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"Oh, again." Grace sighed as both families came in the hospital room.

This time Ana's room not Christian's.

"We just can't sleep without each other." Christian stated as he unwrapped his arms from his wife. His strong wife that had given birth to their son just few hours earlier.

"Hospitals should have double beds for cases like yours." Ray laughed as he watched Christian give Ana a kiss on her cheek before he got out of her bed.

"We are pretty okay like this." Ana laughed.

"At least you didn't take the littlest Grey with you!" Mia smiled, and everyone looked around the room and then saw that crib next to Ana's bed.

"Oh, you might want to see the baby I guess." Christian said as he took his sleeping son out of the crib and proudly showed him to his and Ana's families. "Theodore Raymond Grey, super healthy and already a heartbreaker. You should have seen the way how the nurse complimented him."

Ana gave him a look. "The nurse just knew that your wife is going to look ugly for the next few months and tried to get your attention. But she was right, look at his face!" Ana said remembering the overly excited nurse who kept telling Christian how adorable his baby was.

"Oh, Ana, you look wonderful. I couldn't be prouder at the moment." Grace said getting to Ana and kissing her cheeks as she hugged her.

Everything was good with Grace again. And with everyone. They still sometimes laughed how interesting their actual story was.

"Thank you Grace." Ana smiled. And then her smile grew even brighter as she saw Ray wipe away a tear as he got to hold the baby. He was doing so much better than the doctors had predicted at one point. He was even healthier than he had been.

Ray came to her bed and kissed the crying baby before he gave him to Ana. "Thank you, Annie." He whispered as he placed the baby on her chest.

She didn't need to answer him, she just gave her dad a smile that said everything.

"Well, I think the baby's hungry." Elliot said as Ted cried.

"Oh, you that's what you would want. You still have no chance of seeing my wife's breasts." Christian replied knowing Elliot's jokes about his and Ana's secret relationship.

"Can't I see how my baby is being fed?" Elliot answered, making their relatives laugh.

Kate playfully hit his arm, and then Elliot leaned down to kiss her and placed his hand on her pregnant belly.

"That's better." Ana said, smiling at the couple.

"Okay, I think we will leave you guys alone and get a coffee." Carrick said, and the family started to leave, leaving just Ana, Christian and Ted.

"How are you feeling, Mrs. Grey? "

"Tired. Happy. Perfect." Ana said as the baby latched on her breast.

Christian watched his son have his breakfast and he smiled. His wife and his son. Ana and Ted.

He couldn't love them more, they were his life.

He didn't care about work so much anymore; he had hired people to do it for him. He spent every moment he could at home. He even had started learning to cook since Ana had been hungry occasionally at night. He couldn't compare the life he had now to his life before he met Anastasia.

He couldn't be happier that his car was damaged that day when she crashed into him.

And as for Ana, she was just living in a dream. She couldn't even think about anything else when she was feeding her son and sharing a look with her husband. With her baby's daddy. With her soul mate, her love.

She smiled as Ted had enough to eat and she watched Christian get him while she covered her breasts.

She felt perfect no matter how tiring the night had been.

And her belief that she would spend the rest of her life with these two men made her feel even better.

Actually, she didn't believe it. She knew it.