Both slept better than they ever had before.

In another room, deep down in the dungeons of the castle, Hermione and Severus lay in a similar position. She was tucked into his side, surrounded by his arm, one of her arms and one of her legs holding onto his body. She knew that she would never let go.