Your name is Elena Gilbert. You are 16 years old. Your dad is a workaholic who's shipped you off to boarding school and your mom's passed away when you were just a little girl. Your middle name is Jane. You were born in Massachusetts and you have spent your childhood there. After your dad had taken over the company, you both moved to New York. Because of your immature behavior, your dad decided to send you to the all girls' boarding school where your mom used to go to, Elena perused and took a deep breath. She stood in front of her first period classroom knowing she was already running late—on her first day at the new school. She'd just arrived half an hour ago and couldn't even unpack her stuff or see her room. Everything had to go fast. With a look on the clock hanging above the door, she encouraged herself one last time and pushed the door to AP English open. Immediately twenty heads including the teacher's turned and 48 eyes stared at her. After a few awkward seconds, the teacher greeted her. "Hi, you must be Elena," she said. "My name is Ms. Sommers. Grab a copy and take a seat. Try not to disturb anyone; we're in the middle of reading Act III." She gestured toward a bunch of books lying on her table.

Elena grabbed a copy without looking at its title and, after shortly looking around, sat down next to a girl with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a blouse that seemed to miss a few buttons since her breasts were about to fall out.

"I'm Caroline," the girl whispered.

"Elena," Elena said unnecessarily and shook Caroline's outstretched hand.

"Shush, girls," Ms. Sommers said.

Not again, Elena thought as she read the title of the drama they were reading: A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. She sighed and blew a hair out of her face.

After the bell had rung, Elena grabbed her messenger bag and wanted to leave the classroom.

"Hey Elena," Caroline shouted behind her. "Wait a sec. You're the new girl here, right?"

Elena looked at her and raised her eyebrows. "Obviously?"

"Well, I thought you might need some help finding the classrooms and dorms, but well," Caroline snapped and started to rush out.

"C'mon, it was just a joke," Elena said, rolling her eyes and adding: "Some help would be nice."

The blonde turned, smiling all over her face. "Great! What's your next class?"

"Ummm…" Elena grabbed her schedule and read aloud: "French by Mme. Lefevre."

"Ah, my friend Bonnie's in that class too. She can help you find your way. It's the girl with the long black ponytail. I gotta head to AP physics, see you later at lunch, okay?" She didn't wait for an answer and disappeared in the crowd.

"O-kay," Elena said and turned to look for Bonnie. When she found a girl that looked like Caroline's description, she asked carefully: "Bonnie?"

The girl turned her head and looked at her, confused. "Um, yes?"

"Uh… Sorry, your friend Caroline told me you had French next? She said you could help me…"

„…find the room?" Bonnie finished her sentence. „Sure, come with me."
After what felt like a dozen corners and corridors, they reached their classroom. "Hurry," Bonnie whispered and rushed into the room. Elena followed her confused and wanted to sit down next to her as a female voice with a strong French accent shouted: "Who are you?"

Elena froze and turned around. "Elena Gilbert, I'm new here."

"Ah, bien sûr, I almost forgot about your arrival today. Well, how about you present the class your French skills and introduce yourself?" She waved her to stand next to her. Right in front of the black board. Awesome.

"Um… Sure," Elena murmured as she went to stand next to Mme. Lefevre.

"Je suis Elena Gilbert… J'ai 16 ans et j'arrive de New York City. Mais j'ai grandi au Messachusetts où je suis née. Mon père travaille beaucoup et à cause de cela, je suis ici maintenant," Elena babbled within one breath and started to go back to her seat as someone raised their hand.

"April?" Mme. Lefevre asked. "Vous avez une question?"

"Oui," April said. "Pourquoi est-ce que tu ne vis pas avec ta mère si ton père n'a pas de temps?"

"My mom died when I was a toddler, " Elena said quietly and looked to the ground. Her heart ached at the memory.

"Oh my god," April gasped. "I'm so sorry—"

"It's okay," Elena said quickly and sat down.

For the rest of the class, no one bothered her with questions. Not even eager-seeming Mme. Lefevre who made everyone but Elena conjugate five French verbs. Thank god, Elena thought and spent the rest of the class drawing in her sketchpad and wondering how many more times she will have to repeat her story today.

After having survived French and Math, where she had met Caroline again, Elena, Bonnie and Caroline made their way to the lunch room.

They sat down at a table with girls who looked like freshmen and began to eat.

"Ugh, I hate Mr. Knight," Caroline stated. "He's such an ass. He knew I hadn't made the homework he gave us, but nevertheless he picked me to present it to the class."

"Maybe he just wanted to have a better look down your cleavage," Bonnie mumbled.

"BONNIE!" her friend gasped and shot Elena a look.

"Oh come on, she won't tell," Bonnie tried to calm her down.

"Won't tell what?" Elena asked confused.

"Caroline had had a thing going on with Mr. Knight. You could say he was her knight in shining armor… or better no shining armor at all," Bonnie said suggestively and earned herself an elbow straight in her rips which only caused her to smile broader.

"We don't even know her," Caroline hissed.

"Oh, no worries, been there, done that," Elena said and shoved a french fry in her mouth. "I won't say anything."

The other girls looked at her in disbelief.

"What? Why did you think I was sent to an all girls' school, huh?"

"Um… Very well then," Caroline said, calmed down a little, but obviously curious.

For a while they just sat there and ate. "Hey, Elena," Bonnie suddenly broke the silence. "How about you come to the training after last period?"

"Training for what?"

"Cheerleaders, duh. I'm the captain," Caroline stated arrogantly. "You could audition for the squad."

"Cheerleading for what, exactly? Or more like, for whom? A girl basketball team? No thanks," Elena said.

"What? No," Bonnie said. "For the basketball team of the boys' boarding school half a mile from here."

"There's a boys' school here? And you're allowed to cheer for them?" Elena asked surprised.

"Sure we are," Caroline said. "This school's not that strict. We even get to wear skirts that are way shorter than the ones of the uniform. And belly free tops."

"Oh thank god," Elena said relieved. "I almost thought I wouldn't get to see a guy and wear acceptable clothes until I got out of here."

Bonnie laughed. "So you'll audition? Have you ever been in a cheerleader squad?"

"Yup," Elena replied. "I've been the captain of the team at my old school. Where do we meet? Cause I have to grab my sportswear before."

"At the boys' gym. Who do you share a room with, by the way?" Caroline asked.

"Uh, wait a sec…" Elena looked in her bag for the piece of paper the principal had handed to her. "Apparently with you two," she said happily.

"Awesome!" Bonnie shouted as the bell rang for their last period.

"See you later!"

A horrible hour about the Civil War later, Elena hurried to grab her sportswear and get to the gym in time. When she had finally found the building with the dorms in it, she took two steps at a time to get to the second floor where she found her suitcase on a bed underneath a window. It stood in a room with another two beds; one right next to the door and one in the back of the room. They were perfectly aligned and against the opposite wall, there were three exact copies of a small dresser and three desks. Ugh, typically boarding school, Elena thought. Same clothes, same furniture.
She threw open her suitcase and took out one of her comfy sweat pants and a sports bra and stuffed it into her bag. Having shut the suitcase, she ran out of her room, down the stairs and into the freezing winter air. It had started to snow and she could barely see two feet far when she suddenly bumped into someone.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry," she said automatically and bent down to pick up the stuff she had dropped. At the time she stood again, a guy with the most gorgeous blue eyes was staring at her. She opened her mouth to say something, but was too baffled to form words, so she closed it again. The boy standing in front of her grinned.

"No problem, babe," he said and looked around. "Tell me why you're on the boys' school grounds?"

"Oh um…" Elena stuttered and shut up. She was silently slapping herself for reacting like that. She was K… Elena Gilbert. Never insecure. Especially when guys were present. "Okay, firstly, you don't call me "babe", got it? And secondly, I was looking for the gym. I was just lost in the snow."

The boy raised his eyebrows and raised his hand to absently stroke his slight stubbles. He gotta be a junior or senior, Elena thought. Sophomores aren't that mature already.

"So you're not like the other girls. You have temper, I like that," he said and grinned again, letting his eyes wander a little further south. Elena cleared her throat and his eyes flicked back to hers. "Well, follow me, I was heading to the gym, too," he said and walked past her.

"Hey," Elena shouted catching up to him. "What do you mean, you were heading to the gym, too? Caroline said cheerleader training will start in…" She looked at her watch. "…ten minutes ago."
He stopped in his tracks. "What? That's why you're going there? You're one of the cheerleaders?" he asked a little too surprised.

"Well, not yet," Elena said and blushed. Why the hell was she blushing? "I'm auditioning today."
The boy looked her all over and then, all of a sudden, took a step forward and stood directly in front of her, their lips only inches apart. "Well then… You should get used to my nickname since you're cheering for my team, babe," he whispered, his breath on her lips making her shiver.

She wanted to say something but he turned on his heels and trudged through the snow to an old looking building which had to be the gym.

After a few seconds, Elena followed him and headed to the girls' locker room to get dressed. Once she wore her short panties and the sports bra, she went into the gym, spotting Caroline's blonde hair and Bonnie's black ponytail in front of the bleachers.

The moment she entered the gym, all eyes were on her. Or more like all eyes of the basketball team training opposite the cheerleaders. Elena swaggered through the hall swinging her hips and heard a familiar male voice shout behind her.

"Nice bod', babe." A second after that comment, she heard someone slap him on the back of his head and the coach's strict voice bellowed: "Three more rounds for you, Salvatore!"

So that's his name, Elena thought and wondered what his first name was.

"Elena! You're late," Caroline drew her attention. "And what was that about?" she whispered curiously into her ear.

"Nothing, just some moron I ran into before coming here," she shrugged.

"A moron? He's the captain of the whole team! That is Damon Salvatore, duh."

"I don't care if he's Damon Salvatore or Matthew McConaughey. He's a douche bag," Elena said and added as an afterthought, "so can I audition now?"

Caroline looked at her quizzically. "Yeah, sure. Show me what you got, girl," She winked and walked back to the other cheerleaders, all in uniform.

Elena took in a deep breath and started to run. She made some flic-flacs, did a cartwheel, danced a

little to the music playing in the background and did a salto as her finale. She landed on her feet and stood, hands raised up in the air. Behind her she heard the guys whistling and the girls in front of her were obviously amazed.

"Well. I think I have to think about it," Caroline joked and hugged Elena. "You're definitely in. Where did you learn to do that?"

"At the school in NYC that I went to. They had a more or less professional squad that took part in national competitions."

"Wow," a girl with brown hair said. "I wish we could do that too."

"Maybe we can," Elena said. "But it's a lot of training that is so hard that you might not remember that the sport used to be fun. So I wouldn't recommend it."

"Hm," the girl said. "I'm Vickie, by the way."

"Aren't you in my history class?" Elena wondered.

"The one by Mr. Plain? Yeah, I am," Vickie replied.

"All chatting done? We have things to do!" Caroline declared. "Let's show Elena our choreography for the next game."

The girls nodded and took their positions. After about five minutes of awkward jumping and pyramid building, it was finally over.

"So, what do you think?" Caroline asked curiously.

"Uh… well," Elena began. She didn't know how to tell them that the choreography sucked without hurting them.

"C'mon, we want your honest opinion," Bonnie encouraged her. "Spit it out."

"Okay then," Elena said carefully. "You seriously gotta work on your moves. You all seem kind of insecure. You're women, show it. You need a little more this"— Elena moved her hips and did one of the moves she's learnt at a workshop—"and a little more that"— She took a run-up and jumped like the chick in Step Up 3 in the final dance—"But most of all, you need a lot more self-confidence, otherwise you look dumb in this sport."

A few girls looked at the ground, obviously hurt. Others looked furious. "What?" Elena asked. "You said you wanted my opinion."

"Well, not anymore," a redhead snapped.

"Calm down, Stefanie," Caroline said. "Can you give us some tips then? So that we look as sexy as you do?"

Elena chuckled. "Um, it depends on when we gotta have finished the dance."

"Next Saturday is the game at Nickol's High. We have to have finished it by then," Vickie answered.

"What? That's already tomorrow!" Elena exclaimed. "Then we better hurry."

Having had a tiring session of showing the others how to swing their hips and look sexy and feel the beat, Elena opened her ponytail and gave Caroline her elastic that she had lent during training back.

"Thanks," she said and watched the girls go up to the locker room to take a shower.

For such insecure girls as the ones in her squad, they had learnt really quick and soon had managed to move in just the way a woman had to to have tons of men swooning after her. The performance she had showed the girls was one of the first she had learnt in NYC and she was surprised how fast they had learnt it. It took me way longer, Elena admitted to herself while combing her hair absently with her fingers. When she looked up, she realized that everyone but her had already gone and made her way to the locker room to shower and get to dinner.

She was about to climb the stairs when someone behind her tapped her on her shoulder. She spun around, expecting one of the girls, and was a little surprised when she saw Damon standing behind her.

"What?" she asked, not wanting to put up with his dumb comments.

"I saw you dancing in there," he said, ignoring her question. "How'd you learn to move your body like that?"

Elena rolled her eyes and moved to go back when she suddenly felt herself being pulled to Damon's chest.

She let out a surprised gasp and stared up into his eyes. For a few seconds, she was banned by their beauty, but when he flashed her a suggestive smile, she pushed him away.

"What do you want?" she asked, exhausted.

"Nothing," Damon smirked and suddenly changed the subject. "You coming to Finn's party later?"

"Who's Finn?" Elena asked.

"Who cares? Someone from my school, his parents are really rich and he's booked the pub in town to celebrate his 18th birthday. Will you be there?"

"I guess you'll have to wait and see," Elena replied and tried to copy his smirk before turning around and climbing the stairs with a slightly exaggerated sway of her hips to make sure he noticed her fine ass.

"See you there, babe!" Damon shouted behind her and chuckled as he walked out of the gym.

Elena shook her head, smiling to herself. See you there, moron, Elena thought and opened the door to the showers.

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