"Wow man," the boy beside him said as he wiped his forehead, "it was too hot out there." And to be honest, Arnold had to agree with that. They and the others had just spent a couple of hours in the market to find outfits for the local festivals. And considering what the guys had to buy…well, they could've bought the same things back home. They all just got shirts, pants, and shoes of different colors. But with the girls it was understandable. As they were all heading back to the bus, he could barely see them as they were carrying a load of stuff – dresses, shoes, jewelry. And he had no idea Phoebe had so much strength as to hold Helga's things as well.

She tried to protest by saying that she could carry her own things, but Phoebe was forceful in that she didn't want Helga to get hurt or tire herself out. Arnold always thought it was funny when Phoebe took the reins from Helga (well most of the time anyway, considering the hall monitor incident and the time she faked a broken leg).

At this point everyone was back in the hotel lobby in the sitting area. The sunlight was still bright, but at least they were in an air conditioned building. Sitting on a bench that they didn't see before, Arnold and Gerald rushed to it as a source of relief before the others noticed it. But now everyone else was either sitting in the remaining chairs, standing around, or sitting on the floor against the walls or the windows.

Arnold nodded, taking his last gulp from his water bottle as he leaned on his knees. "Yeah," he panted, "Definitely."

Meanwhile, his friend stretched his arms over his head with a yawn. "I can't believe that we had to deal with all of those crowds. I mean, don't get me wrong because I get that the people are poor in this part of the world, but it was more crowded than Christmas shopping for Mr. Huynh! I bet that it's worse than the jungle."

The blonde's eyes widened as he sat up to lean back against the chair, crossing his arms and looking away. "Yeah." It was true that Gerald was right about the crowds, but there was no way that they could compare it to the jungle. At least in a city there was a better chance of someone seeing another, and recognizing them. Sure people could get lost or hurt, but at least there was a good person like a police officer or a fireman willing to help.

But out in the jungle, it was a different story. And that was where Arnold knew he had some doubt in him. He wanted to find his parents – more than anything. But they were missing since he was one or two years old, out in the wilderness no less. And now he was ten. That was a long time to go missing. And what if –

"Hey man, you alright?" Gerald put his hand on Arnold's shoulder as he looked at his friend. Gerald was concerned. Of course he was. He was one of the few people that knew about why Arnold was really in San Lorenzo in the first place. He, his grandparents, and the boarders all knew by now. And he was happy he had their support because he didn't really have the full confidence himself.

When Arnold didn't say anything, Gerald continued. "I didn't mean to get you upset. You know that right? I mean, I'm excited for you man. You get to go on this awesome adventure -"

"That nobody knows about yet. So I can't do anything." Arnold stated. He tried to smile, but it ended up coming out monotonous. It was frustrating that he had all of these plans, all of this survival gear packed to go find his parents…and yet he was afraid that it wouldn't happen. There was truth when Grandpa said that they could all get lost, and it was still possible that they could all get hurt. But then Grandma trusted him enough to do what needed to be done. So, yeah, if a person could read his mind he was definitely conflicted.

But he continued to speak to Gerald. It couldn't really hurt to explain since his friend was worried. "They've been gone so long Gerald," he said as he looked away again, "maybe once Mr. Simmons or Principal Wartz finds out they won't let me go. I sort of told Principal Wartz about why I'm here, and I have permission to look through documents -"

"But you need more than that Arnold. You deserve more than that."

That made Arnold smile as he turned back to Gerald, who returned the same favor. They did their handshake, which was enough for him at the moment.

Things stayed quiet for about another minute because everyone was too tired to talk, when Mr. Simmons spoke. "Everyone!" he waved his hand as they all looked at him groaning, glaring, or both. Somehow he had just as much energy as he did at the market, if not more so.

"Before you all go back to your rooms, there is one more thing left that Principal Wartz and I would like you all to do."

And then the groans got louder. "Aw come on!" Harold shouted as he banged his head on the nearest wall by Arnold and Gerald. Similar complaints were heard, and Arnold felt the same. They were all beat, and given with the little amount of sleep he had earlier – he just wanted to take a nap before the party that night.

However, it didn't faze their teacher as always. "If you all go down the hall toward the girls rooms, on the second set of double doors on the right there's a dance studio. Because there will be a special party tonight, we thought it would be fun if you all learned their traditional dances! Now then, if you all would hand us the things you bought at the market, we will have them put in your rooms."

Arnold and Gerald turned to each other and sighed. They really couldn't protest more than groaning at the achiness of their muscles as they stood up. Picking up their things on the floor by the bench, they brought it over to Mr. Simmons, who smiled. "Thank you boys." He went on turning to their other classmates to help get their outfits.

Turning down the hall to the left, Arnold could have sworn that his feet were dragging the ground – and that dancing was the last thing on his mind. He liked to dance, given with a few memories in his life, but he didn't feel like it that day. And he was sure that the others felt the same way.

Luckily, it didn't take long to get down there because it was right in between the girls' rooms on the other sides. But what was interesting though was that there was a wide window in the wall, and Arnold wondered how the guys didn't notice it before. Maybe it was because the first time they walked down the hall they had the luggage, and the second time was because they were hungry and weren't thinking about exploring the hotel.

He could see that there were mats on the floor in a large oval, spread out all over the room. It seemed that Helga and Phoebe were already in there sitting against the wall facing the window. Others like Lorenzo and Eugene were walking in as the rest were behind him and Gerald. Opening the doors, the walls were a cream color with mirrors on the far right wall and the left wall by the door.

Gerald crossed his arms. "Do you have any idea on where we should sit?" Seeing as how there were a lot of open places, Arnold pointed his finger at two by the left wall. "Let's sit here," he said, "because once we're done we can be the first to leave." His friend smiled as he shook Arnold's shoulder. "That's not a bad idea. It could be worse."

Taking their spots on the floor, Gerald sat by Eugene while Arnold sat by Lorenzo. As the others were coming in and taking their spots, his friend yawned as he leaned back. "So what kind of dances do you think we'll have to learn?" Arnold shrugged. But Lorenzo turned his head to them. "Well, I know I did some research on the country before coming here and learned about the festival. But I forgot what the dances were on the websites. But I heard that they were fun and different. So maybe it won't be so bad." At that the blonde nodded as he crossed his legs.

"That's good to know. But I don't know if my feet could handle it." And this time it was Lorenzo who nodded. "That is true. But maybe our teacher will cut us some slack. I mean, I like getting things done," he replied twisting his ankle in a circle, "however, I think I lost any feeling in my leg." The three laughed as everyone finally came in and sat down.

Just as they calmed down, the doors opened as their teacher stepped in. They turned their heads to the door.

"Hola everyone! It's good to meet, and yet see you all again." It was Montego from earlier. He was wearing the same outfit too, but he changed his shoes from white sandals to black gym shoes. He had a small clipboard in his hands as he sat by Stinky, who was a little further down on Arnold's right side.

But the boy looked curious. "Who are you?" he asked in his country accent. Turning to Stinky, the other held out his hand. "I am Montego, a pool boy here at the hotel. And you are?" Arnold's classmate shook Montego's hand. "I'm Stinky. And here's Harold and Sid." He pointed to his friends. They each waved their hands without saying anything.

Montego nodded. "It is nice to meet you three. Now," he said looking around the room, "I've met most of you already from what happened downstairs with Helga. But I don't know you two." He looked to the ones in between him and Arnold. Lorenzo nodded. "I am Lorenzo, and this is Brainy". He pointed to the boy in between them.

"Good to know. It is also nice to meet you." Montego stood up as he set the clipboard down. Walking across the room, his eyes became serious from what Arnold could tell. "But first before we get started -"

"Wait a second," Helga spoke up sharply, "You are going to be teaching us? I guess being the pool boy was a lie too." She crossed her arms looking angry. Needless to say Arnold was confused. What was she talking about?

Montego rolled his eyes, but there was something different about his attitude. "I am not lying about being a pool boy Helga. I do a lot of things at this hotel. And I believe that I am qualified to teach you all how to dance in San Lorenzo." He wasn't taken back by her comments like the rest of them. In fact, he crossed his arms too as he stood in front of her.

Helga scoffed. "Says who bub?"

Suddenly, he pulled Helga to her feet surprising her. "Well Helga G. Pataki," he said almost mockingly, "I would think you know how qualified I am." He tried to pull her close, but she had enough strength to back off, surprise written on her face. Arnold felt like there was something going on, but he wasn't sure what.

"Yeah, well," she gulped, "You are a qualified liar, Alvaro."

Rhonda gasped. "Are you saying you know this guy Helga? And you didn't say anything?" After that, everyone started whispering to each other. She didn't say anything as she looked at the ceiling as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. And Arnold knew based on that reaction that Rhonda was right. Why didn't she tell them?

"Well," Montego said, "Yes actually. We do know each other from a long time ago. I think we were what? Six?" Helga shook her head. "You know it was seven you jerk." She lowered her head to look at him, still not pleased. Montego sighed. "I was not lying Helga. At the time, I had everyone call me Alvaro because it was my middle name and I liked it better," he emphasized, "Montego Alvaro Linares. I didn't like my first name back then, but I grew into it. However, I got to ask."

"Ask what?" she questioned him. And she had every right to of course. Arnold would be suspicious too if someone he knew lied about who they were.

"How did you know that it was me? No one has called me that since the last time I saw you." He came closer to her, which for some reason, it bothered Arnold. Ok, so they knew each other. That was fine. But he could see that Helga was becoming uncomfortable, which wasn't ok. She rubbed her right arm. It almost seemed familiar though, as if –

"I saw the scar on your arm when you left the room you moron. There would be no one else on this planet that could have it." Helga stared at him blankly, because it seemed that she was right. When Montego had his back turned, anyone could see that there was a large scar on it.

The boy in front of her nodded. "That is true."

"But wait a minute," Harold said. Helga looked over Montego's shoulder because he was a couple of inches taller than she was. "What is it Pink Boy? We're talking here."

Harold growled, but calmed down. "Madame Fortress Mommy," he mumbled, "You say you two know each other. But where did you guys meet? Because I've never seen him back at home." He scratched his head as others nodded, including Arnold. Montego smiled at that though apparently. "Well you see-"

"Here we go!" Helga said sarcastically as she waved her arms in the air, which wasn't surprising to Arnold. She had her own way of keeping secrets, and it didn't seem like Montego was going to keep his mouth shut. He was eager to tell them. However, Helga turned around as if she wanted to be invisible, which was probably close to the truth.

He continued. "I was in the States for a fantastic opportunity," he said as he walked around the room to everyone, "There was this performing arts camp during one summer a few years ago in New York. Like Helga said around seven." She grumbled as Phoebe looked up at her from her spot on the floor. "Anyway, while I was there, there was a musical that was being created. So I auditioned for a part." He looked at Helga with some glint in his eyes, but Arnold wasn't sure what that meant. "There was also another camp that we were working with. A girls camp more specifically."

Montego paused as some chuckled, everyone understanding where he was going with it. "And wouldn't you know, there was this girl with blonde hair, an interesting personality," he went back to their classmate stepping slowly, "and an incredible voice." He looked at them all. "I am sure you must have heard her singing and seen her dancing." He stepped closer again as he pulled on her shoulder to spin her around. And again, there was something about it that Arnold couldn't place.

Lila shook her head. "We have ever so seen Helga sing once a few weeks ago. But we never saw her dance before." At that, Helga glared at her. "Thanks a lot Lila. And for your information," she stepped forward forcefully as Montego stepped back almost willingly, "I never wanted to be at that stupid camp in the first place. I was sent there by Bob because he hoped that I would be more like Ol-ga." She said sarcastically, crossing her arms again.

And Arnold did feel bad for her in that sense. Helga never had the best relationship with her father, and there were a few times that he used her like the golf incident or the spelling bee. But there were moments where she said that things weren't so bad. Honestly, there were times where Arnold never understood when things were good or bad for her.

The boy in front of Helga stepped forward and pulled her to him. "But you were the best dancer though Helga. You learned quicker than anyone else after you were given the part. Besides," he paused and grinned. Helga arched her eyebrow. "What bucko?" But he continued smiling. "Back in the hotel room, you said that you would pay me back for the aspirin. So I was thinking-" At that Helga stepped back. "No way. You are not doing that to me again."

But Montego continued to smile. "Now Helga, I already brought the disc." Her eyes widened as she pointed her finger at him. "You planned this you little creep! You knew that this was going to come up!" He lowered her hand gently with his own. "Yes, I did actually. But I remember that this was your favorite song that we performed together."

"You performed together?" Phoebe asked, obviously shocked. Arnold was even surprised. Helga was not one to be easily convinced to do something.

As Montego was about to reply, Helga mumbled, "Yeah, we did." She turned her face to the mirror across from where Arnold sat for a minute, and didn't say much otherwise. The boy in front of her put his other hand on her shoulder, and seemed as if he was about to hug her, but didn't when she looked at him. Arnold didn't know what was going on, but he knew something was.

The black haired boy smiled. "Come on," he said pulling out a disc from his shorts' pocket as he dragged her to the middle of the dance studio. Arnold thought that she would protest, saying that she didn't want to do it.

But for some reason, she didn't protest as she took one last glance to the mirror. No one seemed to notice, but he did. She was really going to dance in front of everyone.

Helga stood there, obviously uncomfortable with her arms wrapped around herself as everyone stared at her. Arnold could see the whispers and the chuckles. And to be honest, it wasn't fair to Helga because she had a different side to herself that others didn't notice. They all assumed that she would be bad at everything that they weren't used to seeing her doing – like her singing. They had no idea that she could do that well.

At least this was a chance for them to get to know her better. If her dancing was as good as her singing like Montego said, then she would be great.

Once the boy had went back to his mat, he put the disc into the CD player that was on the floor. It was small, but the speakers looked big so that enough sound could be heard. Once he hit the play button, there were acoustics ringing in the air.

Turning around, Montego walked up to Helga and mouthed,

"Feeling my way through the darkness

Guided by a beating heart"

He took her hand once again, and she let him.

"I can't tell where the journey will end

But I know where to start"

Looking around the room, Montego gripped her other hand as he stared at Arnold for a moment, and then the others.

"They tell me I'm too young to understand

They say I'm caught up in a dream

Well life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes"

…and then as he was about to continue he looked at Helga again… who smiled. She mouthed,

"Well that's fine by me"

He lifted her up off of the ground before spinning her a couple of times.

"So wake me up when it's all over

When I'm wiser and I'm older

All this time I was finding myself"

He set her down carefully, and Arnold had a strange feeling in his stomach.

"And I didn't know I was lost"

And then they each separated from each other before nodding. As the song continued, they did an amazing hip hop routine that Arnold didn't know Helga was capable of. It was like that of a professional!

"So wake me up when it's all over

When I'm wiser and I'm older

All this time I was finding myself

And I didn't know I was lost"

Then they started to do a short robotic movement as the beat of the music continued before Montego took Helga back. After that she allowed him to flip her in a 360, making a perfect landing. And with the way her ponytail flipped was also interesting. She actually never looked happier on this trip so far.

So why was his chest aching too? It was probably from the suspense of what she was about to do next. Arnold could feel himself grip his own knee.

After that, Helga did a couple more back flips on her own before continuing with the hip hop, which stunned everyone, before Montego went after her and grabbed her arms from behind before lifting them up in the air. They leaned left and right as if they were flying.

The black haired boy mouthed the words again.

"I tried carrying the weight of the world

But I only have two hands

I hope I get the chance to travel the world"

He turned Helga around to face him, and he looked serious.

"And I don't have any plans"

And then, he stepped back and continued.

"I wish that I could stay forever this young

Not afraid to close my eyes"

He gestured toward everybody, but still looking at Helga. But…she wasn't annoyed by it. Normally she would not like the way anyone stared at her like that.

"Life's a game made for everyone

And love is a prize"

Montego took her hands again, and she let him as they ballroom danced in circles.

"So wake me up when it's all over

When I'm wiser and I'm older

All this time I was finding myself

And I didn't know I was lost"

She was focusing so hard on getting it right, but to Arnold it was flawless. But there was something off about it. And as much as he thought about it, Arnold had no answer.

Then they separated again as they did the last of the hip hop routine.

"So wake me up when it's all over

When I'm wiser and I'm older

All this time I was finding myself"

Montego took Helga back before leaning her to the floor.

"And I didn't know I was lost"

At that Helga stood straight back up, with something in her eyes. They weren't tears, but there was something in them as she looked at Montego.

"I didn't know I was lost

I didn't know I was lost

I didn't know I was lost

I didn't know I was lost"

She quietly excused herself as she left the studio. And Arnold could not take his eyes off of the door – and neither could Montego as the music's beat continued on.

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