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Previously on The Mole, our ten candidates began their first mission of this fourth season!

"Go!" Kooper shouted as he threw the ball in the air. Both leaders soon followed suit and leaped as high as they could to catch it.

"Yay, I've got it!" Waitress cheered.

This mission was a game of dodge ball opposing the men to the women, and although nobody acted like Jojora in the first season, tensions immediately arose in both camps!

Melody was shaking her head in aggravation. "Do you think you could, perhaps, I don't know, FOCUS on the game?" yelled the blonde competitive woman. "And give me that ball, you don't even know how to play this game correctly!" continued the piano virtuoso.

"Don't you dare betray us, Goombario!" Boo yelled. "I was fine with you not doing anything but don't go helping the other team!"

"Oh shut up, I can do whatever I want!" groaned the Goomba.

Some players showed athletic prowesses...

"Give it to me!" grinned the blonde monkey. "I'll show you how it's done!" Waitress gave her the ball and Dixie ran toward the line separating the two sides. Once she was a few feet away from the other camp, she twirled her body and threw the ball toward one of the male. It was hard for them to determine who she was gunning for because the ball's trajectory was curved.

Bullet Bill grinned and walked up to him. "Leave it to me!" The black missile floated at a fast speed toward the girl and threw the ball with great strength in a straight line. Melody, Dixie, Waitress and Shokora were all hit and fell to the floor as Bullet Bill high-fived Enguarde.

...while others fell flat on their faces.

The black missile floated as fast as he could toward the line separating the two camps and fired away at Waitress. Waitress was not even paying attention to her surroundings and tumbled down to the floor.

A banana peel in hand and a ball in the other, Kolorado ran forward and chucked the item on Shokora's face. Her vision obstructed, the politician stopped dead in her tracks and struggled to remove the filthy thing from her hair. Once she did, she could only gasp as the ball hit her leg. "Oh well, I guess I'm down..."

The males won the first game...

"The males win game one!" announced Monty with his powerful voice.

...but Goombario distrusted Boo and gave the females one more chance to win the game...

"I give up!" Goombario shouted.

"The females win game two!" Monty announced, blowing in a whistle.

...and it came down to the final showdown, Goombario versus White Mage.

Quickly, Goombario sprang on his foot and ran toward the ball. Though White Mage was taken aback by his sudden interest for the game, she also rushed to get the projectile before Goombario. One of them touched the ball first and had little trouble getting the other out of the game, but the smoke left by the use of the last bob-omb was preventing anyone from discerning anything.

Who won the dodge ball game?

First name : Goombario

Surname : Goomarroon

Birthday : September 16

Job : Dojo Owner/Master

First name : Melody

Surname : Pianissimo

Birthday : March 13

Job : Musician

First name : Waitress

Surname : Serva

Birthday : July 4

Job : Waitress

First name : Kolorado

Surname : Raiver

Birthday : January 19

Job : Archaeologist/Explorer

First name : Blanche

Surname : Magus

Birthday : April 22

Job : White Mage

First name : Enguarde

Surname : Espadon

Birthday : December 8

Job : Oceanographer

First name : Shokora

Surname : Enekora

Birthday : May 19

Job : Politician

First name : Bullet

Surname : Bill

Birthday : February 25

Job : Demolition Specialist

First name : Dixie

Surname : Kong

Birthday : June 7

Job : Circus Performer

First name : Boo

Surname : Fanto

Birthday : October 31

Job : Spy

3 : Prized Possessions

The players had no idea as to the identity of the person who had won the game and neither had Monty or Kooper who were watching from afar. However, they did not need to look up the recordings of the match to know who had won, for the smoke dissipated itself after a while. Both Boo and Waitress were dead silent, but hopeful as they watched intently the scene. Soon, one player could be seen holding the ball, smiling victoriously while the other had their head dropped in defeat.

Immediately, a team began to cheer and embraced their winning player.

"Who would have thought?" asked a pink-haired woman, as the other girls clapped for her victory. "It was really close, but good game, Goombario," White Mage extended her arm.

Goombario smiled to her as he shook her hand. "Well, you were clearly better since you beat me to the ball!"

Melody : Ha! We won! I knew we could pull it off! I couldn't have been happier at that moment! It was very satisfactory to wipe Enguarde's smug grin off his face. Not so proud now, are we, mister We-had-it-in-the-bag?

Goombario : I didn't really mind losing, because I was still suspecting that the girls had earned us money anyway, and that was more important than victory in itself, if you want my opinion. Clearly, my point of view wasn't shared by all my teammates, but what can you do?

Blanche : While it was great to win the game for my team, my mind was still set on the money. I wouldn't celebrate until I knew who had won what.

"Oh well, it was a great game," Enguarde tried to be positive. "And you deserved the win," he added in a sigh. Kolorado was much more radiant.

"Brighten up, old bean! There're still many challenges that we can win ahead of us!" Kolorado exclaimed jovially. "Besides, we haven't lost this one yet, Monty needs to tell us if we won the coins or not." Boo crossed his arms, a scowl on his pale face.

Shokora raised a hand so that everybody would see her. Once they turned in her direction, she began to speak. "I believe now would be a good time to hear about the results of our challenge."

Monty Mole nodded in appreciation to the politician who smiled back at him. "Thank you very much, Shokora. Now, I would like to give this little jewel," the host held up the exemption card for them to see, "to the leader of the winning team. Waitress, come get your reward!"

"Yay, I'm so glad!" Waitress laughed enthusiastically as she ran to claim her due. Her eyes sparkled with glee once she obtained the exemption card.

Waitress : It's awesome! I so need to thank Blanche for this! She basically ensured that I would stay one more episode, isn't it great?

"You're gonna tell us about the coins or what?" Bullet Bill questioned, somewhat impatiently and more rudely than he intended. "Sorry, it's just that I really wanna start on a positive note."

"Who doesn't?" Melody rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Monty Mole nodded slowly. "Well, why wouldn't our leaders tell us what their choice was?" he smirked a little. Waitress and Boo glanced at each other, uneasy. Finally, Boo spoke up.

"Well, as you all know by now, Waitress and I played the money on a coin toss, and Waitress-"

"Ha! I knew Waitress had won!" Goombario shook his head, grinning.

The white ghost glared at Goombario. "And Waitress lied to you because she actually lost the coin toss," Boo declared matter-of-factly, his eyes closed. "So, as I've been saying all this time, if our team had won two matches out of three, the twenty thousand coins would have been ours. But that didn't happen because of an unfortunate series of events..."

Bullet Bill nodded to himself. "Just as I thought."

"Yeah, I feel bad for distrusting you a little, now," Enguarde apologized sheepishly.

"Sorry guys!" Waitress giggled merrily, her behavior betraying her true emotions. "No one wants to be the first one to lose."

"Well, at least we still won," the blonde ectoplasm muttered to herself.

Kolorado managed to hear her. "But was it worth it? Winning isn't always everything, you know?" As everyone began to ponder on his statement, Monty Mole opened his mouth to make things official.

"In any case, I am very sorry to tell you that your first challenge ended up as a failure, so the twenty thousand coins will not be added to your team pot. However, I suppose that someone here is quite satisfied to know that money was lost," Monty Mole voiced everyone's suspicions. "And perhaps they are not only satisfied to know this fact, they could very well be responsible for it. It is their job, isn't it?"

Challenge's Results :

Money Won : 0

Team Pot : 0 coin

"The Mole," Dixie trailed off. "Would they really sabotage our first mission, though?"

"I'm afraid I do not have the answer to this question," Monty responded with a polite bow. "But what I do know, however, is that an intruder is amongst you. The Mole has already started invading your own little worlds known as your thoughts, aren't I correct?" The players were silent but Monty still received some signs of approval.

"What a great start," summed up Shokora after a moment. Waitress was the only one who nodded her head, not quite perceiving the irony behind the politician's words.

Monty Mole cleared his throat. "In any case, we put at your disposal a confessional, feel free to use it anytime. We will eat in half an hour, so I would suggest staying here in the meantime. I have some things I need to check for our next challenge anyway."

"Already?" White Mage looked puzzled. "But we just had one," she protested uselessly. Monty Mole shrugged and left them alone.

Boo : This challenge was a huge fiasco and a very big letdown for me. I really thought we had it in the bag, but nooo, Goombario had to act dumb and throw the challenge. He's basically responsible for our loss, if you ask me.

Goombario : Try as he might, Boo won't be able to pin the blame on me. I mean, okay, I can take partial blame, but I'm in no way responsible for the loss of our team! First of all, tons of people were suspicious during the challenge, I wouldn't be able to enumerate all the potential sabotages that took place. What I could point out, however, is that the males were dubious of Boo while the females trusted Waitress. This kind of leads me to believe that Boo didn't try to make us think his way.

Bullet Bill : I'm not gonna point fingers at anyone so soon into the game, 'cause I dunno what to think myself. Did the Mole know about the coin toss results? If they didn't, they couldn't really sabotage so yeah...

Melody : It's true, we lost the money, but at least we won the game and we showed them that they shouldn't underestimate us! And when you think about it, it's when you fail challenges that you can have a better idea of who the Mole is. Don't you think so?

Dixie : Plenty of people are responsible for the loss of our coins, but I realized that Blanche was always the last survivor of our team and it was ultimately thanks to her that we were able to win two matches. I know that she actually gave up during the first one but why didn't she do the same in the next ones? This is giving me a headache!

Enguarde : Hmm... I've been trying to recall what exactly happen during the games and I realized that we lost because of Bullet's stupid strategy. Why did we agree to go with this plan actually? It's truly baffling how easy it was for him to sabotage. 'Let's take out the weakest first, guys!' I hate myself for falling to such a trap!

Blanche : True, I won two matches, and it's because of this that we lost the coins. But first of all I would like to point out that I had no idea who to trust. Was Waitress telling the truth or was she not? I honestly did not know. However, Shokora was quick to point out that Boo had acted suspicious prior to the mission and Melody basically said that we had to win, Waitress lied to us and Dixie was playing like an expert. Everyone was suspicious on my side.

Kolorado : Of course I'm disappointed, but I know we'll win much more money in the future. No need to dwell on the past, we must move on and prevent the Mole from ruining our efforts!

Waitress : I won an exemption and this is the only important thing to me! Thanks Boo, for explaining what it was! Now I won't have to worry about getting eliminated first! Teehee!

Shokora : To me, Boo is a suspect of choice. I believe it was not a coincidence he was chosen as the male Mole, prior to the challenge. To me, it appeared that he tried to make himself look suspicious in our eyes so that he would have a better chance to sabotage the first challenge. His performance was also lacking on the dodge ball field, and he apparently is the game's expert. What a great profile for the Mole...

When Monty Mole returned, he found the players with ease for they had been patiently waiting for him, just like he had suggested. For most of them, they were sprawled on the floor and reflecting on their current situation and had already forgotten everything about their first challenge.

Dixie : It was great to have some bonding time together and forget all about what had just happened. We couldn't simply point fingers at each other, it wouldn't be good for us in the long run if we already distrusted each other.

Enguarde : At first I thought I wouldn't make friends in this game, but what do you know, I was wrong! The people in this game are pretty cool and I already like them all! Of course, I must be wary because one of them is trying to deceive me but for now I'm gonna enjoy the fun. Oh yeah, and I even found myself a rival : Melody.

Monty Mole coughed loudly to catch the players' attention. "Everyone, please. Would you be so kind as to follow me, we have reservations at a fancy restaurant and I'm sure you're all hungry after this interesting match," told them the host, a big smile on his face.

Waitress shot up from her position and ran toward him. "Really? Awesome, I'm so gonna eat everything I can since you're paying!" she exclaimed joyfully, without thinking. Some players laughed at her excitement, but she was not the only one waiting in anticipation.

Enguarde grinned as he took a sniff at Monty Mole. "Let's see... Hmm, I smell nothing but perfume..."

"Why of course!" Monty Mole grinned mysteriously. "A host must be presentable at all time, after all..."

"I bet you thought he'd gone to the restaurant as a scout," Bullet Bill crossed his arms, smirking. Enguarde shrugged sheepishly.

"Well, let's go then, old beans!" Kolorado pumped his fist, looking as enthusiastic as ever. The mustachioed explorer preceded them out of the stadium, only for Dixie to run after him, her hands placed on her mouth to amplify the volume of her voice.

"Wait, Kolorado! You don't even know where's the restaurant!"

Shokora : Kolorado seems to be a nice guy, but he can be a little overenthusiastic and absent-minded too. Obviously, it's nothing like Waitress, but I wonder how it will affect his performance in the future challenges.

Monty went out of the stadium and led the players to the restaurant where they would have lunch. It took them around five minutes to reach their destination, since it was very close and the streets were not as packed as they used to be during the week-end. Once they reached the building, some of them immediately recognized that they would eat Hawaiian food.

"La Poi Zona?" White Mage paused, looking at the sign of the restaurant. "Isn't 'Poi' something Hawaiian?"

"Are we going to eat disgusting food?" Boo made a face, fearing what was inside the building. "I bet it's another challenge..."

Boo : I think that nothing is left to chance in this game, if Monty Mole brings you to some weird place, you can be sure that there's going to be a challenge. And that explains why I was so reluctant to get inside the building.

"Hopefully they have some burgers!" Waitress exclaimed cheerfully. Melody smacked her forehead in desperation.

"Yeah, you wish," the blue ectoplasm rolled her eyes. Looking at her reflection in the window of the restaurant, Melody straightened her dress and pushed a strand of hair aside. Satisfied, she followed Monty Mole inside.

"Let's tackle this challenge!" Bullet Bill grinned boyishly. Soon, everyone followed his example and went inside.

Much to the pleasure of Boo, no challenge awaited the team inside. A waiter waved to the little group and approached Monty Mole. The host whispered a few words to him, and after that the group was ushered in a secluded room, away from the noisy lounge. Monty Mole sat at the edge of the table as all of the players took a seat next to someone they liked.

"Well players, I wanted to thank all of you for being here today. The Mole is an incredible adventure, filled with mystery, deceit, drama, friendship and most of all, fun. Presently you are ten companions, all delighted to be on the show, but in soon time the players at this table will be executed, leaving only three of you : the Mole and the finalists."

The players looked at their host with apprehension, each of them measuring the truth of his words. "True," Bullet Bill nodded, his eyes closed. "There can only one winner."

"Exactly," Monty Mole confirmed. "But you will only live this experience once, you won't have a second chance, so experiment it to the fullest," he advised wisely. "The message I want to convey right now... It's actually what our previous Mole told us before returning to his daily live. 'Have fun'."

Everyone in the room clapped and cheered, they had absorbed every word Monty had uttered and they raised their glasses in the air.

"Wait, who was the Mole last season?" Goombario wondered.

"He said 'he', so at least we know that it was a male," Shokora pointed out smartly. "However I don't have a clue. I'm afraid I never found the time. Maybe Boo would care to enlighten us?" suggested the purple-clad woman.

Boo frowned slightly. "But why would I want to? What you don't know in this game advantages me, right?"

Shokora shook her head and let out a small laugh. "Do you honestly think it would hurt your game to tell us who was the previous Mole?"

Boo blushed. "Yeah, I guess you're right... Last season's Mole was Toad Phalloïde, gardener working at Princess Peach's Castle."

"Like, I totally know Toad!" Waitress smiled cutely. "He told me how fun it was to be the Mole when the game ended! Do you guys think we'll see him in the future?"

"What?! You know the Mole from last season?" Melody choked out. "Wouldn't that be cheating?"

Kolorado : Admittedly, I find a tad weird the fact that Boo and Waitress both seem to hold an advantage in this game. Wouldn't it make sense to make them the Mole, so that they don't use their advantage to propel themselves further into the game?

"I don't think so," shrugged Enguarde. "Plus Waitress could be the Mole..."

Waitress' jaw dropped. "I'm not the Mole!"

"Geez, relax! I'm only saying!" Enguarde held his fins in the air defensively. Bullet Bill gave him a wink.

"Yeah, I think the Mole's female this time, 'cause it was a male last time," explained the missile to the others. Dixie was unconvinced.

"I think it could be a male again," she muttered loud enough for the rest to hear. White Mage visibly agreed with Dixie.

"Time will tell!" Goombario concluded, digging into the food that had just been served to him. This effectively ended the discussion as the players decided to focus their thoughts on their food. The Mole, however, was lost in thought and picked at their plate of spaghetti, until a small smile crept on their face. They knew exactly how to sabotage the next challenge.

Shroom Airport was one of the hugest structures ever constructed in Toadtown, much more imposing than Princess Peach's Castle and perhaps only slightly smaller than Mario Stadium. The players as well as their host, Monty Mole, pressed on and walked through the revolving doors with haste. Monty Mole had been quite secretive about their next assignment, an the players felt it was closer than ever. They were correct.

"Hey guys, look at that board!" Waitress pointed out. "We're gonna fly high!"

On the board where all the hours of departures and arrivals of planes were written, the players could remark a specific line that concerned them. The flight was called 'TM135102' and its destination was unknown, which made a few of them laugh uneasily.

"I don't know if I like that," Shokora admitted with a small chuckle. They continued to walk for a few moments, until they reached a specific part of the airport.

"Whoo! I smell a challenge!" Kolorado exclaimed enthusiastically as he saw a green flag fluttering in the air. On it was a black thumbprint.

"Let's hope we'll be more successful than this morning," Melody huffed, glaring at her competition. "I want money in our pot!"

White Mage stopped in front of the flag and inspected it, trying to guess what their next challenge would be about. "Considering we're in an airport, it would make sense if we were to look for something in this huge place... Is our next challenge a scavenger hunt?"

"Well Blanche, you're more or less correct," Monty Mole nodded from behind her. The players all turned in his direction, eager to know what he meant by that. The host walked to the flag and faced the players. "You will indeed have to scavenge for items... Except these items are very familiar to you," he developed with a smirk as his hand reached for something that was hidden from sight.

Enguarde gasped, putting a fin to his mouth in surprise. "It's one of the bags we used to pack our stuff!" The others looked at Monty indignantly.

Shokora : When I saw the bag, I immediately knew that it was not going to be an easy challenge. I have never watched the show before, but I know that the producers can be cunning... What if we lose our belongings?

"Whose bag is it?" questioned Dixie, silently hoping that it was not hers.

"No one's," replied the host. "This bag's empty. Your bags, however, are disseminated in the airport. And your goal, for this challenge, is to bring back all the belongings under a time limit of approximately forty minutes."

"Why not an hour?" Boo wondered aloud, eyebrows raised. "And why approximately forty minutes?"

"Well, if you'd let me explain the rules in details... Everything will become clear," Monty Mole announced, effectively shutting the players up. "This challenge is called 'Airport Mayhem' and it's worth twenty thousand coins. The goal of the challenge is rather simple, each of you need to bring a bag that isn't your own back to this flag before three o'clock, so you only have a little more than forty minutes for this challenge."

"That's it? No twist?" Goombario asked, puzzled. "I mean, the first challenge seemed harder than this."

"Yes, there is a twist, but I'm not allowed to reveal to you what it is. Anyway, the airport is pretty huge, so if you look around blindly, you will most likely fail in your task, which is why we installed some stands throughout the airport. They're easy to locate because a flag like this one will signalize them. A mini-challenge awaits you at these stand, and should manage to win it, a clue will be given to you, indicating the emplacement of a bag..."

"We're gonna win this one, guys!" Bullet Bill pumped his fist. "Let's go!"

"Wait a second! I'm not finished yet," Monty Mole stopped them. "The reason you only have forty minutes is because our plane is scheduled to take off soon so it is imperative that you get back here before our time is over, otherwise consequences shall be dramatic. Now, you can go," the host blew a whistle, indicating the beginning of the challenge.

At the sound, all the players immediately took off running in various directions, hoping to find a bag as soon as possible.

Time Remaining : 38 minutes.

Monty Mole had not lied, the airport was definitely huge and the players felt lost. One of them, however, was very lucky and found what they were looking for almost as soon as the challenge had begun.

Waitress : I was gonna follow the others because I didn't know where to go when I realized they had all run past this stand, so I thought I might as well give it a shot. And if I managed to grab a bag, maybe I'd redeem myself!

The waitress of the Excess Express made her way to one of the stand marked by The Mole flag. "Hmm, hello? Someone's here?" Waitress smiled sweetly, waiting for her interlocutor to show up.

"Yes, someone's here," chuckled a Koopa with messy hair wearing a white hoody. "I guess you're a player for the Mole, aren't you?"

"I sure am," Waitress chirruped happily.

"Okay then, here's an enigma that you have to solve," the Koopa motioned for her to answer the stand and showed her three baskets, a small one, a medium-sized one and a big one. Next to the three baskets were an apple, a grape, an orange, a banana and a cherry. "Let me tell you your instructions : using the fruits that are here and placing at least one of them in each basket, you must put one more fruit in the medium-sized basket than in the little one and you must put one more fruit in the big basket than in the medium-sized one. Once you believe you're done, call me and I'll check your work."

"Yes... Okay, I guess?" Waitress looked confused once he left, but she immediately began to work on her task. "So let's see... I should put one in the little basket, two in the normal one and three in the last one if my calculations are correct!"

Waitress soon realized that she was one fruit short and decided to look everywhere for something else to put in her last basket. Her eyes rested on a small coconut that was hanging from the ceiling of the stand. She snatched it and put it with the rest of the fruits. "I'm doooooone~!" she called out to the Koopa.

The turtle made his way back to Waitress and looked puzzled at Waitress' work. "Excuse me miss, but you weren't supposed to pick another item from the shelves. The coconut isn't part of my enigma, so I can't tell you you're done..." With that, he returned to his work and left Waitress puzzled.

Time Remaining : 34 minutes.

Several players had decided to look around for bags, hoping for the best. This was the case of White Mage, Melody, Bullet Bill and Enguarde.

White Mage : I thought there were several distinctive places in an airport where the producers might have hidden our belongings. When playing this game, you have to keep in mind that it's just one big puzzle. There might be distractions trying to hinder you, but in the end, you just need to think ahead to succeed.

Melody : Come on, how hard could it be to find a bag in an airport? It can't be that hard, especially when we only have forty minutes at our disposal.

"I'll go take a look at the conveyor belts!" Enguarde called out to the other players. "Obviously, it's a good place to hide some luggage," the blue swordfish chuckled to himself, floating rapidly toward the lower levels of the airport.

Enguarde : This challenge was so easy I could have done it with my fins tied to my back! I'll be surprised if we don't manage to score at least eighteen thousand coins... There's always the possibility the Mole'll sabotage, but as far as I'm concerned, it's free money!

"I'm gonna follow him, maybe there's more than one bag down there," Bullet Bill shrugged as he changed his general direction. He had only taken a few steps when White Mage stopped him.

"No, don't. I highly doubt the producers have hidden our belongings at the same place, it wouldn't be much exciting, otherwise."

Bullet Bill cocked an eyebrow. "What do you know, though? It's still a possibility, aren't I right?"

Bullet Bill : Blanche's kinda weird... Not weird-looking or in her behavior, but she's fishy. She seems to know a lot more than what she should. Then again, Boo's giving off a strange vibe too. And there's only one Mole as far as I know.

"Well, I don't know for sure," White Mage paused for a second, tilting her head to the side. "How should I put it? Since we only have a short amount of time to look for our bags, and tasks to solve along the way, it would make sense for our bags to be hidden somewhere recognizable."

Melody nodded her head. "Yeah, imagine one second that you take ten minutes to find a stand, another ten minutes to clear your challenge... You only have twenty minutes to look for your bag and bring it back to the place Monty's waiting at. So our bags can't be hidden in a specific corner of the airport, unless it's a common place to look for." Melody and White Mage high-fived after their explanation.

"So where do you think we should look for our stuff?" Bullet Bill wondered impatiently.

"Probably a cybercafe, for example, or the information desk... The bathroom is another possibility," White Mage enumerated, counting on her fingers. "And since there's three of us, why wouldn't we split the work?"

"I'll check the cybercafe," Bullet Bill volunteered, speeding away.

"Information desk's for me!" Melody claimed happily. She also took off at a fast pace.

"And that leaves me with the bathroom... I should have known," White Mage pinched the bridge of her nose in disgust. Nevertheless, she headed toward her destination.

Time Remaining : 31 minutes.

The nimble Dixie used her talents to climb a pole that dominated over the main area of the airport. Thanks to her feat, she was able to observe where the other players were situated as well as what they were doing, although it was not her main concerned. Way below her, Goombario was waiting for information.

Goombario : I had a good idea : since Dixie's basically an acrobat, I asked her to climb a pole and find us some stands that were unoccupied. I may be the master of the Goomnut technique, but there are some things that I wouldn't risk doing.

"Have you found something yet?" Goombario inquired. "I don't mean to bother you, but we're time and by my calculation, we've already wasted one fourth of our allotted time."

"Yup! Currently, Waitress and Shokora are already working at some stands, and I think I saw Boo moving toward another one. Anyway, follow my lead, our two stands are located next to each other. Or at least that's what it looked like," Dixie explained, swirling her ponytail. The two players departed immediately toward what they thought were stands.

Dixie : I also saw Kolorado talking to someone that wasn't part of the game, but I didn't want to reveal this kind of information to Goombario. What if Kolorado's the Mole and I gave Goombario a ticket to the finale?

Time Remaining : 28 minutes.

The famous politician, Shokora, had been working on her task for several minutes already, but she was confidant.

Shokora : My puzzle was not especially hard, but it was certainly time-consuming. I believe I wasted at least one minute per part. The goal of my challenge was very simple. I had an image with different things on it, and the things, linked together, gave me the name of the next image.

Before Shokora was a poorly drawn picture of a tree, an apple and the sun in the air, all apparently laughing. The picture was partially obscured though, for several thick black lines were covering the scenery. The scholar put her hand to her chin in thought, before clapping her hands together.

"These lines resemble my guess is that it's a 'Comic Strip'? Am I right?"

"Indeed it is," a pink Boo smiled politely. "Here is your next picture."

The Boo handed Shokora a picture of a Cheep Cheep that was sitting on a sushi plank. There was nothing else on the picture, but Shokora had already an idea as to what the answer was.

"Would the answer be 'Sushie'? Sushie is a well-known minder that starred in one of the biggest musical I have ever seen. If I remember correctly, its name was 'LavaLava Survivor'," Shokora added in an afterthought.

"You know a lot of things," the Boo complimented her, apparently impressed. "And you have solved your enigmas really fast. Here's the last one."

The last picture was showing a stick figure celebrating, there were tons of balloons and streamers raining down on them and a pile of wads of notes at their feet. Shokora was stumped.

"Hmm... 'Party'?" she answered unconvincingly.

"I'm afraid this isn't the right answer."

Time Remaining : 25 minutes.

"What do you mean? You can't have no idea what The Mole is! It's a famous game show and you're supposed to give me a clue since I've helped with your task! Monty Mole said so!" Boo tried to keep his calm, but the man in front of him was not cooperative at all.

"You asked me to give you a task, I never knew you were participating in a game," the pale human replied to the ghost. "I thought you were just happy to help me in my daily job, I have no affiliation with this Monty Mole you speak of."

Boo : Are you kidding me? There was a green flag hanging from the top of the stand, and the man still says that he's got no part in our game whatsoever?

"But your stand has a green flag!" Boo noted, pointing his finger at the peculiar item. "Oh shoot... There isn't any thumbprint on it!"

"So you see? I was telling the truth after all!" Boo ignored him and floated faster than ever, hoping to find another stand. He needed to act fast, time was ticking.

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