I know I have another story too, but this somehow came in my mind and I had to write it. I promise the next chapters will bring some sweet moments, some arguments, some interest in Anastasia as a woman. Sorry for the grammar mistakes! Not my native language :(

Christian Grey had everything - money, loving family, every woman on this planet wanting him, he had it all. He was a young billionare, he was handsome and smart.

But Christian Grey didn't know what love was. He , of course, loved his parents that had adopted him when he was a little boy, he wanted the best for them. But when it comes to friends, women - he never loved them. His only friend is his first sexual partner that now shares some business with him. And women? Christian doesn't know what it is to have a romantic dinner, to say how beautiful the girl is, how much he loves her. He has a lifestyle that he is completely okay with - he is a Dominant, some brown haired girl is his submissive. He likes to have control over everything, he likes to do what he wants to do. He only truly cares about his family and he will do everything to make them happy.

" Christian, are you gay? " Grace,his mom, asks and Christian's eyes wide in shock. He had always thought his parents thought he was a gay but his mom just really asked him that.

" No, mom. " He answers, shaking his head.

" Then when you are going to bring home some lady? You know how much I want a grandchild I could spoil, is it so hard for you to find a girl , honey? We don't know how much time God gives us, I want to see you happy, see you marrying someone. " Grace tells Christian and he just couldn't bring down her hopes.

" I am dating someone, mom. And we are trying for a kid. " He tried to say it as natural as he could. He tried not to frown saying it. He didn't want children, he didn't want a wife.

" Oh, Christian! You have to bring her next saturday for your father's dinner! I am so happy! " Grace wraps her arms around Christian. He hopes he hadn't said the lies but at the same time, he hadn't seen Grace so happy in years.

" Shit! " Christian yells as a car has crashed into his from the back. Of course, he is okay but the back of his car? His black Audi will look horrible until it gets repaired. " Fuck. " He hisses and gets out of the car.

" I am so sorry, I am very sorry. " A young woman gets out of a Beetle. No wonder she crashed into me.

" Are you sorry? Really? What if the paparazzi now takes photos of this? " Christian yells at her.

" I am very sorry, I can pay you. " Christian laughs at her words.

" You can pay me? Do you even know how much it would cost? At least a few thousands . " It wasn't like Christian was tight-handed , he just wanted her to realise her mistake.

Suddenly, she starts crying and breaks down.

" I don't have so much money, I just paid everything for Ray's health. " She sobs. Christian doesn't know what to do, he keeps looking at the girl not understanding what's happening with her. " Oh God, I can't even pay my rent, my bills, I got thrown out of university because I couldn't afford it. Please, can I pay you when I get some money? " The girl asks but Christian can't answer, he is still staring at her.

" I just , I just will do anything, I was driving to get me pregnant, I will get the money if everything will be fine with the baby, just let me go there now, please. " Christian only got the words about getting her pregnant. He immediately knew how to please his mother. He had to have this woman.

" Let me help you. " He walks over to her . " I will get your car fixed . I will bring you to the city, I have an offer. " Christian says and she follows him to his car.

" What's your name? " She asks as he is driving her home.

" Christian Grey. Yours? "

" Anastasia Steele. " She pauses before continues to speak. " What's the offer? " Please, not sex. I don't want to become a prostitute. But if there is no chance, I will. If I will be able to save Ray, I will do anything.

" You said you were going to get pregnant, right? " Christian asks, glancing at her for just a second.

" Yes, it was the only way I could earn some money. The family is not friendly or nice but they can pay for my rent. And I will be able to pay for the rest, your car too, if I work during the pregnancy. It will be hard to give my baby away but it's the only thing I can do. " Anastasia says, crying again.

" How about another deal. " Christian stops the car at a huge building that Anastasia doesn't recognize. She looks out of the window, a bit in stress.

" There's my apartment. We can discuss my idea there. " He says getting out of the car. They both walk in the building and go to the lift. " This one. " Christian says and steps in his own private lift. As Anastasia gets in , the door closes and the lift brings them to Christian's huge apartment.

" Wow.. " Anastasia says as they enter the apartment. She notices the expensiveness of everything, how modern the apartment is.

" Come. " Christian says in a bossy way and Anastasia follows him. " Sit down. " He points at the chair in front of his table.

Anastasia looks around again as she notices some paintings and other things that could hang on the walls of Louvre.

" This is my cabinet. " Christians says,bringing her attention back to him.

" Sorry... What's the deal? "

" I will pay all your bills, your rent, I will pay for your Kay's or Ray's health if you won't give a child to that family but me. When the kid is born, you will get enough money every month to take care of him,you and all your family. "

" That's it? " Anastasia looks at him,smiling.

" No, you will have to act as my girlfriend a few times if my family wants to see you. "

" Oh God, I don't know what to do.. " Anastasia looks at her hands. I need the money. And I love kids, I love children. I won't have to give away this child, I will have enough money to pay for everything. Think about it , Ana.

" Well, there is a huge chance you would get knocked up anyway in the very soon future. I offer you a normal life. " Christian's words were a bit hurting to Anastasia but she knows that she can't miss the chance.

" And what will I have to do? "

" Make the baby normal, take care about him, not tell anyone about me being his father. You will have to sign a contract before anything happens. "

Can you do this? You agreed to carry their child, this opportunity is much better. Yes, you will have to do it, you will do it.

" When I will be able to pay my rent? " How I hate begging for money, oh God. Please make my life better.

" When can we do the procedure? " Christian asks and Anastasia couldn't be happier even though she is not happy about the idea at all.

" I have my documents, my health confirmations in my bag, I would like to do it as soon as I can. " Anastasia says and Christian takes out his phone.

" Can you leave for a moment now? " He asks her and she takes her bag and leaves his cabinet.

" The contract will be at the clinic that we are going to right now. " Christian says and takes his car keys.

" Okay. " Anastasia says and follows him to the lift, then to the car.

" We will have to buy you new clothes. Next saturday you are going to meet my parents, you will get instructions what to do. " Anastasia nods at every his word.

" Whatever you want. " She says, smiling.

" Mr. Grey , your sperm is good to do, we will have Miss Steele for about half an hour so you can wait for her right here. " The nurse says and leaves Christian at the waiting room where he sits down and takes a magazine.

Is there really someone who buys this shit? How to tell your husband you are pregnant? What an article! Better don't , we don't like babies. God, what have I done. What if she dies? Shit, we didn't sign about it. I won't be able to take care of a child. I hope she has some relatives that will be able to do it. But mom will be happy. Mom will like her if she. That's what is important to me.

He reads another magazine until the nurse is back with Anastasia.

" Congratulations! You should take some pregnancy tests tomorrow morning, but you should be okay. Further questions you should ask your doctor. " The nurse says and Anastasia walks to Christian.

" Are you okay? " He asks as they walk back to his car.

" I am fine. Can you take me home? "

" Put your adress in the GPS machine. " He hands her the gadget and she gives it back to him when she has finished.

His eyes wide.

" I thought only homeless people were living there. " Christian says.

" I have a nice flat there. " Anastasia says and looks out of the window. Yeah, not everyone has an expensive apartment. Not everyone is rich as hell.

When Christian gets at Anastasia's given adress , he shakes his head. He can see garbage everywhere, people who are drinking, smoking.

" You are not going to live here. " He turns the car out of the driveway and drives back to the city centre.

" But that's where I live! " Anastasia tries to protest but it's useless.

" You will spend the night at a hotel. Tomorrow I will get someone who will find you an apartment. And you will have it fully furnished except the room for the kid, I will get it furnished when we will know the gender. You will have new wardrobe there and if you want you can have a housekeeper. " Anastasia is staring at Christian in shock.

" I can't take it.. " She murmurs.

" You signed the papers which allow me to buy you what I think you need. You need a normal apartment to raise this child! " His tone is louder, he is angry.

" Fine. "

" One luxus for her. Yes, king sized bed of course. And send a dinner for one. " Christian tells the lady and she takes his credit card.

" Your keys, Mr. Grey. " she hands him back the card and the keys.

" Go to your room , eat something, then rest. Tomorrow morning I will come by with the pregnancy tests. "

" Bye. " Anastasia says but he is already walking away.

As Anastasia opens the door of her room, she starts to cry. She closes the door and collapses on the floor.

" Why? Why can't I have my first child with a man I love and who loves me? Why can't I be just happy? Why can't I have enough money to buy the necessary things? Why I met this man, why? " She cries in her old shirt. " Why? " Suddenly, there is a knock on her door. She wipes away the tears and stands up.

" Mr. Grey ordered dinner for you. " A man brings in three plates. " Thank you. " Anastasia says . As soon as the man leaves, she walks to the foods. She is really hungry, she didn't eat at the hospital . Actually, she hasn't eaten a normal food that includes meat for weeks. She had been eating what she could afford, and it wasn't much.

" Oh God.. " She sees fish with pasta, salad, and a piece of cheesecake. She eats the dinner and walks to the bathroom. She fills the bath, God, she never has used so big bath . She undresses herself and gets in the hot water. She sighs as she finally feels comfortable. She tries not to think about her problems, she needs to think about her future. She knows that with the money and normal life she will have a baby. It will be harder for her to get a boyfriend, it will be harder for her to live. But what is important - she has the money for Ray's recovering from a huge accident. She will have her bills paid, she will be able to start a new life.