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"Yea, yea, can we just fucking get this over with." He spits, while grabbing her hand harshly.

"Believe me I couldn't want this to be over with more than you would." She spits just as menacingly while rolling her eyes.

"Then can you make it actually look like we are the happiest couple ever." He says while fixing his tie.

"Yea because it's so easy when I want to rip your fucking head off." She snorts.

"Oh baby the feeling is mutual." He says while opening the door.

"Ha-ha." She laughs sarcastically before putting on a fake smile when they enter the carpet.

"Mr and Ms Grey! You look beautiful tonight!"

"How does it feel to be the most powerful couple in the world?!"

Lights flash, worthless pictures are being taken of the not-so- happy couple.

Christian smiles while slipping his hands down to her ass a little. Smiling she bends in his ear and threatens him.

"If you don't pick that hand up, I'll make sure I amputate it." She turns her face back to the press while smiling, trying to keep up the illusion that they are indeed happy and in love.

Christian smiles as well before returning the favor and whispering back in her ear.

"Believe me it's not like I want to. And believe me I don't want to." He lifts his head before kissing her head lightly.

"AWWWW." The crowd coos, and continues to ask them questions.

"Gag." Kate whispers to him, causing him to laugh a little.

"If you only knew how much that's true."

They continue to pose, and force their smiles as the crowd goes crazy.

"Come on! How about a kiss for the happy couple? One for the Christmas spirit?"

The crowd yells "YES PLEASE" and nods in acknowledgement.

They turn to each other slightly, agreeing for one kiss.

"Worst day of my life." She mutters.

"I second that." He states before they merge their lips together for a quick kiss.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW." More coos from the ecstatic crowd.

Pulling back she whispers to him.

"We might have to cut this short, my food from this morning will be making an expected show."

Christian pulls back, rolling his eyes and taking her hand once more, before finishing down the rest of the carpet.

"By the way don't you not come home tonight? My best friend is coming, and I don't want to taint her with your presence?" She says while throwing a few more over the shoulder smiles to the paparazzi.

"Well I wouldn't want to be home if you're in it anyway so… Have fun."

"Oh I plan to." They say before they enter the two big doors, to the award show.

Anastasia will make a showing... soon :)