And now, the end is here,
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, I'll say it clear;


Thank each and every single one of you! I literally cannot explain how amazing this has been. This was the first (of hopefully many) fanfic that I've ever shared with anyone ever, and for it to have over 200 reviews (and nice ones at that!), 15 favourites and 20 follows is just like, I couldn't even imagine it getting this far. I can't do the whole AN thing I normally do, but I might PM a reply to your last reviews if I get round to it, I'm sorry, there'd be too much to cover in here, and I'd end up sad it was ending (I'm already listening to 'For River' from To The Moon and almost tearing up :L), when really it's a nice thing, in a way, because it's not a goodbye. It's a 'see you later' :)

I've really enjoyed writing this, and (sort of) interacting with you wonderful lot through reviews and ANS, and as completely and utterly cheesy and clichéd as it is, I probably wouldn't have done all of this without you :3

It's been a blast, I hope we all meet again soon, stay groovy!
Missing you already ~nellen :) xx

Clive hadn't moved by the time Flora returned from her shower, instantly staring at the floor when she did.

Wrapped in a very small towel, with her hair piled into a dripping wet bun, Clive only hoped she couldn't notice his bright red cheeks, or the tiny shy smile he was hiding behind a pillow. It was easy enough pretending to be macho and confident when she was playing along, but he was always reduced to a nervous schoolboy when she wasn't, stirring silly teenage feelings that until then he'd usually managed to avoid.
He was sure he'd had a poster on his wall of a girl just like her when he was fifteen, wrapped in a similar towel, with similar hair piled into a similar bun, and similar water droplets running lazily down her tanned slender back, and, well, Clive had to stop there, for fear of stirring up more than he could handle.

"Done," the girl chirped, snapping him back to reality with a quick click of her fingers, "I'm gonna go downstairs to do my hair, hurry up and get dressed!"
"Sure, sure," he called after her, rolling out of the bed onto the floor. Grabbing a shirt and a pair of jeans, he jumped back up, practically dancing around the room as he dressed. He fought his way into his jeans and pulled his shirt over his head, quickly running his fingers through his hair in the mirror. It would never lie flat, no matter how many times he tried, nor would it fall into any particular style, sticking up in it's own strange way.

When he was at least semi-pleased with the way he looked, Clive stumbled to the bathroom, and then finally downstairs, where Flora was waiting for him.
"Ready yet?" She grinned, glancing up from her game with Bruno.
A lock of auburn hair tumbled from behind her ear, and Clive smiled as he tucked it back into place, "yeah, you?"
The girl nodded, jumping up to stand beside him and automatically slipping her hand into his.

His lips twitched as though to argue, but he quickly fought it off, replacing it with a giant grin, and wrapping an arm around her shoulders, "I love you."
"I love you too, but I also love breakfast, and you've kept me waiting long enough," Flora giggled, standing on tiptoe to kiss his nose.
"Sorry," Clive chuckled, "I've gotta keep myself looking alright, especially with a girl like you on my arm."
Flora blushed, squeezing his hand and opening the front door, "you always look alright. You're definitely a lot better looking than... He who must not be named."
"Well yeah, a nose is always a nice thing," he laughed, frowning as he finally realised what she meant. He shrugged it off when she giggled and leant against his side, "you're so cute."
"You're cuter."

"You're cuter."
"You are."
"You are."

"Fine then," Clive laughed, bringing the argument to an end with a quick kiss on the lips, as they reached the cafe he had told her about, "I guess I am cuter."
His, well, he supposed she was his girlfriend now, smiled with a satisfied nod, "yup," the bell behind the little wooden door tinkling as it opened.

Sitting at a table opposite each other, a bacon sandwich each and a pot of tea between them, they looked just like any other young couple on a normal first date.
Smiling, laughing, holding hands across the table.
They didn't care who saw, not even Luke, passing by the window arm in arm with Arianna (apparently they were back on again). The two of them pulled faces at him through the glass, and he pulled a fair few back, smiling and waving as Ari dragged him down a street.
Flora laughed as her phone buzzed only minutes later, a "well done/we're talking later," text from her friend lighting up the shaking screen.

She slipped the phone off the table and straight into her pocket, there'd be time for texting later.

All either of them wanted to do at that precise moment in time, was to spend it with the other.

All either of them wanted to do at any moment in time from that moment on, was to spend it with the other.

~J'ai fini~

(I really hope it didn't suck xD)