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WARNING: descriptions of sexual abuse and violence. Angsty and sad.

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"It's either her or your boy, up to you!"

Will forced his eyes open, swallowing thickly as he tried to recall why he was lying on the floor. Trying to lift his head to orient himself, he only caused his vision to blur and the room to spin. His stomach was churning, and his mouth and throat felt like burning sandpaper.

His head was pounding as he struggled to pull himself off the floor. As he pressed down on his right hand, his shoulder blade shifted, sending a rip of burning pain down his back. Biting his lip as he screwed up his face in agony, he fell back onto the floor, letting a groan escape.

Taking deep breaths, he lay there on the floor for what felt like hours, desperately trying to recall what had gone on in the missing hours. All he could remember from earlier was putting Henry to bed, then getting frisky with JJ on the lounge room couch.

Then they'd heard a thud from the back of the house.

Kissing JJ's forehead, Will placed his hands on her hips as they stood in the middle of the lounge room. "I love you"

JJ smiled, stretching up on her toes to peck his lips. "I love you too," she whispered, kissing him again, only this time much deeper and more passionate than before. Snaking her arms up around his neck, she pulled him towards the couch as he slipped his tongue past her lips.

Lying back on the cushions, JJ wrapped her legs around Will's waist. Will broke the kiss, smiling down at her. "Someone's eager, we haven't even got our clothes off yet"

JJ laughed, tugging him back down into another kiss.

A click followed by a thud rang out from the back of the house. Will and JJ broke apart, both frowning as they sat up and looked towards the sound. Another thud was heard, making their hearts race.

"That was the back window," Will hissed.

"I'm going to check on Henry," JJ whispered, leaping off the couch and darting off down the side hallway to Henry's room.

Moving silently through the kitchen, Will grabbed the large carving knife, before going down the back hallway. He could hear whoever was in the house moving towards him as he reached the T-junction created by the meeting of two hallways.

Turing left towards the master bedroom, he frowned when he saw no-one in sight.

With a sickening crunch and an explosion of pain, something contacted the back of his head, and he crumpled to the floor in an unconscious heap.

Darkness enveloped him. Someone had turned all the lights off. There was not a sound to be heard throughout the entire house, which unnerved Will entirely. Henry should be crying. JJ should be calling out for Will.

Where were JJ and Henry?

Will could vaguely remember hearing JJ screaming for help, begging her attacker to stop during one of his conscious flashes. He could vaguely remember one of the men hissing in his ear that if he didn't comply, they would kill JJ and Henry. He could vaguely remember JJ being dragged past Will to the master bedroom.

That was when it all came flooding back.

JJ had been raped. Multiple times. They had taken his beautiful wife, his best friend, his lover, and had violated her and hurt her in the most intimate way possible.

Letting out a choked sob, Will felt tears sting his eyes. They'd hurt JJ. They'd hurt her, and he had been powerless to stop it, after promising to her and himself that he would never let anything bad happen to her.

The pain in his head had dulled slightly, enough for him to consider trying to move around. Crossing his right arm across his stomach, he held it there to keep it as still as possible. Testing out his other arm for weight bearing, he found that it was uninjured.

Pushing himself up, Will managed to get into a sitting position. His stomach rolled as dizziness set in.

'God, what the hell did they do to me?' he wondered as he waited for it to subside. Closing his eyes, he leant back against the couch, taking some deep breaths.

Reaching over and gripping the arm of the couch for support, he pulled himself into a standing position.

His head spun violently as tried to get his balance. Leaning over, Will was helpless to stop his stomach rejecting its contents over the carpet.

'JJ's gonna kill me for that," was all that went through his mind as he coughed and spluttered, his dry throat burning like a desert sun.

Dry retching, Will managed to stagger through the kitchen, flicking on lights as he went. He spotted the carving knife he'd grabbed lying on the kitchen floor...glistening with ruby red blood.

He hadn't attacked anyone with it. As far as he could tell, he hadn't sustained any flesh wounds that would've been caused by a knife.

"Daddy?" a small voice called out, filled with paralysing fear. Will stopped, dropping to his knees as he looked under the table to find a cowering, terrified little Henry.

"Henry, are you alright?" he choked out. Henry nodded as he scampered into Will's arms. Will winced, wrapping his good arm around Henry and kissing his son's temple. As Henry clutched to him, Will did a quick examine of Henry's tiny body. No cuts, no visible injuries. Just some bruising on his arm; Will guessed that one of the attackers had grabbed Henry a little too harshly.

"Daddy, I s-s-s-scared," Henry sobbed into his father's shoulder.

"I know buddy. I know, but listen to Daddy for me," Will said as calm and soothingly as he could manage, prying Henry back so the little boy could look at him. "I need you to do something for me. I need you to go to Miss Kate's house and knock on the door. Tell Miss Kate that Mommy and Daddy are hurt, and we need a policeman and an ambulance. If Miss Kate doesn't answer the door, go to Mr Andrews' house, ok?"

"Ok," Henry said tearfully. Will watched as Henry raced to the front door and disappeared down the front steps towards Kate's house.

Getting up off his knees, Will held onto the wall for support as he made his way down the hallway to the back of the house where he guessed JJ was. He hoped they hadn't taken her. That would just make the entire situation even worse.

His stomach rolled as he noticed the trail of blood on the carpet; it was enough to be concerned about. Enough to have come from some serious injuries.

Staggering down the hallway, he reached the door of the master bedroom. Noting the scratch marks and blood on the door, he steeled himself for what he was going to see behind that door.

"Miss Kate! Miss Kate!" Henry cried as he hit the door as hard as he could, fat tears rolling down his little cheeks. The door flew open, a worried and confused Kate standing in the doorway.

"Henry, buddy, what's wrong?" Kate asked hurriedly, scooping him up and carrying him inside.

"Daddy needs a policeman and a ambulance. Mommy and Daddy are hurt!" Henry sobbed. Kate moved swiftly towards the phone, dialling 911 as she sat Henry on the edge of her kitchen counter.

"How bad are they hurt, Henry?" she asked as the line rang.

"Daddy was bleeding. And his eye was purple," Henry sniffed in explanation.

"Yes, I need an ambulance and the police..."

Swallowing thickly, Will turned the handle and pushed the door open. Stepping into the room, he looked to his left, and almost collapsed to the floor at what he saw, a choked sob escaping him.

He clutched the wall for support as he took in the sight of his beloved, his JJ, curled up in the foetal position in the middle of their bed, battered, bruised, and bleeding badly. They had hurt her so much more than he could ever have imagined.

"JayJay," he choked out, collapsing against the edge of the bed. JJ opened her eyes a little, tears leaking out as she saw Will sitting there.

Will couldn't believe the state she was in. Her usually well tamed beautiful blonde locks were tangled and tinged red with blood at the tips. Her pretty face was bloodied and bruised, particularly her jawbone, eyes, mouth, and cheekbones. Her nose was bleeding pretty badly, as was her lip.

Her shirt was ripped, her ribs were bruised and most definitely broken, and there was a deep stab wound to her abdomen; the blood on the knife was hers.

Will didn't even want to see what they'd done to her below her waist. He could see that her shorts were stained with blood, and that told him that they had been sickeningly rough with her.

Listening to JJ's sobs made his heart break. He couldn't stand seeing her cry.

Crumpling to a heap at the side of the bed, Will let go of the tears he'd been holding back. Tears of pain, tears of anger, tears of fear.

Most of his tears were tears of guilt. Because no matter how he thought about it, Will was convinced that it was his fault.