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His fingers were touching and penetrating parts of her body that she only shared with Will. One hand between her legs, the other clamped tightly over her mouth to keep her quiet.

"You are just as beautiful as I remember," her attacker whispered, leaning down and inhaling deeply. She shuddered, squeezing her eyes closed as tears slipped out.

A sharp sting made her abruptly open them again, wide with fear.

"You LOOK at me when I'm talking to you!"

Roughly pushing her shorts aside, he undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and forced himself into her as he released the hand on her mouth, making her cry out in pain. Her outcry earned her a hard punch to the ribs.

"No! Please, Will! Help-!" she tried to scream as she felt her most intimate area tear, coupled with the frightening warm trickle of blood on her skin.


Another slap across the face. This time, she felt her lip split, blood spilling into her mouth.

Leaning down, his lips brushed her ear.

"I'm going to enjoy this"

"You are just so beautiful," Will murmured in her ear as they moved together in a slow rhythm. Keeping one hand on the bed to keep himself steady, he placed his other hand against hers, locking their fingers together.

"I love you"

"I love you too, cher. You are the light of my life," he managed to say before his breathing sped up, pleasure coursing through his lower half in powerful waves.

Bathed in the moonlight spilling through the window, they never broke eye contact, their lips barely millimetres apart as they gasped and moaned with pleasure.

When JJ fell, she knew Will would catch her.

She felt sick to her stomach.

As her attacker grabbed her by the shoulders and threw her against the wall, she felt defeated. Too scared, too tired to fight back, she remained limp as she crumpled to the floor in a heap.

She could hear Henry screaming for his mommy somewhere in the house. Hot tears stung her eyes. Her baby boy. They were hurting her beautiful baby boy.

She felt a hand close around her neck. Her airway became constricted as he lifted her from the floor and pinned her to the wall.

Something sharp pressed into her stomach. She gasped in pain as she realised he was slowly pushing a knife into her abdomen.

Blood began to spill down the front of her white top, blossoming like a ruby red rose.

Her vision began to falter. Closing her eyes for just a second, she wished for it to just end.

"Here he is, your new baby boy," the nurse gushed, placing a little bundle of blue into her arms.

She stared down in wonder at her son's little face, tears of joy pooling in her tired eyes.

Will's arm slipped around her shoulders as he leaned down to get a better look at his son. His smile was wide and glowing, and his eyes were awfully bright.

"He's beautiful"

Her body ached. She'd been raped four times; twice by the leader, once by the other two.

Curled in a ball on the bed she shared with Will, tears cascaded from her eyes, leaving a damp patch on the bed linen.

She wanted to die.