The 8a Team Part II – Novelised from the Comic


At the Tower Bridge, Simon G was off for the night. He packed up his belongings, walking over to the lift. The security cameras were still on, watching the staff of Dean as it rested on the wall. Strangely, the blue jewel on it began to change into a sickly shade of yellow. And all of a sudden there was a plump fruit sitting on the ancient throne next to it. The fruit turned, revealing eyes and a mouth. That mouth formed into a twisted smile, and the security cameras began to malfunction. Nothing was left but a static image.

Gregory Grayfoo began to float, hovering next to the staff. He shut his eyes, and a yellow light began to move from the staff to him. He was taking his energy back from it, absorbing all the power it still held from Dean's lifeline. The staff disintegrated, dust raining onto the golden throne. Gregory mutated once again, doubling in size as the energy filled him.

He turned around to test his strength. There was a mannequin of a knight with silver armour covering him. Gregory shut his eyes. The knight smashed into smithereens, the metal fragments bursting into flames.

Gregory smiled once again.