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Today is the apocalypse! And so I bring you an apocalyptic story, inspired by the wonderful VodkaKnight and the crack pairing he suggested, Moon/Termina!

Happy Alpacalypse 2012, Vodka!

Empty. The Moon feels… empty.

It orbits, lower and lower, over the land of Termina. The days pass, and time after time it gets the oddest sense of déjà vu. And it keeps watching. The field with its monsters; the proud mountain, unfazed by the endless blizzard; the merriment of the Deku tribe in the swamp; the sense of freedom and adventure along the shores of the bay; and most of all, the hustle and bustle of Clock Town. It hears the happy shouts of children, the worried murmur of adult voices, the lowing of cows, the crash of waves, the lively music of the forest. It smells the earth and the salty sea air, the cold tempest of Snowhead and the stench of death from Ikana.

The Moon has none of these things. No mountains, no forests, no seas. No Gorons, no Zora, no Deku. No humans, no fairies, no animals. No history, no culture. Nothing living, nothing clinging to life, nothing dead. Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Vast nothing, endless nothing, nothing growing larger, larger, larger, engulfing, devouring, consuming, lost in hopelessness and desolation.

The moon remembers the fires of its creation. It and Termina used to be one, ages and ages ago, before peoples, before Majora and Fierce Deity. The Moon used to have what Termina had; very little, but it was shared. But Moon does not remember existing with Termina; it only remembers its birth the moment it was ripped from the land and became aware of its distinct identity; no longer Termina, banished from itself, a soul exorcised from its own body. A terrible fate.

Gazing down at what it is now, and what the Moon could have been, the Moon feels a hatred burning in the emptiness, not sating the hunger, but merely adding to the pain. Why did the roll of dice decide that it should be Moon, and the rest of Termina stay Termina, and not some other arrangement? Why did Moon have to suffer an eternity circling above Termina, staring enviously at the earth and all its liveliness and beauty, and crawl through this bleak existence, with no life of its own, no happiness but the faint mocking satisfaction of being a pale little lamp to comfort the pathetic little bugs crawling all over Termina?!

The Moon stares insanely at the Clock Town and imagines how delicious it would be to destroy all that Termina has. Pull Termina into the Moon's misery so once again they could share the bleakness together. Destroy it all, and rejoin beautiful, lovely Termina in an apocalyptic fire, to hold Termina in a short, divine supercritical embrace for a fraction of a moment before the inferno tears them both apart and with their passionate death be reborn as one, once again!

Orange eyes glow with scheming and malice. Far below, Moon feels Termina shudder in dread, and hears Majora call it down to its would-be mate.

"Yes… I shall consume… consume…. Everything…"