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And we stayed like that for a while, looking at each other - though I could hardly say that he recognized me – and yet, I just waited, for an eye blink, or a moving lip, but there was none, only heavy pants escaping, so, I just waited for him to regain his real consciousness.

and only then, I had realized that I've just witnessed Ikuto..

...having a real nightmare.

xXx Chapter 7 xXx

~~ I don't know ~~

Suddenly, his head slightly bowed to hang just above his shoulders, and his bangs covered his eyes, making them unseen. His hands were now in his laps and he remained in the sitting position, breathing heavily.

"Damn.." I heard him whispering, barely audible.

I moved forward and reached the wet cloth in my hand to his cheek, he flinched under his bangs, and I could feel tiny droplets of water dripping on my fingers. I couldn't tell what was that, so I just decided it was sweat.

Hot breathes hit my wrist as I cautiously wiped his cheeks, somehow, it felt strange.. being so close to him.. and he allowed, and didn't tease. and worse ... I didn't feel intimidated by this act, though it was a bit new but I just couldn't get embarrassed or blush when he's like that!

It was a so ... unfamiliar sensation toward him, toward this whole situation. he was vulnerable and yet I was.. Caring? For some reasons I felt the urge of taking care and make sure he's fine, for some reasons, it made think of Ikuto as friend, a very close friend.

"Alright now? Ikuto?" I asked as I finished wiping.

he nodded and I smiled. I laid him back and his bangs were still covering his eyes, he didn't even glance.

Suddenly, the thought of the bowl under the bed hit me (she shoved it under the bed when the bell rang "ch3"), and I bent down to settle it on the nightstand beside the tablet of medicines.. and then I sat on the edge of the couch, rubbing his right hand the same way I was doing before.

At this moment, mama entered with a full tray that contained my vegetable soup and a glass of water with some dried fish. Oh, I guess she bought it in her way home.

She silently walked into the room and put the tray on my desk, glancing at the bowl on the nightstand,

"Was that here before?"

"Uh" I blinked "I guess, yes" I managed a slight smile before my eyes fell again on the blue-haired teen. Ugh, when all of these events would become clear?!

I sighed.

"I have just got Ami to bed, she's probably asleep by now, and papa isn't coming early, he called apologizing for lateness and told me that his friend begged him to stay" she sighed in disappointment. "He'd probably stay there till morning"

I inwardly sighed, that was expected.

"that's why" mama clapped her hands cheerfully "I thought it'd be better if Ikuto dined now, before papa comes and makes a fuss" she winked wryly

"Oh, Thank you very much, mama, that's so nice! " I tried to look happy!

"you're welcome, honey." she smiled warmly and stepped forward to pat my shoulder, bending so her eyes were leveling to mine "I'll clean up the kitchen and write some reports, I'll be in my room if anything happens, OK?"

"Alright, Thank you!"

Mama turned around and left the room but I could hear her sing some "oh, young days, best age ever" from the hallway.

I didn't mind her song, I was too busy worrying about Ikuto than getting embarassed. I looked at him. He was the same as before mom entered, breath was the only sound escaping him.

"Hey, you're awake, right?"


"Can you eat"


"Ikuto, tell me if you can't, it's absolutely alright."


"Okay" I whispered.

My ears caught my chara's chatting coming closer, it felt like a wave of dark sorrow passing by me when they headed to their eggs, sharing a tearful mourning altogether.

I frowned as my sight followed them.

That was so unfair of them to keep it secret even if they know it'd hurt me. Well, I'm not even sure whether Yoru had reallytold them or they're just grieving for compassion.

I felt a squeeze in my hand, I turned to see Ikuto, it felt like he was calling.

"Ikuto? something wrong?"

He let out a shaky breath. and I could see his lips parting slowly.

"Uhmm." he mumbled.

"Ikuto, you're awake?" I squeezed his hand but he didn't answer back. How could he sleep and dream just so fast?!

Anyway, I just changed the cloth on his forehead and sat on the chair beside my desk, staring at the dried fish on the tray.. He'd like to eat it. So much.

"Yoru?" I questioned, earning a glance from the grieving guardian,

"You want to eat?" I grabbed a fish from its tail and waved it to him.

He stared, nearly reluctant in taking it or not as surely the hungry enzymes started to pour into his mouth and stomach (Do shugo charas have even enzymes? Oh well) , but then his look dropped to his feet and I could understand that memories flashed in his mind, and eventually,he shook his head.

There was no real appetite left for him after what seemingly -tragically- happened.

I put the fish on its plate and buried my head in my palms, It hurts to see those two this way.

I wish I could do something.. but I can't, I just can't enter Ikuto's world without permission.

Suddenly, and surprisingly, my mind drifted into the thought of having Ikuto inwardly affected, and I..I just got afraid. I got afraid that this event may scar his being. I don't know how could I even get these ideas all of a sudden. It's just so weird that I fear if all of that would have a long-term repercussion on Ikuto's health, especially with "Yoru" his Shugo Chara depressing this way. Oh, it's so unlike me.. to think like this but I don't know how I did. I don't know how can I help either. I don't know what happened. I don't know if he ever could get over this and I don't know if he'd ever be the same after all of what happened. I just.. don't know...

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