A/N: A piece of fluff for everyone to mark the holidays.

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He makes her feel like nothing bad will ever happen again.

It's different with the others, their bright words about how it's all okay now, how none of it was her fault. Somehow that makes her feel more guilty, and the worst is that they don't know what they're doing.

She doesn't want someone to tell her not to worry about it. Doesn't need that because all it does is eat at her reforming soul, reminds her of her lost innocence.

He comes to sit next to her one night, when she thinks everyone is asleep. She's surprised that he found her, hiding in the darkness of the ship's deepest recesses. She is even more surprised to find that his warmth cuts through her darkness like the sharpest weapon.

"I used to hang out here, too," he confides in her as he dangles his legs over the scaffolding. "When your brother's brooding would get on my nerves."

Karone looks at him in the dark, smiles despite herself. "So you'd brood a little, too? This place is for lonely people, people looking to escape. It's not typically for friendly people."

Zhane feels the utter sadness in her words, recognises the truth in them. He shrugs. "I get lonely sometimes."

She doesn't look away from him. He's sitting so close to her she can feel the heat. "Me too."

"You're looking to escape?"

There's a hint of curiosity in his voice, a pinch of disappointment. She's quick to alleviate it. "Not really. Just sometimes it gets too much, like everyone's treating me like cracked glass, just holding their breath so I don't break."

With his eyes catching a glimpse of her hair in the dark, Zhane resists the overwhelming urge to brush it from her face. He feels a sudden surge of heat. "You'd rather they speak normally to you, like they're not waiting for the crash."

It's not a question, but an acknowledgement. He knows her.

"I'd rather they speak to me like you do," she answers him honestly.

Zhane smiles. "And how is that?"

"Like you're not afraid of what I'm going to say," Karone almost whispers.

"I understand a lot more than people think," he responds after a brief moment. The quiet continues a little longer. "I'm not going to tell you to forget the past, or to not worry about the things you did. Those things, you can't change. But you can learn from them, learn how to take the good from the bad."

Despite the darkness, or maybe because of it, Karone rests her head on Zhane's shoulder, leans into him and closes her eyes. She feels safe wrapped in his warmth, feels like nothing bad can happen there.

He makes her feel loved.