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Authors note: I wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone again for reading my story and all the very nice reviews. I do my best.

A number of people said they would like a sequel to "That which we face" and I have started work on one. Work is progressing slowly but surely. This story is coming out much slower than my other ones. I'm not sure when I will have the 1st chapter out but I can give you an idea what is coming. I have a couple of chapters completed at the moment and a couple under construction.

First couple of chapters will be important points in the first two years of Tori and Jade's college experience. The main body of action will probably take place in their junior year of college. There will be some drama and come comedy as well. Relationships will be tested, that sort of thing.

Here is a tiny preview of coming attractions and will take place in chapter one. It takes place on graduation day from Hollywood Arts High.

As Tori got to the table she took her yearbook and eagerly handed it to Jade along with a pen after giving the Goth a quick kiss.

"You never signed my yearbook Jade"

Jade looked at the yearbook as if it were made from toxic waste. "Do I have to?"

"Yes Jade. Please." Tori whined.

Jade huffed. "Fine" and started to write while Tori spoke with Cat for a moment about plans to go to the beach next week.

"Here you go Vega." Jade said handing the yearbook to the excited Latina who immediately looked up what her girlfriend wrote.

Tori's Jaw dropped upon reading the entry. "That's it?"

You will have to wait to find out what Jade wrote in Tori's yearbook.

If anyone has a suggestion as far as plot let me know. It's all in development at the moment and perhaps one or two fresh ideas may punch it up a bit.

-Later folks…