The 8a Team Part II – Novelised from the Comic


It was the 13th September 2010, with Britain still recovering from Andrew's disastrous attacks. The new London Eye was in construction, as the previous was scattered across the bottom of the Thames. And at the British Museum, a new artefact was being put on display. Andrew's staff of power. It had only been showing itself within the museum for about four hours before it was targeted by its original owner. Andrew Tobin.

The museum was closed for the night, empty apart from thirteen night security guards who were keeping watch of the precious artefacts, preventing burglars from intruding. Tonight was going to be the night of their lives. It was around 9:20pm when the sound of a fired bullet was heard, striking one of the guards in the throat. He fell to the ground, choking on his own blood. He watched, his eyes widened, as the front doors to the museum smashed open, with five people walking in. They were Andrew, Jasmine and three other criminals who had broken free from prison earlier in the day. Andrew knelt down in front of the dying man, smiling in approval of his condition.

"Please be quiet", whispered Andrew, "We don't want you getting the sounds of your choking to get the attention of the other guards."

Andrew stood up, stepping on the man's bleeding throat. The man let out one last cough of blood before dropping his head and ceasing to breathe. "Good boy", whispered Andrew, walking away. A torch light appeared from a corner in the museum, with the shadow of one of the guards appearing on the walls. "Get ready, guys", said Andrew to the other criminals, pointing in the direction of the shadow. Three of the criminals ran in the direction of the guard, firing at him. A spray of blood appeared on the walls, and a small thud was heard. Jasmine stayed at Andrew's side, pulling a sinister smile.

"The staff is on the top floor of the museum", she whispered to Andrew, gesturing upwards. There were some dim lights moving around up on that floor. "I reckon there are about five guards up there." Andrew nodded as she said this, loading bullets into his Desert Eagle. A gunshot echoed from behind him, and he turned around and fired from his gun. The person he had hit was one of his thugs, falling over dead instantly.

"Oh, well", Andrew said, "He wasn't going to be of much use anyway."

Jasmine laughed, causing three torches to point in her direction. Three guards began running towards her, all with pistols in their pockets. Jasmine lifted up her M4A1, her finger on the trigger. "I'm gonna enjoy this", she spoke, pressing on the trigger. The firing bullets momentarily lit up the museum as they hit the three guards across their bodies, causing showers of blood. Another two appeared, shooting one of Andrew's thugs in the head. Andrew and his people were outnumbered now, eight to three. The other remaining thug blasted down the two guards with an AK-47, before a bullet passed through his chest. A guard appeared behind the thug's lifeless body, holding two pistols.

He shot at Jasmine, hitting her in the arm and causing her to scream in pain and fury.

"You bastard!" she shouted, shooting at the guard. The bullet hit him between the legs, causing him to squeal in agony before falling to the ground, where Jasmine shot him in the forehead. She threw the gun away, letting it slide under one of the ancient tombs on display. Andrew tied parts of his old turban around her arm, bandaging her injury.

"That should do it", he whispered, "To the top floor we go."

As he ran up the stairs, Jasmine following, he knew that one of the guards had called the police. He could hear the sound of a helicopter in the distance coming closer. At the top of the stairs, two guards with Colt 1911s greeted him, pointing the guns at his head.

Andrew shot one of them through the stomach with his desert eagle and ducked as the other one fired at him. Jasmine tackled the second guard, kicking him in the throat. She lifted him up, throwing him down to the bottom floor. He landed with a large crack, screaming in agony. Andrew found his precious staff sitting in a glass box with Seb's sword. His smile grew as he touched the glass, punching through it to hold his staff on the other side. He pulled it out, smashing shards of glass everywhere. The alarm started to ring all over the museum, but Andrew couldn't care anymore. He felt his strength returning as the energy of the staff flowed through him. His cape, robe and turban grew around him, giving him his old, royal look once again. The remaining three guards found him, armed with glocks. As they fired at him, the staff reflected the bullets as Andrew struck the ground with it. The bullets flew right through the guards who had fired them, killing them instantly. Jasmine smiled at Andrew and ran down the stairs to the ground floor. Andrew jumped down to it from the top floor, landing on top of the guard who Jasmine had thrown down earlier.

"The police will get you, you rascal", the guard gasped. "They will kill you, and you will rot in hell with the rest of your thugs."

"How brave of you to say that", Andrew gleamed.

"I'm not afraid of you", the guard groaned, "You're just another piece of dirt for Britain to dispose of!"

Andrew put his Desert Eagle into the guard's mouth, finger on the trigger. "I guess you'll have to learn to be afraid of me", he said menacingly as he pulled the trigger. The guard's brains splattered onto the museum walls, staining them. "Now", he said to Jasmine, "We escape." Jasmine nodded as they exited the museum. The police helicopter Andrew had heard earlier was landing in front of them, armed with guns.

"This shouldn't be a problem", Andrew said, lifting his staff in the helicopter's direction. He fired a heavy red beam from it, igniting the helicopter and the many policemen in it. The wreck landed over the museum with loud bangs as Andrew and Jasmine walked on towards the rest of London calmly.