It's my first try at writing a multi-chapter episode style Warehouse 13 fic. This won't be like an episode in the sense of how many scenes or chapters will be in it, but it is artifact fic.

Disclaimer/Warnings: I don't own Warehouse 13 or anything related to it. I don't ship Myka/HG or Myka/Pete so there will be no romance in this fic, just the usual Warehouse family dynamics (to the best of my writing ability).

"How on Earth are you planning on removing the tumor when the best doctors in the world have said that there is nothing that they can do? You are the most intelligent man I have ever known, but you are no brain surgeon."

Amy was surprised at the way her brother had changed of late. He'd spent the last month tirelessly hitting the books, searching the internet, and traveling to speak with respected professionals in the medical field, but there was always a hint of desperation in his eyes; no matter how much he claimed that he was confidant, he would find a way to get help, there was always that back – of – the – mind thought that the dozens of doctors were right, that there was nothing that could be done, that death was fast upon the youngest member of their trio.

But then, just days before, Logan had changed. It was subtle, had she not known him so well she might not have noticed it at all, but now when he faced her, took her by the shoulders and told her that he would save their sister, that hint of fear in his eyes was gone, and it was replaced by a fiery determination that told Amy that something had happened to make him truly believe that now it was only a matter of time before Margaret was well again.

"How on God's green Earth are you expecting to save our sister when everyone else has tried and failed?" She said to her brother's back. "You are a historian, Logan Winter."

Logan turned sideways and looked halfway over his shoulder at her. "Yes, yes, I am a historian, and my time in university gave me great knowledge of historical events, historical miracles, even, and in my studies I've found that many events have taken place which never should have occurred, and many events are said to have never occurred, but if one looks closely enough, evidence suggests that the events did in fact occur, events that are said to have transpired only in fiction!"

Amy looked at her brother in horror. "You are going to attempt to save Margaret's life using some technique you saw in a movie? They make things up in movies, trying to imitate some medical miracle you saw on the big screen is going to kill Margaret faster than the tumor, and will probably cause her more suffering…"

Her brother put a finger to her lips to silence her, and then drew his overcoat aside to reveal what he had tucked along his pant leg. Being well educated herself, Amy did not have to look too closely to understand what exactly her brother had obtained.

Her eyes widened. "But that is supposed to be at Harvard!"

Logan shrugged and gave a small smile. "If something doesn't appear to be missing, why would one investigate it?"

"Logan Winter, if word gets out that you have stolen…"

"Word is not going to get out," he said sharply. "No one knows that I have it but you. And I'm going to use it to save Margaret."

"How?" Amy said, her tone demanding that he explain not only to her but to himself. "How is this going to save Margaret?"

"It has powers," Logan said, his tone terrifying his sister. "I've tested it. It works beyond what it is known for. It will remove the tumor and leave Margaret intact. Then she can come home, Amy. Then she can come home."

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