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Today ,There's no school ,It's the week-end.

Amu was shopping with her three guardians angel when she suddenly heard a usual voice begging for something .

"Girls , Have You heard that?" She asked her shugo charas

"Hm" The girls nodded

"I even Sense a presence" Miki confirmed

Amu followed the echo of the voice through an alley and suddely found ..

"IKUTO?!" The four girls were shocked

Ikuto was leaning against a wall, seeming in pain and breathing heavily , while yoru was begging him to say something , He was worried!

"Yoru! What happend?!" Amu panicked as she ran to see the teenage state!

"I-I-It's Ikuto, He suddenly collapsed here" Yoru cried.

Amu Put a hand on Ikuto's cheek only to gasp from the high fever he had!

"OH MY GOD! He's burning! , We have to do something!" Amu Exclaimed! He shugo charas were worried!

"I'll take him to my house!"The brave girl stated " We won't leave him like that!"

Ikuto didn't feel or hear anything , He was almost fainted now,

"Yoru! Please can you make a 'Chara Transformation' And bring him to my house?" She asked ,concern in her voice!

"Hai!" Yoru's eyes brightened when Amu offered her help by herself !

"Watashi no kokoro"

"Ikuto no kokoro"

"UNLOCK" (x2)

Amu's Amulet Heart helped the feeble Black Lynx to reach her house , once arrived to the balcony , Ikuto collapsed inside her room ,burning and exhausted, which earned a worried Amu and guardians !

Amu placed him on her bed, covered him well and dashed down stairs leaving them alone . She checked her parents' presence, No one was there, They were at the amusement park with Ami since Amu wasn't intersted in such things.

"They haven't arrived yet.." Amu sighed in relieve

Then filled a bowl with fresh water and soaked a cloth in it . she looked at the stove , "maybe I should cook something for him?" Amu thought , !"But, Not now!" She shook her head "The fever should go down first! "

Amu ran up to her house, and she heard Yoru crying :"Ikuto..Pleaaaaase~!" she opened the door and non-purposely crashed her three shugo charas who were seeking for her help

"Ikuto!" Amu gasped as she saw the poor guy panting hardly shaking his head franticanlly as if a nightmare was haunting him, The girl ran to the suffering boy and placed immediatly the wet cloth on his forehead , hoping that would calm him down .

A calmed expression drawn on his face but his surely was still in pain , and perhaps in fear from nightmares,

"Ikuto .. Calm pleaaaaaase~" Yoru cried.

Amu only watched him carefully ,cursing the horrible movie he might be living in his feeling very pained to see him suffering this way, that made her confused and worried too ..

"Amu...~" Her guardians charas knew how much worried she was, That might be hard on her too..

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