WARNING: THIS IS VERY DARK, AND VERY TRIGGERY. this follows my ED series where two people are struggling with EDs. this one has both Kurt and Finn with bulimia.

Title: And You Are the One to Blame
Rated: +13
Summary: 2nd in ED series. No relation to "I Am So Full of Shame". Kurt and Finn both struggle with bulimia and Kurt tries to plan out his suicide. Eventual Kinn.
Genre: Angst

Kurt Hummel was eighteen years old as of today.

He was a supposedly perfect 5'11.

The dial on his scale told him he was an alarming, revolting 143.4 on the dot.

His hair was too dark to be brown sometimes. His blue eyes were nothing special or to die for, even though he was sure he'd seen hints of yellow, green and grey in them sometime before.

His lips stretched too wide. He had legs that were surely made out of bowls of ice-cream as they had the consistency of a tub of lard.

Kurt Hummel had an eight-year-old cousin named Annie that he loved with all of his heart. And she loved him back with her princess-loving heart of gold.

He had a stepbrother that had the same disorder that was ripping his life into pieces.

He had a father that loved him for no matter what he was, and what he was had been a land of fucked up shit bottled up in a jar in his mind away from the rest of the world.

Sometimes, Kurt Hummel had fantasies of strangling himself until he could no longer breathe and died from lack of oxygen. Kurt tried to keep that part of him locked away, but that part resurfaced too much for too long.

Kurt Hummel hated every fibre of his being and wanted to hang himself off with an expensive noose around his neck.

They might even expect it if the noose was designer Prada.

xo Peanut Butter/Sam