The Mole : Disguised Disgrace

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Now, let's get down to business. What is 'The Mole', you ask? The Mole is a game show which originated in Belgium and then made its way to others countries such as England, the USA, the Netherlands, Australia and the list goes on. Currently, it's still going strong in the Netherlands and I heard that Australia was going to have another season after an expanded break.

In this game, a certain amount of players must overcome various challenges, both of the physical and mental kind, in order to add money to a team pot, which only the winner will obtain at the end of the game. While it does appear simple at first glance, there is another twist that explains why the show is so interesting. One of the player isn't who they seem to be, they are a double agent hired by the producers to sabotage the group's efforts and lose money for the pot, all the while staying hidden.

The goal of the genuine players is to identify who the Mole is, for at the end of each episode they take a questionnaire about the mysterious saboteur. Questions such as 'what role did the Mole take during X challenge?' or 'what is the Mole's gender?' are asked to the players, and the one who scores the lowest on the quiz is executed from the game with no hope of ever returning. Since the quiz is about the Mole, they can never be executed and remain until the end of the game with two other genuine players who will later be known as the winner and the runner-up.

Now, a final note before starting the real story. I have already written a first season in English which you can read by accessing my profile. If you haven't read it yet, I would suggest to do so before you get spoiled. I also noticed that many people have been spoiled because of sheer curiosity, which is why I would advise not reading the reviews either. The story won't contain any spoilers pertaining to other fictions written by other authors, but there probably will be cameos.

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A new beginning. The Mole is back for yet another season of deceit and treachery, hoping to discourage the players from earning any money, but nine new figures are up to the challenge of figuring who the traitor is, and even though the new saboteur wants everyone to fail, they know that one person will ultimately reveal them as the fraud. But until then, it would be fair game.

1 : Sporty Entrance

Mario Stadium, the biggest and greatest stadium the Mushroom Kingdom had ever seen. It had hosted many different events concerning different sports, such as Basketball, Athletic Competitions, and even Fighting Tournaments. However, on that day, it would host the start of an incredible adventure, a journey of several weeks, physically and mentally testing, which only purpose was to answer a very simple question: who is the Mole?

A very short figure was waiting in front of the stadium's huge metallic doors, smiling to himself as he waited for the contestants to arrive. He had a blue bow-tie on as well as shades which protected his eyes, vulnerable to the strong light emitted by the sun. Nobody but him was present on the scene as it was a Monday morning and people had either jobs or classes to attend to, so his surroundings were oddly deserted, giving the scenery a calm aspect.

Nodding to himself, the light brown mole began his speech. "In soon time, a bus will drop off our ten new contestants. They have been instructed to not talk to anyone on board of the vehicle until they reach their destination, so they are all strangers to each other."

The host took a short pause to swallow his saliva. "Nine of them have come here to win the whole competition, while the other has been assigned a secret job as the saboteur of the group. The genuine candidates have all given up their normal life for a short while and will soon become the Mole's preys. Or will they? One of those preys will eventually overthrow the Mole and become the predator. But for now, they can only wait in anticipation." Just as he finished that phrase, a green bus appeared in the distance.

As it came closer to the humongous building, the Monty Mole could not help but display a grin on his face. "I can't wait to see what this fourth installment of The Mole has in store for us."

At last, the bus reached its final destination and the host could discern the logo of 'The Mole : Disguised Disgrace', which was simply a green thumbprint on a black background. The mole had to muster all the professionalism he could to refrain from hopping up and down with impatience.

The doors opened, letting the first player out of the bus. She stepped down carefully and gracefully, watching her foot placement. Straightening her cape, she smiled as she reached the host.

"Good morning, I suppose you are our host, mister...?" She trailed, waiting for an answer.

"Hello, my name is Monty Mole," the host greeted her, finally revealing his name.

First name : Shokora

Surname : Enekora

Birthday : May 19

Job : Politician

Another one came after the former princess. Unlike her, they did not watch their foot placement for they had no foot at all. A huge grin plastered on his face, the contestant gave a thumbs-up to the camera.

"What's up guys?" asked the male casually. Monty Mole acknowledged him with a nod of the head and an unwavering smile as the player made his way to the little group. Shokora had a warm smile on her face as well.

First name : Bullet

Surname : Bill

Birthday : February 25

Job : Demolition Specialist

A third figure emerged from the bus as well, a scowl of displeasure on his face. He shielded his eyes from the strong glares of the sun and floated down the bus' steps with haste. Once he reached the others, they could tell that he was excited to be on the show as his eyes were sparkling with amusement.

"Hi everyone," waved the creature with his free arm. The others returned the gesture.

First name : Boo

Surname : Fanto

Birthday : October 31

Job : Spy

The fourth person was a short female who staggered a little as she escaped the bus. Once her foot had reached the pavement, she brushed one of her pigtails with her hand and made her way to the group.

"Hi ya people! Wow, it's sooo cool to be here with you all!" giggled the new contestant dreamily.

"Welcome!" Monty Mole greeted her back, grinning.

First name : Waitress

Surname : Serva

Birthday : July 4

Job : Waitress

A fifth player appeared in the bus. He stroke his mustache, apparently in deep thought. When he snapped out of his reverie, he jumped down the stairs, which was extremely surprising coming from someone his age, eager to begin the competition.

"Whoo! Who's ready for the adventure of a lifetime?" questioned the new player happily, provoking cheers of excitement within the group. "I say, we're going to have fun!"

"I already like this guy," Boo whispered in Shokora's ear.

First name : Kolorado

Surname : Raiver

Birthday : January 19

Job : Archaeologist/Explorer

Another female followed his steps afterward. Placing one feet before the other, she stepped down the few stairs separating her from the ground with caution, especially since she was wearing red high-heels. The beautiful female waved to the others as she strutted toward the group.

"A pleasure to meet you all," she smiled kindly, shaking Bullet Bill's outstretched hand with her own.

First name : Blanche

Surname : Magus

Birthday : April 22

Job : White Mage

Again, it was a female who went out of the bus next. Instead of using the steps, the nimble player simply jumped out of the vehicle with a cheer and galloped toward the group at a fast pace. The energetic player did a cartwheel and shook her head modestly when she heard the sound of applause.

"Hi everyone! It's so cool to be part of this show! When do we start?"

"In soon time, in soon time," answered the host.

First name : Dixie

Surname : Kong

Birthday : June 7

Job : Circus Performer

Right after Dixie turned around, a small boy wearing a blue cap on his head leaped off the bus and rushed to meet the others. Needless to say, he was very excited and glad to be part of the show.

"Hey, I'm not late, am I?" he asked as he skidded to a halt.

"Of course not! I think we're still missing some people!" replied Dixie, winking at him.

First name : Goombario

Surname : Goomarroon

Birthday : September 16

Job : Dojo Owner/Master

Another creature floated down the stairs of the bus. How he did so, nobody knew, but it looked like gravity had no effect on the sea creature who had a cheerful expression on his face. Moving his caudal fin, he reached the rest of the group. The others looked at him in incredulity. Stepping toward them, he was surprised when he saw them moving backwards.

"What? I don't have the plague," declared the blue creature bluntly.

"No but... Your nose's kinda weird," noticed Waitress absentmindedly.

"What she means is that we wouldn't want to get hurt," corrected Goombario. He laughed as he maneuvered around the creature to shake his hand.

First name : Enguarde

Surname : Espadon

Birthday : December 8

Job : Oceanographer

Finally, a tenth and last player appeared on the bus' steps. The translucent being with blond hair and pale blue skin floated to the group and marveled at the sight of the Mushroom Kingdom. Gasping in excitement, the female met up with the others with a slight smirk.

"I guess I'm the final one, right? There was nobody else on the bus." As if to reply to her question, the doors of the bus closed and the vehicle departed. "I'll take this for an answer."

First name : Melody

Surname : Pianissimo

Birthday : March 13

Job : Musician

"I'm so glad the bus ride is over, I was beginning to be a bit sick," Waitress sighed in relief. A few others nodded, showing their agreement.

"Yeah, but the sun is still annoying me," Boo pointed out, shaking his head in exasperation. "I should have brought shades with me."

"Don't you have ones in your luggage?" inquired Shokora, slightly surprised. Boo shook his head.

"Yeah, but there's no guarantee I'm going to have my luggage once we check in at our hotel."

"So what, now?" asked the swordfish. "Are we supposed to do something at this very moment?"

"Well, you could always turn your full attention to me," suggested the host with a small laugh. The players stopped what they were doing as they heard his words. Their small introduction complete, they had completely forgotten about him.

Kolorado shrugged in amusement. "Well, we're all ears now, old chap!"

"Well everyone, you know what you signed up for, but I still need to introduce you to the game. We'll enter the Mole's territory right as we pass these doors after all," Monty smiled, pointing to the stadium behind him. "First of all, I wanted to thank you all for attending this fourth installment of The Mole series and I wish you all a far and long journey in the game."

Goombario let out a small chuckle. "Yeah, hopefully!"

"Now, as you probably all know by now, this is The Mole, a game like no other. At first glance, you all seem like different contestants, all striving to obtain victory at all cost, but let me tell you that appearances are deceiving in this game. Indeed, one of the Mole, whose job is to sabotage the group and render the players' endeavors futile."

"I just knew that wasn't gonna be easy," Bullet Bill crossed his arms, eyeing his competition.

"The Mole is cold at heart," jested White Mage, looking at the others. "Hard to think that one of us isn't who they seem to be." Her sentence was received with various affirmations.

"It is the traitor's job to hinder your progress while remaining a mystery for all of you. Your job, however, is to uncover the truth and unmask the traitor thanks to your detective skills," explained Monty Mole.

"I see... I've always had a thing for mysteries, ever since I went on an adventure with Mario," Goombario commented, happy to know that the game would not only be about challenges. "It's good to see we're going to be able to test our smarts!"

"Like, this Pennington guy would soooo succeed in this task," Waitress declared sweetly yet ironically, earning a few chuckles from the people who knew the said detective.

"So, how do the execution ceremonies work exactly?" wondered Dixie, cocking her head to the side. "I mean, I didn't get it when I read the application and they said it would be explained here anyway."

"Excellent question, my dear. Well, to determine who goes home, you will all take a questionnaire about the Mole at the end of each episode. The lowest scorer is sent home," Monty stated.

"And what if there's a tie? Both people go home?" Dixie insisted, wanting clear information.

"No, in that case the slowest one will be executed. Does that answer your interrogations?" The blonde monkey nodded, an earnest smile on her face.

"Many trials and ordeals await you in the future, but please note that you won't do all of this for nothing. All the challenges you'll play are worth a certain amount of money, and depending on how good you are in those challenges your team pot could be extremely high...just like it could really low."

"Up to how much can we win in the challenges you speak of? I mean the number of coins we could win in total," Melody interrogated, very interested.

"I cannot tell you how much it's going to be... But I know it exceeds five hundred thousand coins," responded the host. Some jaws dropped in disbelief.

"Now that's quite nice," Melody rubbed her hands together. "I could use the grand prize."

"No way! That's gonna be awesoooome!" Waitress cheered in a sing song voice.

"Alright! Let's do this, team!" Dixie yelled enthusiastically.

"Yeah, I'm gonna try my best as well!" Bullet Bill pumped his fist in the air.

Monty Mole let the excitement die out before chuckling. His laughter was heard by the players who looked at him quizzically. "I'm always overexcited when a new season begins," Monty Mole apologized. "But I need to verify something. Can someone tell me what the goal of this game is?"

White Mage sent him a strange glance, not quite understanding the point of his question. "To discover who is the Mole, right?"

"You are correct, Blanche. And what better way to do so than to ask yourself this simple question : who is the Mole?" The others stared at him blankly. "I reformulate : for this first assignment, I want you to tell me who you think is the Mole. Put the name of one male and one female, if you please," the literal mole demanded as he took out several pens from his fur as well as slips of paper he had hidden behind his back all this time. Hesitant at first, the contestants eventually complied

Shokora : I knew this game would be full of twists, but I never expected to have to answer this question on the very first day. I barely know the other players and they already want me to pinpoint the Mole? Talk about an eventful day one!

Boo : When you have to make decisions like these, you always question yourself. How will it influence the game, what's going to happen if you're selected, are we voting out someone, etc... It's just too bad that my knowledge of the game is useless in these situations, because I doubt the producers would use the same twists over and over again.

Monty Mole excused himself from the group as he went elsewhere to tally the votes. The candidates were left to themselves, so they decided to talk.

"I honestly hope nothing bad will happen from my vote," wished Shokora.

"Yeah, if one of us is eliminated from the game, it's gonna suck for them," Enguarde agreed, biting his fin. He and several others were very tense.

"But why would he want us to reveal who we're 'suspecting'? I'm using this term very loosely because we just know each other's names!" Melody pointed out, aggravated.

"Well, brace yourself because here he comes!" Kolorado exclaimed, his body turned toward the host.

"It didn't take him long, do you think there was a majority against someone?" Goombario wondered, unnerved. "Man, this doesn't bode well..."

"Let's just calm down and chill out, guys," called Bullet Bill, waggling his finger. "'Cause you don't even know if it's something bad or not."

Dixie : It was like super intimidating to wait there for the results of our votes. People say that ignorance is bliss. Well, not in this case, I tell you.

"I've finished tallying the results, so I see no point in waiting any longer. Would Waitress and Boo please step forward?" The members of the pair looked at each other and did as they were told. "Well, congratulations, you two are the Mole."

"Huh? But I thought there was only one Mole," Waitress hesitated.

"Yeah, I'm wondering the same. Plus I'm not the Mole," Boo crossed his arms in annoyance.

Goombario : That tacked-on comment wasn't suspicious at all. Gee, if sarcasm was a liquid, you would be able to see it dripping from my mouth right now. But I suppose it also answers why he had the most votes for the males.

"What I meant was that you two were seen as the most suspicious ones by your comrades," Monty Mole elaborated. "You two will have a special role for the next challenge, so come with me, we must discuss some details of the mission first."

"Well thanks guys, it's great to know that I'm already an outcast," Boo rolled his eyes as he followed the host. Waitress, on the other hand, waved cheerfully at her friends, probably lost in her own little world. Once the trio was at a reasonable distance, the group resumed talking.

"You think we made the right choice?" Bullet Bill questioned. Nobody had an answer.

"Well, to be fair, I didn't put any of them down," Enguarde replied. "They didn't strike me as Mole-ish."

"Not like anyone would strike you as Mole-ish on day one," Melody remarked.

"I'm just wondering what their special role is," White Mage told everyone truthfully. Although nobody else voiced their concern, they were all intrigued as to what Boo's and Waitress' role would be.

Monty Mole addressed the other two. "So, how does it feel to be the 'Mole'?" the host asked jokingly. Boo laughed drily while Waitress did not seem to care at all.

"Did we win something?" she smiled cutely.

"Funny that you would ask that, because one of you will win something in the future!" Monty Mole laughed as he took a green card from his pocket. Boo immediately recognized it and gasped in amazement.

"That's an exemption! Is it for us? Oh, please say that it's for us!" Boo half-pleaded and half-demanded.

Waitress stared at the Boo in puzzlement. "What's an exemption?"

"It's a lifesaver in this game," Boo explained. "It means that you can't be executed at the execution ceremony, and though it only lasts one episode, it's pretty useful."

"But how do you know that?"

"I've watched the first three seasons, you know. I'm a diehard fan of The Mole." Waitress did not seem interested anymore in the conversation.

"Well, Boo is correct. And to answer your own question, Boo, I'm afraid only one of you is going to win it. In a few minutes, we'll start our own challenge which is quite straightforward. You will all play a game of dodge ball, best of three. It will be males versus females."

Boo tempted a look behind his shoulder to scan the other eight players. "Seems fair," he shrugged.

"The girls are gonna win!" Waitress giggled. Boo opened his mouth as if to protest but decided against it.

"If the boys win, Boo will earn the exemption. If the girls win, Waitress will win it instead," Monty carried on. "But be careful, because here comes the tricky part. The next challenge is also worth twenty thousand coins, and while an exemption will be awarded no matter what to the leader of the winning team, the money may or may not be awarded depending on your decision. You have to bet on the team you believe will win."

"I hardly see the difficulty in this task, I mean, we could just-" Boo stopped in mid-sentence, realizing that he was mistaken. "So... Unless one of us literally passes on the exemption, we can't be one hundred percent sure that the money will be won..." The ghost turned to the Toadette, hesitating. "I don't suppose you would give up an exemption?"

"Not a chance in hell," replied his opponent, still beaming. "It's the first episode and nobody knows who the Mole is, right? So everyone can be eliminated first, and I don't really wanna be this person."

Waitress : I admit that I'm kinda scatterbrained sometimes, but that doesn't mean I'm dumb. Hello, who on earth would sacrifice their own safety for that of another?

Waitress started looking in her apron for something as Boo stared at her, dumbfounded. "Ah-ha! Got it! Wanna chance it in a coin flip?" suggested the waitress of the Excess Express. Boo nodded slowly, seeing the merit in her suggestion.

"Heads," Boo called immediately, which prompted Waitress to throw the item in the air. Three pairs of eyes followed the coin's movements until gravity did its work and pulled it back toward the ground. Upon hitting the pavement, a winner was decided.

The ten contestants and their host entered inside Mario's Stadium, excited to walk on the same floor that the finest sportsmen had trodden upon. Gazing at their surroundings, they could see that the floor was very clean as it was sparkling. The same could be said of the bleachers. Overall, the stadium was in top-notch condition but seemed a little empty.

"Well, that's very interesting, I say!" Kolorado exclaimed as he ran inside. "I'm glad nobody's watching us, it would be quite overwhelming." Bullet Bill nodded.

"Yeah, maybe I don't seem like the type but I don't feel too well in front of a large audience," he concurred.

Bullet Bill : I'm glad we don't have to do things in front of people and that our journey is recorded. I dunno, I feel safer this way. When I was younger it was already a problem. Maybe I'll face my fear in the future.

"What would you say if I were to tell you that this is only a short part of the stadium which is used to host basketball, volleyball and dodge ball matches? We're indoors, the true stadium lies ahead, but we won't have time to check it out unfortunately," Monty Mole informed.

"I-I don't know what to say," stammered Bullet Bill. "This is huge!"

"Personally, I would say that we're going to play a match of basketball or volleyball or dodge ball," replied White Mage with a laugh.

"And you are right, once again," complimented the host. "By now, you're probably all wondering what happened when Boo and Waitress were with me outside the stadium, right?"

"You could say that it was a popular topic of conversation," confirmed Goombario, chuckling.

"Well, because their names appeared the most on your slips of paper, both of them are now eligible for an exemption," the host announced as some players gasped, "and in case you don't know, an exemption is a free pass to the next round. Only the leader of the winning team will win it though. Before you ask, the teams are males versus females."

"Seems fair," Enguarde crossed his fins as he eyed the players. Boo could not help but let out a small chuckle, having an impression of déjà vu.

"However, while they were with me they also bet on the winning team, and if they correctly predicted who would win, twenty thousand coins will be added to your pot. This mission is called 'Dodge Ball', so I suppose I don't need to tell you which sport you're going to play, right? The rules are as follow : items are in play, if you're touched two times you go in jail, once in jail you can still help your teammates but you cannot go back to the main field, best of three. Is that clear for everyone?"

"I don't think we will have trouble remembering the rules," Shokora reassured, her voice sounding refined.

Monty Mole cleared his throat. "I'll give you five minutes to discuss with your teammates."

"So?" Goombario immediately asked Boo. "Are we playing for the money?"

Boo simply nodded. "Yeah, I called heads and was correct, so our team is playing for the money."

"Good call, old chap!" Kolorado congratulated him. "I'm fine with you taking the exemption, my boy!" Enguarde's reaction was not similar.

"WHAT? You tossed a coin to know which team would get the money? Are you mad?" An incredulous blue swordfish exclaimed.

"Woah, calm down Enguarde. What did you think? We both wanted the exemption and the money, it was the only way!" Boo rolled his eyes. "Besides it doesn't matter, we just have to beat them."

"Well, yeah. If you're really the one who won this coin toss. What if you lost it and are going for the exemption?"

Enguarde : This isn't happening. Why would they bet twenty thousand coins on a coin toss? They must be mad! The worst thing is that we have no way to know for sure if Boo really did win the money, so I don't really know what to do!

Kolorado : Quite the predicament we were in, I say. But I decided to trust my instincts. I had a gut feeling Boo was telling the truth.

"I'd be fine with winning the game," Bullet Bill declared, after he weighed the pros and cons.

Goombario, however, was quick to shake his head. "I personally distrust Boo, and I think you should all think twice about what you're going to do."

"I'd like to, but we don't have time. I recall having heard from Monty that we only had five minutes to talk," Kolorado remembered. Everyone was unsure of what to do.

"I have an idea," Boo started. "How about the ones who trust me help me win the money while the others simply do nothing? The way I see it, none of you has any proof that I say the truth, and I have no further information to disclose, so we can only act based on what we believe is true."

"So, you're sure that you really won the money...?" Dixie insisted, twirling one of her hair strand with her finger. "I want us to have a good start."

Waitress giggled. "I sure am! Plus, are you gonna trust cute lil' me or that guy over there?" questioned the Toadette, jerking a thumb in Boo's direction.

"As much as I hate to agree with her, she is right," Shokora noted. "I don't trust Boo at all, some of the things he said were definitely weird. For example, when I asked him about his shades, he told me that he was not sure he would be able to get his luggage as soon as we reach our hotel. How is that not suspicious?" White Mage raised her hand.

"Why didn't you think it through, Waitress? I mean, the women in this game seem fairly more athletic than the men, so it would make sense to say that we're going to win this mission," White Mage explained.

"I dunno Blanche, Boo and I thought it was even."

"As if that were true!" Melody scoffed, eyebrow raised. "I won't let the men get the better of me and I hate losing, so I would have given my all even if you had lost the coin toss."

White Mage : Hmm, what? Did I hear correctly what she said? Did she say 'Sabotage'? Because that's what it sounded like to me.

Melody : I'm very competitive and I absolutely hate losing. People say that I have a temper, but it's not true, I just like it when I win a competition and when things go my way. And I am NOT losing this match, so the other girls better be on my good side.

"I'm great at sports," Dixie grinned. "Especially basketball and dodge ball, so I think we should win easily. Look at the others, they look weak."

"Looks are deceiving," White Mage reminded her.

"Still, the only threats in my opinion are Bullet and Enguarde, the others just seem to suck," Melody smirked.

"Well, let's do our best, girls!" Shokora smiled.

The two teams were facing each other in their own part of the field, while Monty and a player from the previous season acted as referees. Although Boo was labeled as the fan, everyone knew who he was.

"Hey guys!" Kooper waved at the ten brand new players. "Monty and I will both watch you play to make sure we're not missing anything. May you fare longer than me!" he chuckled heartily. Kooper took a ball laying on the ground and went to the center of the dodge ball field. "Will the two leaders step forward?" Waitress and Boo complied. "Okay, at the count of three, I will throw this ball in the air, do you best to catch it to get an advantage!"

Waitress and Boo nodded, staring at each other with fire in their eyes. It was clear that they both wanted to win.




"Go!" Kooper shouted as he threw the ball in the air. Both leaders soon followed suit and leaped as high as they could to catch it.