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Silver Strands Among Honey Brown

It is enough to simply watch her sleep. To watch the gentle rise and fall of her chest. To hear the gentle sound of her breathing…each breath in a gentle sigh and each breath out a warm breeze that tickles past my cheek.

Such warmth.

I was so cold before…love was an unknown entity that had no part in my life. It was unimportant. Love was weakness. Love was fallible. Love was fickle and uncertain. Love made a person vulnerable…lose focus and made one question loyalties.

Only power was eternal.

How wrong I was.

I gently touch her cheek. She turns towards me and smiles in her sleep.

If she were to awaken now I have no doubt that she would be surprised at how I am watching her, reveling in the fact that she is lying next to me…seeking my warmth just as I seek hers. I have no need for anything else now…the trappings of my former life are meaningless. Empty.

I still cannot believe how we came to be. It seems miraculous if I believed in such things. It could be construed as a result of a particular conjunction of the planets but I have never held much stock in Divination. I have made choices. Some were bad - the damned mark on my arm is a testament as to how bad a decision could be. Others…like the woman in my arms…show that even I can learn.

And to think I once thought of her as beneath me.

How arrogant a bastard I was.

But I managed to prove to her that I had changed. That night…when my so-called father decided to acquire a new plaything…

I realized then that everything my father taught me was a sham. Power was not eternal. Power struggles were eternal. And I realized that my father abused power to satisfy his own wants and desires.

Some would say it took me long enough. The charitable ones, that is.

Well, he is dead now and I have never mourned him. Let the worms eat his bones…and may they get sick doing so.

I have discovered happiness where I had not expected to.

I have discovered that redemption is possible where there is love to show the way.

And I have discovered that this wondrous woman is all I will ever want for as long as I live.

I hold her closer and she responds by sleepily wrapping her arms around me and murmuring my name. I kiss her forehead and let myself drift off to sleep, happy that we are together.

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