Black the night that closed around me,

(Now I see!)

When I listened as He promised



Long I waited; still she turned and

Looked on you!

Son of few years, quickly fading:

Mortal, true.


Shadows steals across the City,

Hidden light;

I shall drown both star and candle:

Bring the Night.


See the furnace-glow of crimson?

Hear the roar?

To Doom I have brought completion:

Nothing more.


Bloody chaos breaks around me,


I shall find her – she'll forget you:

Fate unmade.


But your arms are strong as iron,

Have no doubt;

Past the rail meant to save me

I spill out.


Seven times they jagged crush me,

Wrathful stones;

'Til I fall no more but lie here-

Shattered bones.


Blood-stained rise the walls above me,

Heaven marred;

As light through deep water darkly:

Radiance charred.


Ragged, now, my cloak of glory,

Seeping red;

Here in silence ends this story:

Here lies dead.

A/N: *peeking out* Hi all! Hope I didn't give you nightmares. This one was pretty disturbing. I hope you like it, Crackers - Merry Christmas. And just to clear a few things up, Maeglin is first person, Tuor is second, 'she' refers to Idril, and 'He' is Morgoth. This is also my first time writng in this meter.

~RandomCelt - she, who for all her creepy-and-disturbing-1-in-the-morning-imagination, is still not in possession of the Professor's lovely characters...

..and Maeglin did bounce seven times when Tuor pushed him off, didn't he? I hope it wasn't three times - can't remember...